30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

September 28, 2021 | 09:00
Over the past three decades, Vietnam Investment Review has gained positive status in the country’s business press circle. With its particular focus on featuring hot issues related to economics, trade, and investment in Vietnam, as well as the country’s external policies, VIR has earned praise from international organisations, embassies, experts, and the business community as it provides them with insightful and useful information on the ups and downs of the country’s exciting economic development.
30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors

Ho Thi Thu Hien - chairwoman of the board at VietinBank Securities.

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

To us, Vietnam Investment Review is one of the most prestigious economic newspapers in English covering the latest business information of Vietnam. Its Vietnamese counterparts, Dau Tu and Dau Tu Chung Khoan, have also played a crucial part in providing a comprehensive picture of this emerging economy.

Before penetrating into Vietnam, foreign investors always seek for trusted sources to understand how the market operates. As the official newspaper arm of Vietnam’s Ministry of Investment and Planning, we believe VIR would be the perfect choice for international financiers who would love to explore interesting opportunities from this country.

Up to now, with an extensive of 30 years, VIR has affirmed its leading position and prestige in the line of economic newspapers, having massiveinfluence to readers and public opinion, whether they are Vietnamese or foreigners.

All investors have well promoted their role in providing timely and in-depth information to readers, while timely and timely issues are always updated on the newspaper's electronic pages. investment.

Besides reflecting the positive results, it is necessary to continue to dissect the limitations to help market members assess a multi-dimensional view, as well as have objective assessments of difficulties and challenges in the industry, thereby strengthening investors' confidence.

On the occasion of VIR’s special anniversary, VietinBank Securities would like to wish VIR all the success to continue its mission of promoting Vietnam as an attractive emerging country for high-profile funds and investors, especially to uphold the stock market to a greater height.

We hope to continue to strengthen the partnership and cooperation between VIR and VietinBank Securities, as the two sides both share the same mission.

Dr. Jaeseung Lee - Mekong Sub-regional Representative & Viet Nam Country Representative - Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

For 30 years, Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) has been a longstanding source of economic news in Vietnam. The newspaper has become a resourceful navigator and consultant for the business sector by providing policy updates together with in-depth economic analysis. Notably, during the pandemic, VIR has emphasized its role as one of the leading agencies in showcasing business adaptation to social distancing measures and updating global development trends, which helped steer business through challenging situations and foster a future of sustainable growth.

With a team of skilled and active journalists and editors, VIR has adopted emerging subjects of green growth and equipped readers with green recovery and sustainable economy knowledge. I am fascinated to see that most of the latest topics of sustainable development including digital transformation, energy efficiency, green energy, green finance, to name a few. have been well covered on VIR to assist the government’s orientation and sate the appetite of investors and readers.

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Vietnam has been in collaboration with VIR to share the expertise on green growth policies, sustainable urban development, green finance, carbon finance, and much more. Thanks to VIR’s reputation and proactiveness, the topic of green growth is approachable to policy makers, business stakeholders as well as the wider audience. In the coming time, I believe green finance as an important drive to fuel rapid, sustainable and inclusive growth will continue to be one of the key highlights on VIR. Much more to be done to transition Vietnam into a low-carbon and resilient economy and GGGI Vietnam is pleased to join VIR on this journey.

I am thrilled to see that VIR marks its 30th birthday with many strategic changes and a vision for sustainability, which are timely to prepare the economy of Vietnam to flourish after the pandemic. On this occasion, GGGI Vietnam would like to share our warmest congratulations to the VIR team and best wishes for the coming time.

Tina Nguyen - CEO, Generali Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

This is a special year, marking VIR’s 30 years of establishment and Generali’s 10th anniversary in Vietnam. On this journey, Generali Vietnam has had numerous opportunities to collaborate with VIR, sharing our insights on life insurance products, services and the industry with millions of readers.

It is great to have constructive exchanges and cooperation between insurance providers and the media to offer Vietnamese consumers useful and credible content and to push forward service improvements by insurers for the benefit of customers. This cooperation has certainly contributed to the development of the insurance industry and more broadly, the Vietnam’s economy.

