FIATO City provides happy childhoods in a community of excellence

August 15, 2023 | 13:30
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At FIATO City, the young residents experience a top-class living environment to help them grow and thrive.

This unique community provides a nurturing space for children to develop, where the living arrangements ensure both modern comfort and natural beauty.

FIATO City provides happy childhoods in a community of excellence
The playground system offers a safe, healthy, and nature-friendly space for young children

Enjoying the value of early happiness

FIATO City is a development created by Thang Long Real Group that focuses on promoting children's wellbeing.

The apartment towers offer ample space with a building density of only 27.7 per cent in the Fiesta block and around 31 per cent in the Galaxy block, providing plenty of room for children to play and discover.

Research has shown that residing near natural surroundings brings numerous benefits, including as much as a 55 per cent reduction in the chance of experiencing mental health problems and the promotion of a more wholesome upbringing.

Within this community, there is a kindergarten that provides a secure and accessible space for children to learn. Parents can quickly drop off their kids in less than two minutes thanks to the shaded pathways available.

Families get to spend quality time together, with access to green areas and a rooftop BBQ garden that is perfect for weekend get-togethers.

Furthermore, the commercial complex below the residences offers various dining, shopping, and entertainment options, making it convenient for residents to access without leaving the area.

A comprehensive development environment

FIATO City prioritises holistic child development, with a children's pool that encourages play and growth. The rooftop infinity pool, with a length of over 50m and spanning 850 square metres, promotes physical activity and health.

The communal areas foster social skills, emotional intelligence, and cherished childhood memories, steering kids away from smartphones, tablets, and video games.

The greenery around the pool area integrates with the landscape, creating a high density of foliage and lawns that enhance the fresh and airy environment.

Growing up in an excellence-oriented community

FIATO City provides happy childhoods in a community of excellence
A safe and healthy living environment for the young residents of FIATO City

FIATO City is a thriving hub for professionals and experts from a diverse range of fields, fostering an environment of excellence. This cultured and modern community offers a safe and secure setting for children to flourish alongside peers that share similar family values.

FIATO City is proudly a top choice for over 120,000 labourers and 5,000 experts, CEOs, and managers from the neighbouring industrial parks. These intellectual residents form a cultured and modern community, enabling young children to develop in the healthiest and safest environment.

Investing in assets for future generations

Investing in a home in FIATO City provides children with plenty of communal living space, which can strengthen family bonds.

Furthermore, separate bedrooms promote personal growth. Studies have shown that establishing independent sleeping habits from a young age can lead to greater self-confidence and self-reliance.

The apartments feature various sizes and layouts to accommodate different family structures. The design integrates nature through extended balconies, creating a connection between generations. FIATO City apartments promise comfortable living for singles, young families, and multi-generational households with young children.

FIATO City is more than just a place to live; it's a community that nurtures young minds, values family connections, and ensures a balanced upbringing.

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