G7 coffee to speedy grow in the world

July 01, 2019 | 08:00
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Local leading coffee brand Trung Nguyen Legend has made Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans stand out in the world thanks to its unique-flavour products like instant coffee G7 and Trung Nguyen, which have been dizzily developing in the globe.
g7 coffee to speedy grow in the world
G7 coffee dominates the hearts of coffee lovers in the world

According to Vietnam Coffee-Cocoa Association (VICOFA), Vietnam is currently ranked in the top five countries leading the export amount of instant coffees. It includes Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India. A representative of VICOFA said, “The global market has been consuming all local export coffee amount.” It partly shows that Vietnamese coffees have increasingly met the international demand and is also the result of local firms, which have strong efforts to invest in quality, manufacturing technologies, to create the products meeting the international standards. Leading the local firms is Trung Nguyen Legend.

g7 coffee to speedy grow in the world
Trung Nguyen Legend gives strong inspiration for consumers

It can be seen that Trung Nguyen Legend has been creating its own competitive advantage and conquering global consumers in the last 23 years thanks to the special and different thinking.

While other reputable coffee companies see coffee as a regular drink, only Trung Nguyen Legend honours coffee as special energy for a strong and creative mind. It is known that this thinking comes from practical research of human history, coffee is always accompanied by famous great people to create great innovations.

This has become the driving force for Trung Nguyen Legend to bring energy coffee products to make brain awakening and creative to achieve success. Trung Nguyen Legend's coffee products are always selected to serve at the global summit such as APEC, ASEM, ASEAN, and WEF. Especially, from the best Robusta coffee beans in the world, combined with the modern nano grinding technology and the uncopyable know-how, G7 energy coffee of Trung Nguyen Legend has made a strong impression in more than 80 countries and territories.

Dominating in China and steady growth across Asia

Over the past few years, China has been a promising market for global coffee brands, including G7. Thanks to its great taste, tantalising fragrance, and attractive promotions, G7 has quickly won consumers’ hearts, especially young people at the billion-dollar Chinese market. According to Chnbrand, a company specialised in ranking the leading brands in China, G7 left the competition in the shade to become the favourite and most trusted brand in China.

In addition, with the growth rate of nearly 200 per cent, G7's network now covers all kinds of supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, and e-commerce platforms, even drug stores in Asia. Specifically, in South Korea, G7 is present in 122 Lotte Mart convenience stores, 530 Homeplus stores and 356 Emart stores, among others. G7's stellar growth highlighted the development of a Vietnamese brand in the international playground.

g7 coffee to speedy grow in the world
Energy coffee products promoted by Trung Nguyen Legend Group to promote trade worldwide

Targeting world-leading economies

Along with China, Trung Nguyen Legend has kept boosting the export of G7 products to the US market over the past time. Especially, in April, G7 won the country’s strict quality tests to be officially accepted for the retail chain Costco. This is a strong assertion of G7’s as well as Vietnamese brands' position in the global competition.

The US is the largest consumption centre in the world, accounting for more than one-fifth of their global retail revenue. Participating in the system of nearly 800 hundreds points of sale of Costcois a stepping stone to help G7 quickly access and develop strongly in a leading market.

Creating a special impression in Europe

In 2018 and 2019, G7 has been a constant presence at trade fairs Europe-wide, promoting the special products of Trung Nguyen Legend Group, including Trung Nguyen Legend Cafe sua da (ice milk cofee), Trung Nguyen Legend Capsule, and Trung Nguyen roasted coffee products atWorld Food Moscow 2018 in Moscow or For Gastro & Hotel 2018 in the Czech Republic.

The quality and wonderful fragrance of G7 has already gained fans in Europe. Recently, in the context of the 2019 Garden Trade Fair in the Czech Republic, the Trung Nguyen Legend booth attracted over 5,500 visitors eager to enjoy their coffee. In addition, G7's image has been widely promoted in a favourable location in Moscow.

g7 coffee to speedy grow in the world
G7 coffee and Trung Nguyen Legend coffee unleash the creative energies of consumers around the globe

Established in 2003, G7 (stands for “Group of Industrial Countries”) was established with the desire to bring Vietnamese coffee to the world, conquering leading international markets – following the heartfelt ambitions of the founder, chairman of Trung Nguyen Legend Group, Dang Le Nguyen Vu.

So far, with the spirit of endless creativity and efforts, G7 and the products of Trung Nguyen Legend Group have been achieving outstanding growth, gradually realising the group's ambitions. This will serve as motivation for other Vietnamese enterprises to keep improving production capacity, speed up exports, and increase competitiveness to affirm Vietnam’s position in the world coffee map.

By Thu Anh

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