While globally life insurance is an established sector with a legacy that spans centuries, it is relatively young in Vietnam, having been around for just over two decades with a modest penetration rate of 11 per cent of the country’s population.

As many people still have misconceptions and prejudices about insurance, the press and especially publications in the financial news sector such as VIR play a key role in providing multifaceted and objective perspectives to help improve public understanding and awareness of insurance.

The Vietnamese insurance market has great potential. Backed by the government’s supportive policies and strong investments by insurance companies, the industry has grown strongly with an average annual growth rate of 28 per cent over the 2016-2020 period and promises to continue this strong performance in the future.

As a loyal reader of VIR in the past, I have thoroughly enjoyed such quality journalism that accurately and timely reflects the state of the Vietnamese insurance industry.

As the country faces an uphill battle against current issues, Vietnam’s media including VIR plays a crucial role in bringing quality information to the public and also providing practical support for businesses across all sectors in navigating this challenging situation and recovering strongly in the post-pandemic world.

There is no doubt that VIR will continue to win readers’ hearts and minds with its quality insights, and through that continue to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s insurance industry and the economy.

Federico Vasoli - Managing partner, dMTV Global

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

When I first contributed to VIR just over a year ago, Asia-Pacific and particularly China, Singapore, and notably Vietnam were the “winners” of the pandemic.

At the time of writing, things appear to be reversed, but having witnessed first-hand how Asia-Pacific and Europe have coped with the coronavirus, I am still very optimistic about Vietnam.

As outlined in VIR’s catchy reports, Vietnam’s economy has not stopped growing even when the rest of the world froze. The Vietnamese are very resilient people and sooner or later the emergency phase will be over, and Vietnam will be the place to be in ASEAN for investment and trade.

VIR has covered this and several other enticing subjects, from the advancement of a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly economy to digital tokens, from the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement to the role of business journalism and much more.

It has been a companion before and throughout these many months of uncertainty, with punctual insights and a broad view over both domestic and international matters.

As a keen reader and humble sporadic contributor, I can only express my thanks and best wishes to all the people that work for VIR, especially now with this pandemic that is certainly not making their lives easier. Their dedication to high-quality journalism and in-depth reporting marks an example for other publications at home and abroad and should be praised as an example, especially for younger generations.

Erick Contreras - Managing director, BASF Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

For me, the 30-year history of VIR reflects well the history of foreign investment in Vietnam. The country has achieved enormous growth over the last few decades and has transformed into one of the fastest-growing countries in the region. The local market, especially in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, has developed and driven consumer demand for a higher quality of nutrition, healthcare, housing, mobility, and sustainability.

Vietnam has also gained business traction with a collection of trade pacts with important markets like the EU. In addition, the labour force has become ever more skilful and competitive with a can-do spirit, contributing remarkably to the dynamic economy. All these exciting developments have been well communicated by VIR, one of the most popular English business publications in the country.

Through this important channel, the local and foreign-invested business community can easily keep abreast of current affairs ranging from business development and legislation to the way of doing business in general. In VIR, we have a credible partner for the latest updates on the country’s major policies and decisions that enable our business to grow and help us to share our success stories among other companies and industry partners.

We also get helpful insights on how to do business in the local market, which is extremely beneficial for a foreign company like BASF. VIR has been very active in connecting businesspeople at a range of conferences and seminars.

Moreover, we are happy to see how our longstanding media partner has transformed itself from a print newspaper to a more complex media outlet with traditional and digital offerings, where people do not just expect timely updates but also the convenience of 24/7 access to credible sources of information and analysis at their fingertips.

Through this reputable publication, we have shared some success stories on how we contribute to Vietnam’s educational development. For example, our signature science programme BASF Kids’ Lab to help schoolchildren do hands-on chemistry experiments and learn how chemistry relates to our daily lives from an early age, or our school renovation programme that offers improved learning facilities and environment for children in remote areas of Vietnam.

