Diageo launches drink-driving campaign

December 25, 2023 | 09:00
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Diageo, a global player in the alcoholic beverage market, and home to premium spirit and beer brands, launched a drink-driving campaign in November with the tag line, ‘Be Smart, Don’t Drink and Drive’.

The campaign, in partnership with the FIA Automobile Association Vietnam (AA Vietnam), the University of Transport and Communications (UTC), and the Central College of Transport, aims to educate people on the dangers of, and produce a measurable change in attitudes towards, drink-driving.

The campaign kicked off at the Driving Centre of the Central College of Transport No. 1 in Hanoi, with participation from key partners including the British Embassy, BritCham, and the National Traffic Safety Committee. The event witnessed the signing of an MoU between Diageo, AA Vietnam, and the UTC.

Following the event, various partners have disseminated the campaign message to thousands of students and drivers across various media channels.

Diageo launches drink-driving campaign

Vietnam is home to more than four million cars and 64 million motorbikes, and according to a report from the Vietnam National Traffic Safety Committee, there were 11,323 cases of road accidents, causing 6,265 deaths and injuring 7,777 people last year.

Diageo’s campaign includes a new digital experience to educate and shift perceptions of driving in a more interactive way with a series of quick-fire ‘mini-games’. Users can play the 'Sober vs Drink Driving' game on their mobile devices and learn about the critical differences between driving under the influence of alcohol and driving sober. Each participant plays against themselves after a few drinks, demonstrating slower reactions and other impairments due to alcohol.

In the month since the campaign launched, over 1,700 people had visited the game link. The pre- and post-intervention surveys after the launch showed that almost 90 per cent of participants found it interesting to learn about the difference between sober and drink-driving through a gaming experience. In addition, just over 98 per cent of participants were willing to share the game with their friends and relatives so they too can learn about the dangers.

Diageo launches drink-driving campaign

Participants also received statistics about road accidents, the impacts of alcohol on driving performance, risks and legal consequences, and are reminded of their personal and social responsibility towards drink-driving.

“Diageo is committed to promoting a culture of responsible drinking through new and innovative programmes,” said Nguyen Anh Thi, general director of Diageo Vietnam. “This campaign represents a commitment to the wellbeing of the community and to keeping Vietnamese roads safe for all, and our immersive approach ensures that these drivers become staunch advocates of road safety.”

This campaign was launched as part of Diageo’s strategy n, 'Society 2030: Spirit of Progress', which outlines the company’s 10-year environmental, social and governance initiatives, and includes an ambition to educate one billion people about the importance of moderate drinking by 2030.

The core pillars of the strategyn are: 'Promote Positive Drinking', 'Champion Inclusion and Diversity', and 'Pioneering Grain-to-Glass Sustainability'.

Diageo launches drink-driving campaign
Diageo Vietnam: endless efforts to support the community Diageo Vietnam: endless efforts to support the community

The last two years have been a special time, with losses caused by the pandemic but also witnessing how the community has come together in the spirit of sharing and selflessness. The pandemic has placed businesses in an unprecedented situation, challenged their willpower, and produced unique experiences. Nguyen Anh Thi, general manager of Diageo Vietnam (DVL), discussed with VIR about the company’s community support activities during the pandemic.

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By Thanh Van

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