Trung Nguyen Legend’s journey to bring Vietnamese coffee to the world

January 12, 2021 | 08:47
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The launch of Trung Nguyen Legend Brand Store on Amazon a strategic step for Trung Nguyen Legend Corporation on the journey to realise its ambition to claim a title on the international coffee map.
trung nguyen legends journey to bring vietnamese coffee to the world
Trung Nguyen Legend is now selling instant and roasted coffee products are now officially available on Amazon

The development of technology in the new era is bringing transformative changes in every aspect of life. The shifts in shopping behaviour as well as customer journey have become the driving force for businesses to actively adopt new approaches, aiming to meet market demand. Among the most prominent trends in recent years is online shopping and producers’ move to place their products on e-commerce websites.

In Vietnam’s open economy, cross-border e-commerce is being utilised by many businesses to engage customers around the globe. However, only with thorough preparation can a business achieve success and Trung Nguyen Legend – a coffee corporation with more than 20 years of experience – is one such business.

After more than half a year of research, Trung Nguyen Legend has officially launched the Trung Nguyen Legend Brand Store on Amazon, marking an important step in the company’s journey to export coffee through cross-border e-commerce. Sharing about this strategic move, the representative of Trung Nguyen Legend stated:Although the results are very encouraging, there is still a long way ahead, but we are confident. In the future, Trung Nguyen believes that e-commerce channels will flourish even more than today.”

In addition, the representative also shared:Regardless of scale, when a business wants to sell online, thereby expanding its target audience globally, it is essential that there is a clear, long-term development direction which is integrated with the blooming of digital transformation.”

Currently, Trung Nguyen Legend is distributing two main product lines on Amazon: instant coffee and roasted coffee. While instant coffee is more convenient for customers with famous product lines such as Classic, Passiona, Legend, and Special Edition; the roasted coffee is specially formulated for coffee shops with 5 distinct flavour options. The variety and quality of products, with support from cross-border e-commerce, have empowered Trung Nguyen Legend to reach out to global coffee lovers and make its marks in international markets.

“I have never said ‘delicious’ after drinking coffee. I usually say ‘very good’ or ‘very nice’ for coffee or espresso drinks. However, this instant coffee from Vietnam deserves a very different expression. I have never tried Vietnamese coffee, even though I have been going out to have Vietnamese pho for years now, but I always wondered what it would taste like. Now I know what ‘Vietnamese Coffee’ is like, and I highly recommend it!”- commented a Trung Nguyen Legend customer on Amazon.

trung nguyen legends journey to bring vietnamese coffee to the world
E-commerce is Trung Nguyen's weapon of choice to bring Vietnamese coffee culture to the world

Amazon – the pathway for Trung Nguyen Legend to go global

Selling on Amazon allows Trung Nguyen Legend to access a new promising and sustainable export channel. Amazon – the leading cross-border e-commerce site – is renowned for its innovative solutions and technology, aspiring businesses to thrive in the long term. Over the course of 2019 and 2020, Amazon has invested more than $30 billion in logistics, tools, services, programmes, and people to foster the growth of its selling partners. In addition, in 2020, Amazon launched 135 different tools and services to help third-party sellers to grow their businesses.

With the purpose of assisting Amazon online stores to support local sellers regardless of their geographical locations – Amazon Global Selling (AGS) has established multiple support teams in many Asian regions, including Vietnam, to directly educate, train, and support local businesses to sell through Amazon online stores worldwide and build an international brand. With the support from Amazon, Vietnamese businesses such as Trung Nguyen Legend can directly access more than 300 million active customers worldwide, 150 million of whom are Prime members, as well as millions of institutional buyers from the US, Europe, and Japan.

Amazon has been supporting Trung Nguyen Legend to overcome various challenges in launching the products on a cross-border e-commerce website. The experienced AGS local support team has provided support and training to ease many online business barriers Trung Nguyen faced, such as creating an online store, listing, product marketing, as well as handling of logistics to achieve efficient delivery service. As a result, the operation of the Trung Nguyen Legend store on Amazon has been a smooth and effortless experience, allowing the company to focus more on developing and expanding its online sales channel.

trung nguyen legends journey to bring vietnamese coffee to the world
With the effective support from Amazon, Trung Nguyen can safely focus on the product experience

The step for Vietnamese businesses to prove their position in the international arena

The development of Trung Nguyen Legend products toward global customers through Amazon online stores not only creates momentum for the company itself, but is also a positive signal for Vietnamese agricultural enterprises in their journey overseas.

Rooted in a country that thrives on agriculture with a series of famous products worldwide such as coffee, rice, and tea, Vietnamese businesses have a great advantage when selling these kinds of products globally. At the same time, expanding business scale is indispensable for Vietnamese products to be known and preferred by international customers while at the same time developing a new potential market for all domestic products, especially agricultural products.

Exporting products via cross-border e-commerce websites is a highly efficient way for a domestic business to reach a broader customer base outside of Vietnam. E-commerce websites like Amazon help consumers spend less effort on logistics and customer service, allowing them to focus on the quality and experience of each product, therefore, just by creating good products, with the support from Amazon, Vietnamese enterprises will have a chance to compete fairly with major brands in the world.

“As an e-commerce website, Amazon brings opportunities for small businesses in a country like Vietnam that does not have many global brands yet, to develop their brands and product values on a global scale,” stated the representative from Trung Nguyen Legend.

As part of their journey in connecting, engaging and providing Vietnamese sellers with sufficient information and expanding their business network, AGS also shared the launch of Amazon Seller Central in Vietnamese and a new dedicated AGS support team in Hanoi at the recent Seller Conference on December 8-9. The Seller Central is a localised dashboard that not only opens up an easier access and better experience but also helps improve their operation efficiency significantly, while the new dedicated support team in Hanoi, siding with the AGS Ho Chi Minh team, will provide more education and guidance workshops for sellers, covering broader regions of Vietnam.

By Tamas Nguyen

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