A journey to inspire, energise, and spread positivity through TCPVN

January 16, 2022 | 08:00
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From an exciting start with Red Bull in 1999 and Warrior in 2017, followed by the strategic presence of TCPVN – the first international office of TCP Group in Vietnam – TCP made an impression through quality beverage brands and proved its identity with positive energy spread to Vietnamese consumers.

In 1999, Red Bull shook up the Vietnamese energy drink market. After more than two decades, despite different energy drink brands in the market, the image of the two bulls is still imprinted in the subconscious of Vietnamese people throughout many generations. Bò cụng, bò húc (the fighting bulls) have even a characteristic noun not only when it comes to Red Bull but also energy drinks in general on the market.

After two decades, following Red Bull, Warrior quickly added to the impression in the market, focusing on dynamic, young customers. Associating the brand image with a positive message, Red Bull and Warrior have strongly inspired and encouraged people to recharge and be ready to face challenges. The products have been widely accepted by and have energised consumers including drivers, workers, students, and office workers.

The positive impression made by Red Bull and Warrior is the perfect start for TCP Group to establish the first international office in Vietnam – TCPVN in 2018. Since then, TCPVN has left its mark with a journey of positive energy and good values in the community. TCPVN's presence has also created a solid foundation for long-term and sustainable companionship in the future in one of the most important and potential markets in the region.

A journey to inspire, energise, and spread positivity through TCPVN
National energy drink brands in Vietnam

A journey of inspiration and positivity

Along with focusing on providing quality products to consumers, TCPVN and its brands regularly organise many inspirational activities to arouse the spirit and positive energy in the community, as well as stand by the Vietnamese to face the challenges and break limits. These efforts inherit the mission of respecting social values and guaranteeing sustainable development throughout the operation in each locality.

The journey of spreading positive energy initiated by TCPVN is replicated in the youth community across the country through strategic cooperation with the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation. The programme Noble Youth' honours excellent examples in study, manufacturing, business, and volunteering, who have made positive contributions to society.

The programme has contributed to building and spreading the image of talented, virtuous, and brave Vietnamese young people who are willing to devote wisdom to the country. In 2021, 65 young people were honoured to be praised for their positive contributions to the complicated development of the pandemic.

They are the heroes in white, such as Dr. Truong Nhut Cuong and Dr. Dang Minh Hieu, who were rushing into the centre of the pandemic to fight. H'Hen Nie also went to every alley, and knocked on doors to deliver goods for people. Meanwhile, Tran Mai Trong recovered from the disease and then still volunteered to stay to help patients and doctors.

It is impossible not to mention typical examples like Ngo Duong Tri (24 years old, Bac Giang) who donated blood, Tran Thai Duong (37 years old, Quang Tri) who volunteered, and the brave Tran Van Tron (21 years old, Quang Nam) who rushed into the sea to save four students.

“Young people are always there whenever society needs them. The timely and practical actions of the youth all contribute to a better life for the community. These contributions inspire people to do good deeds, spread positive values, and positively energise the society,” said Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director of TCPVN.

A journey to inspire, energise, and spread positivity through TCPVN
Delegates of Light of Vietnam Perseverance and TCPVN representative met with Vice Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Khac Dinh

At the same time, within the I Love My Country programme, Light of Vietnam Perseverance' also honoured young, disabled people who strive to overcome their circumstances and spread positive life ideals, perseverance, and bravery for other young people.

A total of 50 people from all over the country and many classes and professions have reached excellent achievements in study and work. Their resilience, inner strength, and positive spirit are an inspiration for the society. The programme also spreads encouragement to the disabled to strive for victory over fate and make positive contributions to the community.

With the desire to spread positive energy, TCPVN launched a photo contest, called Positive Day – Positive Action, together with the community to spread positive energy and maintain optimism during the most difficult times.

A journey to inspire, energise, and spread positivity through TCPVN
Positive Day – Positive Actions received lots of responses from the community

Along with accompanying young people to spread positivity throughout the country, TCPVN also stood side by side with the Vietnamese people to inject positive energy to overcome difficulties during the pandemic with much material and spiritual support.

During the pandemic peak in the southwest, the owner of Red Bull and Warrior had donated 1,200 medicine bags to support at-home treatment in five provinces. Cooperation between TCPVN and the Vietnam Young Physician Association also provided oxygen for patients’ treatment and recovery. In addition, TCPVN sent a new community ambulance with full suppliances to the District 11 hospital, the unit regulating field hospitals for COVID-19 treatment.

Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director at TCPVN said, "Along with product quality, community responsibility is always the top commitment of TCPVN. We consider it a solid foundation for the long-term development of TCP Group in the Vietnamese market and will continue to make more efforts to continue spreading positive energy and good values in the community.

By Mai Dang

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