Wize Vietnam confident to partner with leading global IT companies

June 17, 2019 | 15:05
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As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are real-world industry applications which offer ample hidden benefits and value to the consumers. These technologies are seeing increasing application throughout the marketplace, giving users an opportunity to judge and evaluate their worth. Additionally, Vietnam continues to develop its reputation as a hub of innovation. VIR spoke with Nguyen Manh Tuong, managing director of Wize Vietnam, at the launch of their new office in Lotte Center Hanoi to understand why Vietnam was chosen as the key market for Wize’s expansion plan.
wize vietnam confident to partner with leading global it companies
CEO Wize Solutions Richard Cramp and managing director Wize Vietnam Nguyen Manh Tuong at the opening ceremony

What is your opinion about the software industry as well as the current development of human resources in the IT industry in Vietnam?

Nguyen Manh Tuong: Currently, the software development industry in Vietnam is developing strongly. The Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) has evaluated that the Vietnamese IT industry is growing at the astounding rate of 30 per cent per annum.

We all understand that the industry is to continue to grow and Wize Solutions recognises that Vietnam can be a hub of innovation and creativity and not just a place for implementation. We’ve always seen Hanoi, and Vietnam in general, as a highly innovative country and the fact we’re expanding our space to accommodate growth here shows that we’re committed to building our innovation hub here.

If the industry is going to reach the potential it can though, we need to start seeing more new talent coming to the market. That means a greater emphasis on people studying STEM subjects and companies committing do training and developing talent for the long term and investing in developing the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the country.

If the industry is to reach its full potential, we need to attract more talents to the market. To ensure this, we need co-operation and support from many stakeholders: government, enterprises, and the community. For example, the government needs to provide greater emphasis on people studying STEM subjects or companies need to commit training and developing talents for the long term.

Why did Wize Solutions choose Vietnam as one of its key markets for expansion?

Richard Cramp: We choose Vietnam because Vietnamese IT talent resources are extremely creative and well-trained. Our current software products developed by the Vietnamese team are able to solve corporate issues for our global clients. We are satisfied with the quality of IT human resources in Vietnam and expanding the new office is a definitive confirmation of this. Vietnam is the future of Wize.

Nguyen Manh Tuong: We have always believed in the potential of Vietnam as an innovation hub. Our global team continues to grow but the innovative software solutions that come from Vietnam are differentiating us in the market, and that is why it makes sense for us to invest more in this location.

The people who already work for us have made a remarkable impact not just on the Vietnamese market, but also globally. Some of the products that we are developing are being used by the biggest IT companies all over the world.

Who are the target clients of Wize Vietnam and Wize Solutions?

Nguyen Manh Tuong: Our clients are mainly global enterprises. Two of our clients are in the top five global IT organizations. We have the products that meet the standards of global companies, so we are also looking at the products that meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises as well.

wize vietnam confident to partner with leading global it companies

Senior leaders of Wize at the launching day of Wize Vietnam

What is the strategic recruitment that Wize Vietnam is implementing and carrying out? Can you explain in details the reasons why candidates should choose Wize Vietnam instead of other software companies in Vietnam?

Nguyen Manh Tuong: The ability to attract new talents is crucial and essential for our growth. But it is not just about finding any person, it is about finding the right person. People who want to be at the cutting edge of innovation; people who want to generate ideas and new ways of doing things; people who want to help companies to change the way they do business. We are always focused on maximising the strengths and abilities of our people but that requires them to want to grow as well.

Wize’s innovation and engineering team in Vietnam will work with Wize experts in other countries such as the US, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and Nigeria to develop and propose innovative software solutions for the markets. Currently, we are providing software products for a corporation with about 25,000 employees in which it has recently passed the testing phase and is coming into practice. We are very proud to bring our software products to serve the biggest corporations across the globe.

Wize Vietnam brings many exciting job opportunities for Vietnamese IT human resources with its office in Lotte Center Hanoi. According to the senior management of Wize Vietnam, the company is recruiting members for numerous positions for their team. To become a member of Wize Vietnam, please visit the website: https://www.wize-solutions.com

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