We especially value our important partnership with VIR that helps us reach out to the wider business community and stay informed. I believe it will continue to play its leadership role in the English media landscape through continuous investments in technology, writing staff, and high-quality content.

Creating a sustainable future is a critical topic for companies, government, and the public – and thus, promoting sustainability and innovative solutions to help Vietnam respond to challenges and provide improved quality of life should be highlighted on the VIR agenda.

Sang Lee - CEO, Manulife

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

Congratulations to Vietnam Investment Review on marking 30 years of truly great journalism. This important milestone is a chance to both celebrate and reflect on the paper’s long-standing history and influence in Vietnam.

From reporting on the economic reforms that ushered in a new era of foreign investment and foreign-owned enterprises, to sharing stories of success on the nation’s economic growth and resilience – VIR has played an essential role in connecting its audience to key national developments.

As one of the leading English-language publications for business and economic news, VIR has established itself as a trusted source of information for many. Its commitment to integrity, professionalism and providing valuable in-depth news coverage has helped put Vietnam on the map. This focus on quality has in turn helped grow its standing amongst readers, especially in the business community.

Over the years, VIR has also been instrumental in building awareness and understanding of the nation’s burgeoning life insurance industry.

The growth of Manulife Vietnam would not have been possible without the support of the newspaper and the voice it has given to us and our industry. By helping connect Manulife Vietnam with both readers and customers alike, VIR has played a vital role in educating the public and supporting the transformation of our industry.

While in a rapidly changing media environment, the newspaper’s ability to move with the times, embrace shifts in technology and evolve with readers has helped it stand the test of time.

VIR has created a proud legacy that is a tribute to the enduring value of journalism.

Peter Ryder - CEO, Indochina Capital

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

I have been active in Vietnam for nearly 30 years and have witnessed VIR grow from a single, barely 10-page newspaper to the publication group it is today.

Since Indochina Capital was founded in 1999, we have established a close relationship with VIR, and we have very fond memories of working with various reporters over the years to help them cover Indochina’s activities, in the process becoming an active partner with the publication. We started by responding to specific inquiries about our investments and projects and expressing our opinion on the state of the market from a foreign perspective.

Today we regularly collaborate with VIR on editorial pieces, page-length interviews, and by appearing at different forums and events organised by VIR. It has played a major part in helping us promote our corporate identity, and we always strive to provide sharp and timely market insights to support the reporters.

For Indochina Capital, VIR is much more than just a news outlet but a true partner that understands our long-term commitment to invest in Vietnam, along with our vision for architectural and design excellence, environmental and social sustainability, and doing what’s right while succeeding financially.

During its history, VIR has always been active in seeking opinions from different stakeholders on issues, and this has contributed to maintaining the quality of content. To further showcase its purpose of connecting policymakers to the private sector, I believe the newspaper must continue to juxtapose opinions from representatives from both the private and public sectors, creating a forum for open debate which serves to feature and dissect relevant issues.

With VIR’s wide network, I believe it would be valuable if it were to organise small private-public talking and working sessions, where representatives from various businesses and groups brainstorm on recommendations and ideas that could later be relayed to policymakers.

Having participated in many VIR events, we appreciate the quality of the content and the efforts it puts into organisation. The M&A Forum, in which we took part as chair for the real estate panel last year, is a quintessential event showcasing VIR’s effort in striving to be a pioneer.

Tim Evans - CEO, HSBC Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

In my very first days in this role, my colleagues briefed me on the media landscape in Vietnam, among which I noticed their reference to VIR and how the newspaper has supported us in conveying financial information and knowledge to the market, as well as to investors, for such an extended period of time since HSBC came back to Vietnam.

In my time with HSBC Vietnam, I have had numerous valuable opportunities to speak to the different publications of VIR on various topics. I highly appreciate how the journalists study and understand the content, which provides different levels of finance and banking information to the readers. Undoubtedly, VIR is one of the most trusted sources in English in this country, targeting foreign investors and international organisations here.

