Dat Xanh E&C pioneers real estate project development service with VND0

December 15, 2021 | 14:00
Earlier this year, Dat Xanh E&C, a member unit of Dat Xanh Group, was launched with the ambition of opening a pioneering new real estate development model.

After nearly 20 years of starting business, Dat Xanh Group has become one of the leading enterprises in real estate. The group is leading the domestic real estate brokerage segment with more than 30 per cent market share and a system of more than 70 member companies stretching from the north to the south. It also has a land fund of more than 2,200 hectares and25 projects with a total investment value of more than VND118 trillion ($5.13 billion).

Built from a solid foundation

2021 has been the first year of the group's next 10-year development phase and witnessed vital transformation of Dat Xanh Group. The group's recent launching of a series of member companies in different business segments showed its ambition to conquer the market and complete a diverse ecosystem. The most notable movement in this strategy was the launching of Dat Xanh E&C that is expected to play a critical role in one of the group's five strategic business segments – project development services, general construction, and building material production.

Dat Xanh E&C is the last piece completing the group’s ecosystem, expanding its market, diversifying customer base, and scaling up Dat Xanh Group.

In April 2021, Dat Xanh E&C was officially established and introduced to the market by Dat Xanh Group. At the same time, the company also signed the first cooperation contracts with a total land area of more than 200ha.

Dat Xanh E&C pioneers real estate project development service with VND0
Le Hao, general director of Dat Xanh E&C at the company launching ceremony in April 2021

Different from other engineering and construction (E&C) companies, Dat Xanh E&C has solid support in Dat Xanh Group, which 20 years of experience in the market.

Dat Xanh E&C can build on these experiences throughout all stages of project development, from market research, product design, capital arrangement, and implementation to supervision and construction, marketing and sales, as well as product handover and long-term customer care.

Pioneering to pave the way

So far, real estate has been a game for large players, who are strong in both implementation and financial potential. For individual landowners or production and business enterprises without real estate development experience, their options in the options were pretty limited.

The safest is to resell land plots at a low value or accept mergers and acquisitions with larger businesses. This way, however, the enterprises can never become actual real estate investors. Besides, choosing to self-develop projects on their own power is always risky in terms of governance and finances, as well as legal problems. These factors will lead to prolonged implementation time, increased costs, and even delay the project's progress. Projects, therefore, can become inefficient and even unprofitable.

Dat Xanh E&C pioneers real estate project development service with VND0
With a solid foundation from the Dat Xanh Group’s system, Dat Xanh E&C confidently pioneers to open a new investment model for the real estate market in Vietnam

With the desire to expand its business in the real estate market and explore even the smallest potentials and business opportunities in the market, Dat Xanh E&C has brought the format of “VND0 investment” to the Vietnamese market.

Accordingly, businesses and individual landowners only need to own a clean land fund to develop a project, Dat Xanh E&C will take care of the remaining stages, including arranging capital and completing legal procedures through a model of bilateral cooperation. This way, individuals and small businesses can maximise their assets' returns without having to make an initial investment. Meanwhile, Dat Xanh Group and Dat Xanh E&C will always have clean land funds to develop projects through mutually beneficial cooperation contracts.

Dat Xanh E&C pioneers real estate project development service with VND0
With its core business, Dat Xanh E&C shows its desire to contribute to accelerating urbanisation development nationwide.

Currently, Dat Xanh E&C is providing the market with core services such as construction, building materials, and project development services including finance, comprehensive design, and product consumption through Dat Xanh Group's system of member companies such as FBV Construction Corporation and the distribution system of Dat Xanh Services JSC.

In addition, this is also the first time that Dat Xanh targets infrastructure development services, including public infrastructure and civil infrastructure.

With this investment strategy, Dat Xanh E&C and Dat Xanh Group are expressing their ambition to shed the mantel of a simple real estate business and wade deeper into urban planning and development, contributing to the general development of society as well as accelerating the urbanisation of Vietnam.

By Nguyen Son

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