“Chill” living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint

November 05, 2019 | 13:42
Instead of spending large sums of money on expensive furniture, repainting houses, adding flower pots, and changing the curtains are sure-fire tips to renew your living space for the new season.

The transition from autumn to winter is ideal time to upgrade and renew the living space to set a warmer tone to welcome the monsoon days as well as the new year. Experts of AkzoNobel – a leader in paints and coatings – shares a few tips to refresh living spaces.

Using ton-sur-ton colour

In interior design, to achieve the desired effectiveness, people must co-ordinate colours according to principles and proportions. The simplest way is using a monochromatic colour scheme, which means that selecting only a single colour and then combining it with its darker tones. For a more impressive result, you can combine colours close on the palette.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint
The combination of similar colours can make a striking effect in the living room, here with dark green, turquoise and neon gold

Besides, you can combine colours following colour schemes that pair (or group) contrasting or similar colours or pick a few colours that complement each other by the geometric rule of thumb below.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint
The palette is the basis of designing furniture and décor for homes

Using patterns with warm tones

At the end of the year, painting your house with bold and warm colours often helps to bring energy and cosy warmth to your home. However, in order to make the colours vibrant and durable, choosing suitable paints is extremely important.

Sampling the high-end interior paint lines on the market, one cannot ignore Dulux Ambiance 5IN1, which is an ultra-high-quality interior paint line-up offering more than 2,000 colours. In addition, Dulux Ambiance 5IN1 also contributes to creating a smooth surface, preventing bacteria, and is resistant to moss and mould. This paint line will help maintain the perfect colour and beauty throughout the home despite the wear of time.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint
Honey brown is the trending colour of the year

Using decorative light

There are numerous decorative lights On the market with diverse shapes, size, and diverse designs namely flowers, starts, and trees, among others.

Besides, there are lights which are designed for the living room, garden, bedroom, or the kitchen that could add to the shine of the end-of-the-year family gathering by transforming the home into a welcoming, warm space.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint
Space can be made more sparkling, more fanciful with decorative lights

Creating highlights with eye-catching lights

Homeowners should pay attention to small details like the curtain, shoe cabinet, and flower pots.Besides, using decorations that sport hot and striking tones, one can easily create an extremely "chill" space.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint
Decorations having contrasting colours will create a highlight for your house

Leading the hot colour palette is still red, symbolisng fire and abundant energy. This is also an indispensable colour in the lively festival space at the end of the year.

Stability with the time

Khoi, an interior design expert, said that in the unusual weather of Vietnam, people do not pay attention to choosing suitable paints, and as a result, after a number of years, the ew paint layers peel off, crack, or fade.

Known for its investments in research and development in new paint technologies, AkzoNobel has recently launched the Dulux Ambiance 5IN1 Superflexx interior paint line. With Superflexx technology, this product can create a paint film that is three times more elastic than other premium interior paints on the market. As a result, crow's feet cracks are completely covered, helping the house to maintain its original beauty. In particular, this product has been certified with Singapore’s Green Label with low VOC content, slight odour, no lead and mercury.

chill living space to welcome monsoon thanks to paint

Along with ensuring the beauty of the house, Dulux Ambiance 5IN1 Superflexx is environmentally friendly

By Ha Vy

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