As one of the fastest-growing markets and a shining star in ASEAN, Vietnam’s fundamentals are still very bold and the country has real potential to continue to attract foreign investment, despite the recent challenges. Foreign investors have always been searching for reliable and transparent information on our economy, the government’s policies, and how markets are operating.

With that, VIR has always played its part in providing a comprehensive picture of the global economy to local businesses that have the ambition to go internationally, and vice versa, bringing the image of Vietnam’s market to foreign investors who would like to explore and take their first steps into this promising country. In this, VIR and HSBC both share the same mission and objectives.

While the media has done very well over the past 30 years, I believe there is always room for improvement that a genuine news outlet always seeks for.

There is a need to continuously deliver opinion editorials in order to share even more diversified and quality views and information to the readers. Also, to further bolster its role as part of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VIR should channel more dialogue between corporations, investors, and local authorities to promote mutual understanding between those parties.

Finally, Vietnam has a large number of young talent that will be the next generation of the country’s development. Therefore, I believe that tailoring news and information to suit their taste is necessary.

Kenneth Atkinson - Founder, Grant Thornton Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

One regular get together in my early days here was a weekly Friday evening get together at the Billabong Bar, in the grounds of the Australian Embassy at Ly Thuong Kiet street, and I remember collecting my first edition of VIR at the gates when leaving the compound. I have been a regular reader since that time and am pleased to have been able to contribute articles and comments more recently. That first edition is one of my significant memories of Vietnam’s opening and the willingness to cooperate with foreign journalists.

VIR has made important contributions to Vietnam’s investment promotion activities. It has become a bridge between domestic and foreign investors, and state agencies, and it is said that over 90 per cent of foreign businesses and all government officials receive copies of VIR or its sister publications.

VIR has done a great job in moving with the times and no longer focusses just on matters related to foreign direct investment as it did in the first few years. Coverage has now been extended to include socioeconomic development, domestic investment, the stock market, property, mergers and acquisition activities, and more recently startups, digitalisation, and AI.

I think it is good that VIR online has a society section and I hope that it can continue to publish stories of the needs of those who are not so fortunate and also the initiatives of those seeking to help those less fortunate than themselves.

VIR needs to continue to maintain its relevance to its broad subscriber base and if possible to get some international contributors through its overseas network, which is established through the commercial sections of the embassies and consulates overseas. Whilst VIR is good at soliciting opinions, articles, and comments from foreign investors living and working in Vietnam, a view from corporate headquarters can also serve as a good barometer for future trends.

I would encourage VIR to continue its corporate social responsibility through the annual charity golf event and the very successful M&A Forum. The latter could be broadened through a combined physical and virtual event, now we have all become accustomed to using digital tools and applications to join virtual events.

John Paul Pullicino - General director, Pfizer Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

In this complex and rapidly-changing environment, the role of news media has been greater than ever as individuals and enterprises consume information from a variety of sources.

As a press office of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VIR is a sophisticated information publication that creates public awareness about the government’s policies and its impact on the economy and development of Vietnam.

The publication has been an important channel for the decision-makers to conduct two-way dialogues with the public to communicate timely and accurate information.

As a company, we believe every patient should also have access to the right information and therapies pertaining to their healthcare needs. At Pfizer, we apply science and our global resources to bring medicines and vaccines to people and are committed to working collaboratively to meet the need of the people.

Therefore, we commend the efforts spearheaded by VIR over the years and congratulate its team for 30 successful years of journalism.

Phil Harman, Team Leader, Gender Responsive Equitable Agriculture and Tourism (GREAT) Program

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors part4

On the occasion of VIR’s 30th anniversary, we are happy to reflect on our cooperation which has included trips to Bac Ha and Van Ban districts, Lao Cai during the past year. Our biggest impression of VIR is its professionalism and enthusiasm.

To meet GREAT's ethnic minority women beneficiaries working in the agriculture and tourism sectors, we often need to go to remote areas including passing very difficult roads, walking a very long distance, climbing high mountains, or wading streams.

Despite this, VIR reporters have always been enthusiastic and keen to join more trips so that they have material for articles on the work of GREAT to economically empower ethnic minority communities.

