FPT Telecom offers new SD-WAN edge solution using AWS

June 07, 2022 | 08:00
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FPT Cloud Connect Edge, a service from the FPT Cloud Hub ecosystem, improves end-user experiences and reduces business costs by up to 35 per cent with faster application connectivity and lower data transfer costs.
FPT Telecom offers new SD-WAN edge solution using AWS

FPT Telecom is launching FPT Cloud Connect Edge in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). FPT Cloud Connect Edge allows customers to connect between sites in Vietnam and AWS using SD-WAN technology with an internet connection and through the SDN Gateway of FPT Telecom at the nearest location.

FPT Cloud Connect Edge combines FPT Cloud Connect, which provides private access to application services in a simple, effective, and secure manner, and FPT Cloud Edge, a Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service of FPT Telecom based on different providers, including Aruba Edgeconnect (previously named Silver Peak Systems). FTP Cloud Connect uses AWS Direct Connect, a cloud service that links networks directly to AWS to deliver consistent, low-latency performance.

FPT Telecom offers new SD-WAN edge solution using AWS

Challenges of Cloud Applications

As enterprises migrate more workload to public clouds and offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, enterprises need to ensure reliable and low-latency cloud connectivity for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), SaaS, and private cloud-hosted applications. These requirements can add complexity to organisations when managing IT workload.

Other key enterprise challenges include poor end-user experiences and impaired application performance resulting from high latency or disrupted undersea fibre-optic cable routes. Relying on expensive, dedicated, high bandwidth private Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits from data centres to virtual private clouds adds additional costs for companies.

With FPT Cloud Connect Edge, organisations can benefit from lower latency of less than 30ms from Ho Chi Minh City to AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region with AWS Direct Connect and a stable 24x7 latency with no difference between peak and off-peak hours

By leveraging AWS Direct Connect, customers of FPT Telecom can establish private connectivity between AWS and their hybrid cloud or on-premises environments. FPT Cloud Connect Edge can lower network latency, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent and stable network experience than Internet-based connections.

With Transmission Control Protocol Acceleration technology and WAN Optimisation, FPT Cloud Connect Edge can optimise data transfers by 40 per cent and reduce the data egress (data moving out of the cloud) fees by up to 70 per cent. This optimisation will free up costs and reduce administrative challenges for enterprises needing to invest and operate expensive MPLS/Metro WAN connectivity.

In addition, each WAN overlay is secured edge-to-edge via 256-bit AES encrypted tunnels, which improves security from customers’ branches to AWS, and vice versa.

Improved user experience

FPT Cloud Connect Edge optimises the virtual network for applications. This solution improves the application's data distribution on flexible and optimal transmission lines, based on the application's network usage characteristics, like distributing web traffic type via fibre-to-the-Home to the internet, SAP traffic via AWS Direct Connect to AWS, and more.

FPT Cloud Connect Edge is a game-changer for customers who manage multiple branches in different metro areas using AWS. This solution allows customers to reduce up to 70 per cent of their data transfer costs while lowering security risks using AWS’s technology to reduce latency from branches to AWS.

FPT Telecom supports AWS cloud journeys for customers across all industries and enables customers to leverage AWS easily and quickly. FPT uses AWS' unmatched portfolio of cloud services to assist businesses in modernising applications, reducing operational expenses, and increasing work efficiency.

FPT Telecom provides a professional operations team that is highly skilled and ready to assist businesses running on AWS and hybrid clouds more efficiently.

By Mai Dang

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