Vietjet stages COVID-19 rescue flights

August 21, 2020 | 15:29
For months since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, governments and airlines around the world have been successively operating flights to bring citizens back home.

In Vietnam, Vietjet is working with domestic authorities and Vietnamese representative agencies abroad to help Vietnamese citizens return home. The Vietjet aircrew regularly brings priority groups – under-18s, elderly, pregnant, sick people, and the homeless, as well as those whose work contract expired – back home from Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Myanmar, and South Korea.

A traveller from the Philippines was touched, saying that, “Airport officials were the very first people we met when getting off the plane. Their radiant smiles and enthusiasm filled our hearts with great joy and warmth.”

To further the domestic fight against the pandemic, Vietjet has cooperated with authorities to carry out four flights from Danang to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on August 13 and 14 to support travellers stranded in the coastal city.

vietjet stages covid 19 rescue flights
Vietjet flight crew get ready for a flight repatriating Vietnamese citizens from Indonesia

Travellers on these flights were tourists, mostly children, who were stuck in Danang when the city went under lockdown. After getting home, both aircrew and passengers are required to follow healthcare instructions and quarantine regulations in their localities.

Having participated in repatriation flights and rescue flights to assist travellers in Danang return to home, Tran Dinh Hoan, chief representative of Vietjet at Danang Airport said, “With Danang becoming the focus of the COVID-19 pandemic, we keep a cool head to make sure the situation does not descend into chaos, and we try to instruct passengers to keep a safe distance. Additionally, passengers are supplied with protective suits during the entire flight.”

vietjet stages covid 19 rescue flights
Passengers check in a repatriation flight backing to Vietnam from Singapore

“Delivering passengers from the contamination zone is hard work, however, we are all extremely proud of this mission because we bring them joy and security. Some of the passengers even told us that they will definitely return to Danang to recall the rescue flights,” said Hoan.

These were the first Vietjet domestic flights to assist stranded travellers reach safety.

The airline has helped hundreds of travellers to depart from the pandemic zones. Every flight is a result of tireless work by a substantial number of staff from all departments to guarantee the safety of the passengers and the aircrew.

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