For GREAT, VIR is an important and useful external information channel for the business community and international organisations in Vietnam. VIR has done a great job reporting on activities and issues relevant to the business community in Vietnam, promoting inward foreign investment and advocating for supportive economic policies.

GREAT is keen to continue to cooperate with VIR in the coming time to promote our objectives and help empower ethnic minority women.

Pham Duy Khuong - Managing director, ASL LAW

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors

ASL LAW is honoured to cooperate with VIR in so many aspects. VIR is always a source of quick and accurate information about business and investment. It reflects the pulse and voice of businesses, especially FIEs in Vietnam. VIR is also an effective channel to record the opinions of legal experts, helping businesses form timely, multi-dimensional understanding of the laws of Vietnam.

Moreover, VIR has also created many practical forums and playgrounds for businesses, experts, and authorities, especially forums related to hot topics such as fintech, virtual currency, or M&A in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 period.

As a reader as well as a partner of VIR, ASL Law Firm would also like to make the following suggestions.

VIR’s readership is very diverse so there should be many articles giving a multitude of perspectives to show the arguments of well-known lawyers and leading experts to give readers a multi-dimensional view on each topic.

Besides, it would be good to read deeper analysis so that readers can have more insight into the subject matter at hand.

As a partner, we would be glad to see VIR expand into new categories such as bidding or franchising. With great experience in these fields, we could support VIR with the necessary information for greater coverage.

Entering the 30th year of operation, ASL LAW expects that VIR will continue to accompany businesses and legal experts at home and abroad to reflect and make predictions on legal issues facing enterprises.

Ngo Trung Linh - General director, VietUnion Online Services Corporation

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors

Through many years of collaborating with VIR on both Vietnamese and English language editions, VietUnion Online Services Corporation (Payoo) has seen that VIR always strives to maintain objectivity and accuracy in economic news.

As an enterprise in the field of payment intermediaries, Payoo regularly follows VIR to update on useful news and information from experts, managers, policy makers in Vietnam and abroad to get an overview of the Vietnamese economy and the payment industry.

During our time working with VIR, Payoo highly has appreciated the endless efforts of reporters and editors in finding and exploiting new topics and providing unique perspectives to bring readers quality publications. VIR’s interviews and in-depth articles have become a bridge for Payoo and many other businesses to share information and the concerns of the community.

On the occasion of your 30th anniversary, Payoo would like to send our congratulations to the entire editorial board, reporters, staff and collaborators of VIR. We believe that with the dynamism and enthusiasm of the editorial board, VIR will quickly catch up with the changes of modern journalism in the coming time and create achievements worthy of a prestigious business journal.

Elisa Fernandez Saenz - Representative, UN Women in Vietnam

30 years of accompanying the country’s key economic sectors

Recently, UN Women has had the opportunity to collaborate with VIR through media articles about our programmes promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women in Vietnam.

I was very positively surprised earlier this year when I found out that VIR had created a new column called Empowering Women. I think this is an innovative idea, in line with the current trends and demonstrating VIR's forward-looking vision since women's empowerment, especially by strengthening women’s leadership and participation in equal opportunity working environments for female employees, has now attracted attention of many businesses in Vietnam and around the world.

While Vietnamese women have become more financially independent with 47.7 per cent of women participating in the labour force, and women making up 26.5 per cent of the business enterprise force, many limitations for their full participation and benefit from employment and business opportunities remain.

In Vietnam, UN Women is collaborating with the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC) to promote the implementation of the Women’s Empowerment Principles. In fact, 109 CEOs of companies in Vietnam have already signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), the seven principles that are guiding businesses worldwide on promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in their workplace, the market place, and the community.

In 2020, UN Women and VWEC successfully organise the WEPs Awards with the participation of many medium and large enterprises in Vietnam.

Last year, nine winning companies in Vietnam were recognised among the business community in the Asia-Pacific region, and we expect more this year. VIR has helped us disseminate information about the awards, sharing the fascinating stories and experiences of businesses that that are leading the way towards more equal and prosperous working environments in Vietnam.

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