Bamboo Airways opens eight routes connecting Phu Quoc and Quy Nhon

April 29, 2021 | 20:38
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Bamboo Airways opened and restored eight routes yesterday (April 28), connecting Phu Quoc and Quy Nhon – two famous tourism destinations honoured by many international media outlets and travel websites.

From April 28, Bamboo Airways opens and restores eight routes connecting Phu Quoc to Quy Nhon – two multiple award-winning tourism destinations honoured on international media such as CNN Travel, TripAdvisor, and, among others, with the aim of connecting these destinations with all three regions of the country via non-stop routes.

bamboo airways opens eight routes connecting phu quoc and quy nhon
Bamboo Airways opened and restored eight routes connecting Phu Quoc to Quy Nhon

Particularly, as for Phu Quoc, besides the routes connecting the city to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the airline launches five new routes, including Phu Quoc-Can Tho with a frequency of seven round-trip flights a week, Phu Quoc-Danang with a frequency of 14 round-trip flights per week, Phu Quoc-Thanh Hoa (four round-trip flights), Phu Quoc-Vinh (three round-trip flights), and Phu Quoc-Haiphong (four round-trip flights). Thus, the carrier now has seven routes from/to Phu Quoc in total.

As for Quy Nhon, in addition to the previously exploited routes from/to Hanoi, Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh City, and Vinh, the airline operates three new routes connecting Quy Nhon to Can Tho (five round-trip flights a week), to Thanh Hoa (three round-trip flights), and to Da Lat (four round-trip flights). This brings the number of routes connecting to Quy Nhon to seven in total.

bamboo airways opens eight routes connecting phu quoc and quy nhon
Officials of Phu Quoc and leaders of Bamboo Airways cutting the ribbon at the event

Currently, at the main airport – Phu Cat airport (Binh Dinh) – Bamboo Airways is the airline with the largest operation network. The airline plans to continue to expand its scale at this airport for both domestic and international networks soon.

Truong Phuong Thanh, deputy general director of Bamboo Airways, asserted that with its network expansion just before the April 30-May 1 holidays and peak travel season, Bamboo Airways aspires to meet passengers’ travel demands with an extensive network of non-stop 5-star oriented flights.

bamboo airways opens eight routes connecting phu quoc and quy nhon
Bamboo Airways has become the largest airline connecting Quy Nhon to the rest of the country

In the coming days, many new routes will be opened and increased by Bamboo Airways, such as Can Tho-Danang, Can Tho-Haiphong, Vinh-Nha Trang.

It is also a major step towards its network expansion strategy to reach 70-80 domestic routes in 2021. Additionally, Bamboo Airways attaches great importance to opening nonstop flights connecting to destinations like Con Dao, Rach Gia, and Quy Nhon, that no airlines have exploited.

Fostering tourism – services – economy

At present, with tourism identified as a key economic sector, both Phu Quoc and Quy Nhon are the most attractive marine tourism destinations in Vietnam. These localities are also at particularly significant socio-economic positions, enabling convenient connections among different parts, areas, as well as countries in the region.

It is expected that Bamboo Airways’ new routes can contribute to improving the quality of the transport network from Phu Quoc and Quy Nhon to all three parts of the country, thereby contributing to the local economy and tourism development, becoming a vital driving force to these provinces’ development, forming growth poles and having spillover effects on surrounding areas.

bamboo airways opens eight routes connecting phu quoc and quy nhon
A water salute ceremony for the event in Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh)

As the Chairman of Phu Quoc city People’s Committee, Huynh Quang Hung expressed faith in Bamboo Airways’ strategies of exploiting more routes to Phu Quoc, as well as improving service quality will help the city to successfully attain its double goal: socio-economic recovery and development, and effective epidemic prevention at the same time.

Currently operating the largest network in the country, Bamboo Airways is highly appreciated by the local authorities. They also express their belief in the prospect of Fly – Stay – Play combo products of the FLC ecosystem which are attracting huge numbers of visitors to the province.

“By combining large-scale local tourism and resort products invested and developed by FLC Group, such as FLC Luxury Hotel Quy Nhon and FLC Grand Quy Nhon, I firmly believe that Bamboo Airways routes will not only diversify travel options, increase passengers’ access to international 5-star standard-oriented services in Binh Dinh but also practically contribute to the building of Binh Dinh’s tourism brand for international tourists, and, in the long term build it into a new emblem of world tourism,” said Lam Hai Giang, Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh provincial People’s Committee.

Increasing the load

In addition, the carrier plans to continue to increase supply load on average by 12-15 per cent on most routes, especially those connecting Quy Nhon, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, and Da Lat, among others throughout the holiday. Bamboo Airways is expected to add about 110-150 flights a week, equivalent to 22,000-30,000 seats to the domestic flight network.

bamboo airways opens eight routes connecting phu quoc and quy nhon
Bamboo Airways opens 8 routes connecting Phu Quoc and Quy Nhon, aiming to operate 80 routes in 2021

To ensure absolute safety for passengers, Bamboo Airways continues to strictly comply with disease prevention measures before, during, and after flights, including doing temperature screenings at the airport, providing hand sanitisers and masks at check-in areas, departure gates, and on the planes, as well as spraying disinfectant after flights and regularly maintaining HEPA filters on aircraft.

Additionally, to save time and avoid airport congestions, Bamboo Airways also recommends that passengers complete a medical declaration before entering the screening point to board the plane and use various self-check-in methods such as online check-in via website and at self-service kiosks. Passengers without check-in baggage can go directly to screening.

Bamboo Airways currently operates over 60 domestic routes and transports nearly 7.5 million passengers on perfectly safe flights. With on-time performance reaching 96 per cent on average, Bamboo Airways has been leading the entire Vietnamese aviation industry for three consecutive years up to 2021. Its international 5-star oriented service quality has been recognised by consumers and the media with customer satisfaction rates reaching 4.5 out of 5 points.

With the most comprehensive and effective set of COVID-19 prevention procedures, Bamboo Airways has reached 7/7 stars for COVID-19 prevention, according to Airline Ratings.

In 2020, Bamboo Airways was voted as the airline with the best service in Vietnam, Asia’s leading regional airline, and the most favourite airline voted by golfers.

Bamboo Airways aims to acquire 30 per cent of the domestic aviation market share in 2021.

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