Wize Solutions to create opportunities for software engineers

June 01, 2019 | 08:00
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With the aim of continuing to develop solutions for the world’s biggest IT and support companies, Wize Solutions is expanding the size and scope of its operations worldwide, with the latest move being the launching of Wize Vietnam.
wize solutions to create opportunities for software engineers

The Vietnamese software industry is growing remarkably and continuing to be seen as a hub of innovation and creativity. The appearance of Wize Vietnam several days ago is also evaluated to continue making great contributions to software development in Vietnam as well as step by step lift Vietnam higher in the international IT arena.

Wize Vietnam Ltd. is a member of Wize Solutions worldwide, which is known as a leader in the development of SaaS solutions in talent management, automation, learning, and development. Wize Vietnam focuses on developing software products, with the mission of balancing innovation, agility, and commercial insight. They already have a track record in Vietnam and across the globe. Wize’s products are being used by the biggest IT companies in the world.

wize solutions to create opportunities for software engineers

This company always focuses on making the complexities of managing global operations simple. With the belief that technology should make people’s life and work easier, Wize Vietnam is confident that their clients should be able to pick it up and use it from day one without spending huge amounts of time in training.

wize solutions to create opportunities for software engineers

Employees of Wize Vietnam will have the opportunity to develop cutting-edge products that are used by companies around the world, using technology to deliver better customer experiences, to manage talent in compex organisaitons, and approaching new ways to develop knowledge and expertise.

Nguyen Manh Tuong, managing director of Wize Vietnam, said: “Currently, we are providing software products for a corporation with 25,000 employees. We are proud to bring our software products to serve many of the biggest corporations across the globe.”

Richard Cramp, CEO of Wize Solutions, shared: “Vietnam is a crucial hub of our company’s development, where new ideas and innovation will continue to grow strongly. The team of engineers in Vietnam has successfully developed a number of advanced solutions that are evaluated to be competitive, satisfying the complex challenges that our clients face. With the current operation model, Wize's software engineering team in Vietnam accompanies Wize's experts in other countries such as the US, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, and Nigeria to develop and offer more innovative software solutions to the market.”

On the occasion of launching, the company will bring huge opportunities for IT engineers to become members of Wize Vietnam.

Wize Solutions is a member company of YNV Holdings, a global group specialising in providing IT, real estate, and education support solutions for clients across the globe. Wize Solutions has employees in many countries around the world such as Bulgaria, Costa Rica, England, the US, and Vietnam.

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