Comprehensive care for the home with EMi Balance

December 28, 2021 | 10:47
EMi Balance homecare collection brings comprehensive microorganism care solutions to protect health, refresh the house, and restore the environment.
Homecare Emi Balance collection includes: Moc Huong milk bottle & dishwashing liquid, Ngoc Huong multi-function interior cleaning microbiological solution, and Thuy Huong bathroom & floor cleaning solution
EMi Balance homecare collection includes: Original Bio-EM based milk bottle and dishwashing liquid, Cinnamon oil Bio-EM based multi-function interior cleaning solution, and Lemon Grass oil Bio-EM based bathroom and floor cleaning solution

On a beautiful day at Thuy Thien Nhu farm in Hoa Binh province, after excitedly visiting the livestock and fields, a group of loyal customers of ORFARM organic food brand were instructed to dip their hands in EM disinfect liquid before enjoying the farm's fresh food. Suddenly, an elderly guest asked the farm owner: "why don't you produce EM hand and dishwashing liquid for daily use? I'd definitely switch to it from the chemical ones we use now. Its aroma is quite good," the very quick question that has led to the birth of EMi Balance.

Bui Bich Lien, CEO of ORFARM and co-founder of EMENVI and EMi Balance, shared that when she came in contact with Japan's EM technology and decided to invest and build the organic food brand ORFARM eight years ago, she thought of solving all health problems by creating truly clean and bio food products. However, after the farm trip, she found that food was not all, and that EM technology offered unlimited values.People spend more than half of their life indoors, and the social distancing in the past two years has made our homes even more important, deserving even more care. In addition, products such as dishwashing liquid and hand sanitiser are also extremely important in ensuring our food is clean and safe for us and our family.

“It is these things that motivate us to create a comprehensive clean ecosystem in our home, our health not only depends on the food we eat every day but also the cleanliness of our environment,” Lien said.

Comprehensive care for the home with EMi Balance

With an exclusive, all-natural formula combining a mixture of microbial products and natural essential oils, EMi Balance homecare products are especially safe for the skin and digestive tract of children and people with severe chemical allergies.

Through beneficial bacteria to help balance moisture on the surface of the skin and disinfect the surface of furniture, the EMi Balance product line helps eliminate mould, repel insects, and unclog drainage pipes, helping to freshen the indoor space.

Nguyen Quynh Anh, marketing director of EMi Balance said: “EM technology is the technology of the future, helping us to restore the ecosystem, improve our current polluted living environment, and reinforce human resistance to diseases. We look forward to sharing and further spreading the achievements of this technology.”

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Comprehensive care for the home with EMi Balance
EMi Balance Combo Gift box

Celebrate Christmas and New Year, refresh your home with Emi Balance Collection with a special offer: Buy a combo of three products of 500ml, worth VND449,000 ($19.50) and get one free 100ml bottle.

Retail prices: Original aroma baby bottle & dishwashing liquid: VND139,000 ($6) per 500ml bottle, Cinnamon Oil multi-purpose interior cleaning microbiological solution: VND169,000 ($7.35) per 500ml bottle, and Lemon Grass oil bathroom & floor cleaning solution: VND159,000 ($6.90) per 500ml bottle.

EMi Balance products are now available at Tiki or the company fanpage: or website:, Hotline: 091.569.1319

By Thai An

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