VIB first to provide AR technology on mobile banking app

June 03, 2022 | 09:31
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Vietnam International Bank (VIB) has launched a new mobile banking application – MyVIB 2.0 – making it the first bank in the country to apply augmented reality (AR) technology in a mobile banking application.
VIB first to provide AR technology on mobile banking app
The launch of MyVIB 2.0 is expected to confirm VIB's position as a leading bank in terms of technology, providing users with a different, safe, and stable financial experience – Photo courtesy of VIB

Head of the Digital Strategy and Solutions Center at VIB Pham Thu Ha said, "The field of technology – including cloud computing, virtual reality, AR, and mixed reality – has been gradually proving its superiority over traditional methods in terms of optimising infrastructure resources and costs, and improving the customer experience."

"The launch of MyVIB 2.0, with new technology integrated into mobile banking applications for the first time in Vietnam, is a breakthrough in anticipating advanced tech trends and applying them to our banking products and services."

"This contributes to confirming VIB's position as a leading bank in terms of technology and provides users with a unique financial experience," added Ha.

MyVIB 2.0 - the first cloud-native mobile banking application in Vietnam

Earlier in 2021, VIB became one of the first banks in Vietnam to deploy a multi-cloud computing platform to accelerate the innovation process and better facilitate customers.

In addition to putting existing data in the cloud, VIB has pioneered the development of the bank's digital platforms and MyVIB 2.0 is the first cloud-native mobile banking app in the country.

According to VIB, the application is programmed entirely in a cloud computing environment. The benefits include improving system performance, enhancing information security, increasing the independent operation of each service, and limiting the impact of any potential attack on services.

Cloud-native computing architecture is expected to help VIB better meet the demands of customers and improve their experience when using digital banking services.

When performing financial transactions, managing accounts, searching for promotions, and locating ATMs, customers will have a perspective enriched by real scenes overlaid with virtual objects, making their financial transactions more interesting.

A VIB representative said that since its debut, AR technology has proved to be a technological leap into the future. The virtualisation process will support users in all areas, from life to education and healthcare.

The application of AR on the bank's MyVIB will simplify use and relate to users' daily needs.

VIB first to provide AR technology on mobile banking app
Since the launch of the MyVIB 1.0 version in 2015, the bank has continuously applied new technology to develop many utilities on its digital banking platform – Photo courtesy of VIB

Innovation to improve the customer experience

In the new version, VIB has also focused on developing new features to help customers make transactions more conveniently and quickly.

With MyVIB 2.0, equipped with an AI voice banking solution with natural language processing and fast speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion – including voices from the northern, central and southern regions – customers can make transactions easily without touching their screen.

Besides investing in technology, VIB has worked with a leading designer in the US to redesign the entire user interface for MyVIB. Version 2.0 with this new interface will provide customers with a simpler, more realistic, and more personal experience than the previously successful version 1.0.

Since the launch of MyVIB 1.0 in 2015, the bank has continuously applied new technology to develop many utilities on its digital banking platform.

Thanks to the continuous process of innovation and creativity, VIB has seen impressive growth in the number of users and transactions over the past years.

The bank has one of the highest percentages of transactions via digital banking apps in the industry, with a rate of 91 per cent.

The number of customers registering for its services increased by 130 per cent in 2021 and the number of transactions has doubled in the past few years.

MyVIB was recognised as the Best Mobile Banking App in Vietnam by The Asset magazine.

The Vietnam Records Association has granted two records to VIB, including being the first bank in the nation to provide augmented reality on a mobile banking application and the first to offer cloud-native mobile banking.

To mark the occasion, VIB is offering incentives worth up to VNĐ800,000 ($34.80) to new users.

The app is available at

By Mai Dang

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