VNPOLY sells DTY to support medical mask production

February 08, 2020 | 17:49
Vietnam Petrochemical and Fiber JSC (VNPOLY) has recently sold five tonnes of drawn textured yarn (DTY) to Tomihu Medical Equipment Trading JSC, a reputable unit supplying medical equipment, for producing medical masks to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.
vnpoly sells dty to support medical mask production
The VNPOLY factory produces high-quality DTY sufficient for medical masks

In order to serve Tomihu Medical Equipment Trading JSC, the best medical mask manufacturer at the moment, VNPOLY's leaders, customer care specialists, and technicians visited the customer’s factory to provide advice and support.

With the rapid spread of the acute respiratory infection caused by the new strain of coronavirus, the demand for medical masks has increased sharply, and VNPOLY stands ready to accompany medical mask manufacturers to ensure high production standards, meeting people’s needs in time, while actively contributing to the prevention and control of the infectious disease spreading throughout the country.

In fact, the main raw material for producing medical masks is often imported from China by domestic enterprises, but China has banned the export of products, raw materials, and machinery for producing masks to ensure domestic supply.

Many mask manufacturers said that material sources are becoming scarce and that their stock is only enough to cover manufacturing in the next few days.

Companies are looking to import raw materials from diverse countries such as India, South Africa, or Egypt. The price of raw materials from these markets is also increasing sharply over prices before the outbreak.

Although there are urgent orders from Korean, Japanese, and American customers, VNPOLY still gives top priority to domestic orders for mask production to help prevent the disease from spreading.

“Our company is supplying raw materials to some customers manufacturing medical masks and is always ready to meet domestic orders for DTY to serve mask production. We also offer the best price and customer care policy,” said Dao Van Ngoc, general director of VNPOLY.

The DTY produced by VNPOLY has been certified with OEKO TEX Standard 100 by Hohenstein, the world's most prestigious certificate for the safety of textile materials.

The DTY produced by VNPOLY has been certified with OEKO TEX Standard 100 by Hohenstein, the world's most prestigious certificate for the safety of textile materials.

VNPOLY’s DTY has satisfied demanding customers with high quality and safety requirements such as those from Korea, Japan, and the US.

Medical mask manufacturers are fully assured of the quality and cost when using the DTY of VNPOLY to produce components of safe and standard medical masks.

Amid the escalating epidemic threat, there are people who have to wear masks for many hours a day and masks made from safe materials will give them comfort without adversely affecting their health and helping to prevent acute respiratory infections caused by corona virus.

At the recent meeting, Tomihu Medical Equipment Trading JSC highly appreciated the co-operation and support from VNPOLY and expressed great satisfaction with the recently imported batch of five tonnes of DTY from VNPOLY.

By Dinh Thuy

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