Bamboo Airways lays foundation for 5-star roadmap with prestigious partner

May 24, 2021 | 12:08
Entering into cooperation with Yates & Partners this May is expected to narrow the distance between Bamboo Airways and the international 5-star rating that it aims to achieve.

An international 5-star rating is considered the ultimate goal for the world’s top airlines. To receive this coveted rating, an airline must achieve excellence both onboard and at the airport, passing 500-800 different criteria with flying colours.

Reaching these standards also provides a key competitive edge amidst the increasing sophistication of consumer demands in the aviation industry, with airlines constantly vying to surpass the expectations of passengers.

Lufthansa (Germany), Korean Air (Korea), All Nippon Airways, and Japan Airlines (Japan), are all among the world’s 5-star airlines.

bamboo airways lays foundation for 5 star roadmap with prestigious partner
The 5-star standard is the ultimate goal for the world’s airlines, including Bamboo Airways

In Vietnam, Bamboo Airways has been following a clear roadmap towards an international 5-star rating since its establishment.

Enhancing values and competitive advantages

Many specialists hold that Bamboo Airways has many advantages to become the first Vietnamese airline to attain the 5-star certification, with stellar on-time performance and service quality.

bamboo airways lays foundation for 5 star roadmap with prestigious partner
The hand on the heart is the symbol of the service at Bamboo Airways

A hand on the heart has become the symbol of Bamboo Airways’ 5-star oriented service quality. It comes as no surprise that the cabin crew received many compliments on social media from passengers.

Bamboo Airways has shown substantial efforts to improve service quality while simultaneously expanding its activities with over 6,000 safe flights. The airline also maintains its top spot in annual on-time performance with an average rate of over 96 per cent.

bamboo airways lays foundation for 5 star roadmap with prestigious partner
Bamboo Airways’ Business Lounge has received positive feedback from passengers

Regarding infrastructure, its Business Lounges have come into operation, receiving great feedback for their convenient space and diverse menu offering 5-star restaurant-quality dishes. Bamboo Airways has become the first private carrier in Vietnam to operate its own Business Lounge, aiming to provide a 5-star service experience at every moment of the journey.

Commenting on the airline’s attempt, Forbes magazine said that it was rare to see a start-up carrier become an airline offering various international services so quickly.

In 2020, Bamboo Airways was voted as “Asia’s leading regional airline” for the second time, with customer satisfaction rates reaching 4.5 out of 5.

Strategic move

In today’s rapidly changing world, Bamboo Airways has taken drastic actions in constantly improving the entire system to meet passenger demand.

bamboo airways lays foundation for 5 star roadmap with prestigious partner
Bamboo Airways is cooperating with Yates & Partners to achieve 5-star service rating by 2023

In May 2020, Bamboo Airways announced cooperating with Yates & Partners, the world’s premier aviation and hospitality consultancy to move closer to the international 5-star rating.

Yates & Partners is renowned for 12-year experience in 5-star service consultation and guest experience design. The firm has provided consulting services, strategic orientation on 5-star products and services, as well as service and customer support skills training for numerous world-famous airlines such as Qatar Airways, All Nippon Airways, Etihad Airways, Delta Airlines, Thai Airways, or Cathay Pacific.

Forbes stated that if Bamboo Airways could achieve the initial target, it would be an ideal option for those wanting to fly within, and eventually, to and from Vietnam.

Therefore, the representative of Bamboo Airways expects that the cooperation with Yates & Partners in building brand strategy, improving products, and customer service to zone in on the 5-star rating.

Besides, training from Yates & Partners on a 5-star service mindset, soft skills, and serving procedures for Bamboo Airways staff is expected to help the airline achieve its first step of having a 5-star workforce on the way to its ultimate ambition.

Before that, Bamboo Airways has set its two first goals as “the airline with the best customer service” and “the airline with the best Business Lounges”.

With a long-term consultancy roadmap furthered by Yates & Partner, Bamboo Airways attempts to achieve 5-star certification by 2023, thus making the airline an optimal option for both local and international passengers.

By Bamboo Airways

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