AkzoNobel joins hands to make life more inspiring

December 06, 2022 | 07:27
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In early October, just a few days after Typhoon Noru made landfall, the people of Quy Nhon were surprised to see Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse wearing a new look. Nguyen Phi Anh Dao, head of Marketing, Decorative Paints at AkzoNobel Vietnam, shared the journey and the message behind the renovation of the Cu Lao Xanh Lighthouse.
AkzoNobel joins hands to make life better
AkzoNobel joins hands to make life more inspiring

AkzoNobel is still working to renovate one of Vietnam's oldest and most advanced lighthouses. Why did the company decide to renovate the Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse?

AkzoNobel joins hands to make life better
Nguyen Phi Anh Dao, head of Marketing, Decorative Paints, AkzoNobel Vietnam.

Since 2018, AkzoNobel has selected the preservation of iconic architectural heritage in countries around the world as the key focus of its social activities. In Vietnam, we are honoured to contribute to the restoration of buildings such as the Hanoi Opera House and the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee headquarters. What makes us even more proud is to contribute to the preservation of Vietnam's lighthouses.

For seafarers, the lighthouse is a symbol of peace and reunion after days of drifting. Together with its keepers, this lighthouse has endured the test of time as it stands in the sun, wind, and rain while giving fishermen the most necessary signal for survival at sea. Therefore, the renewal of lighthouses from the past means a lot to AkzoNobel.

The Cu Lao Xanh Lighthouse is a challenging project because it is located in a rather special position on the route along the length of the country.

Could you share how the company implemented the project?

Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse, which was once known as Poulo Gambir, is 119 metres above sea level. The lighthouse features elements of both French and Indochinese architecture. However, accessing the construction site and moving goods to the lighthouse is challenging due to the precarious terrain in a windy and sunny location. The technical team and specialists from AkzoNobel have to travel by ship and use specialised scaffolding.

We have made detailed calculations of temperature, wind, and humidity for the implementation process. Unfortunately, the Noru typhoon struck the central region prior to the construction day, causing more obstacles. The biggest challenge was to ensure safety. Thanks to careful preparation, the project was completed on schedule.

How does the company take historical factors into consideration?

On the journey of renewing ancient architecture, we always place priority on conservation. In addition to researching technical solutions, AkzoNobel's team of experts also closely connected with management teams to learn the history of the lighthouse. Thus, the restoration of the project is sympathetic to both cultural and aesthetic factors.

We have a close connection with both the management team and the local people. We can feel the profound pride of the locals in this lighthouse project.

Renovating the lighthouses seems ambitious as it is difficult to protect the buildings’ surface from adverse weather conditions in the sea like wind, sun, humidity, and salt. Why does AkzoNobel feel confident to pursue this project?

Lighthouses have to face many challenges from nature and it should be noted that there are not so many opportunities to repaint such constructions. Therefore, it's crucial to consider all options in order to guarantee the lighthouse's durability and beauty over time.

Behind the perfect surface of the renovated Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse is a combination of many advanced technologies from the Dulux Weathershield brand, such as anti-fading, waterproofing, anti-moss, anti-salt, and cooling layers.

We are confident that the solutions we used on this project have been verified through many studies and tests. Dulux Weathershield is the first choice for construction projects, especially high-end resorts worldwide. The renewal of the lighthouse reaffirms AkzoNobel’s commitment to the quality of its products.

Along with repainting the lighthouse, AkzoNobel also released a short film titled Eye of the Sea. What is the message of this film?

When you work in a fishing village, you will realise how difficult life is for the locals in stormy areas. Through the film, AkzoNobel hopes to promote respect for people in coastal areas who are battling the weather to bring fish and shrimp to every household.

We also honour those who quietly watch over the lighthouse, which serves as the centre of the fishing community. As a result, AkzoNobel will continue its mission to restore lighthouses and other structures that are significant to the culture and lives of people around the world.

The image of the Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse with its new cover is a reminder of the message “Let's Colour” that AkzoNobel always pursues. Let's colour to make life better and more alive with the smallest beautiful actions.

Dulux Professional from AkzoNobel accompanying PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards Dulux Professional from AkzoNobel accompanying PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards

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AkzoNobel Vietnam protects Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse from harsh weather AkzoNobel Vietnam protects Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse from harsh weather

AkzoNobel, the leading global paints and coatings company and the major producer of Dulux brand, has completed repainting the Cu Lao Xanh Lighthouse project with Dulux Weathershield. It is the third lighthouse in Vietnam recoated under the “Lighthouse Protection Campaign” of AkzoNobel.

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By Thanh Van

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