A breath of fresh air even in the heaviest traffic

March 26, 2020 | 15:45
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Air quality around the world has been on the decline, with figures from the World Health Organization showing that nine out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants. The situation is especially disconcerting in large cities, where people stuck in traffic are exposed to copious amounts of pollutants on a daily basis without a good air filter for the passenger cabin of their cars.
a breath of fresh air even in the heaviest traffic
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An increase in the world’s production demands shows a rapid spike in pollution year in, year out, deteriorating air quality in some cities to borderline toxic. Currently in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the the Air Quality Index is 150 on average, teetering on the borderline between "unhealthy for sensitive groups" and "unhealthy". Thankfully, Ford vehicles come standard equipped with a high-grade cabin air filter to protect the driver and their family from harmful pollutants like exhaust fumes on the outside.

How does the cabin air filter protect passengers?

Much like other filters in the vehicle, the cabin air filter is specifically designed to separate dust, pollen, and other foreign particles from the air in the passenger cabin.

The filter is positioned at the front of the vehicle’s climate control system to filter the air before entering the cabin area. Not only does it keep passengers healthy, it also keeps the climate control system from getting clogged and working inefficiently.

Making sure you are protected

Ford Motor Company with cabin air filter development partner Freudenberg, the leading cabin air filtration experts, have rigorously tested the cabin air filter before considering its use for the Climate Control System. Tests show that cabin air filters that are standard in Ranger and Everest vehicles can catch dust particles that are as small as 0.3µm. To give an idea of how small that is, the diameter of a hair ranges from 17 to 181µm. This also qualifies the cabin air filter as a very good pollen filter.

Being able to filter microparticles and promote efficient air flows while being durable enough for long-term use is a great feat only a specialised cabin air filter can do. Owners who use the vehicle everyday are cautioned to check the cabin air filter every few months. It is easy to check and replace the cabin air filter: owners can check the manual for the specific steps or go to their preferred Ford dealership.

Though it will not specifically cause a break down, having a clogged cabin air filter can be bad for health. The air that circulates in the passenger cabin is seven to ten-times more concentrated than the air outside. If the vehicle is passing air through a dirty cabin air filter, it increases the risk of having pollutants, exhaust fume, dust, and other particles entering the cabin. Foprd highly recommends replacing used up filters with an original spare part cabin air filter to ensure the best protection for passengers and the Climate Control System.

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