UB’s Smart Solutions for Industrial 4.0

October 03, 2023 | 09:00
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With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of automation and technology, UB’s smart solutions are poised to make a substantial impact on the Vietnamese industrial landscape.
UB’s Smart Solutions for Industrial 4.0
UB office in Batu Kawan Penang, Malaysia

UBCT, which on September 29 was rebranded to UB Group, was founded in 1995 in an attempt to revolutionise inventory tracing in the semiconductor industry. The company embarked on a transformative journey, starting with a focus on specialised machine servicing within the molding industry.

By 2006, the company transitioned into research and development, specialising in material management systems and development for the semiconductor Industry. Over the years, it evolved and expanded, introducing innovative software solutions for dashboards and command centres and successfully implementing total lights-off manufacturing solutions in collaboration with their Shanghai counterpart.

In 2017, the company shifted its focus to cutting-edge automated warehouse solutions. Subsequently, a new division emerged, dedicated to AI and autonomous robotic solutions, embracing the future of automation.

The rebranding to UB Group this year reflects its commitment to advancing smart manufacturing and logistics technologies.

UB’s Smart Solutions for Industrial 4.0
Rebranding from UBCT to UB for a fresher look, simplified name, and better experience

Embracing the future

As Vietnam sets its sights on Industry 4.0, UB’s smart solutions stands as a catalyst for change. This innovative company specialises in critical ecosystems, prepared to redefine industry standards in Vietnam.

1. Smart logistics solutions: The heartbeat of efficient industry operations lies in impeccable logistics, and UB’s smart solutions are primed to elevate this vital component. The smart logistics solutions are designed to optimise warehousing and logistics operations, ensuring they run seamlessly and efficiently.

These solutions leverage on an array of advanced tech including automated storage and retrieval systems, radio-frequency identification, and barcode scanning to guarantee swift, precise, and secure storage and retrieval of goods.

Moreover, UB’s smart solutions offer in-house logistics solutions featuring autonomous mobile robots that minimise human error, enhance accuracy, and optimise space and time for inbound and outbound materials handling. The result is a well-orchestrated workflow, reduced costs, heightened customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

2. Smart manufacturing solutions: These solutions represent a paradigm shift in production processes. They encompass materials handling automation, a pivotal component in elevating productivity and ensuring safety.

Drawing on cutting-edge technologies like AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and big data analytics, UB’s smart solutions facilitate digitalisation, optimisation, and innovation.

The ultimate goal is to empower businesses to eliminate waste, amplify efficiency, increase profitability, and maintain a competitive edge. Their lights-out solutions also pave the path to fully automated factories, positioning Vietnam as a global industry leader.

3. Tech innovation: What sets the company apart is an unwavering commitment to delivering technology innovation customised to meet the unique business goals and challenges of clients.

By leveraging on the latest technologies and best practices, UB’s smart solutions design, develop, and implement solutions tailored to specific needs and preferences. Dedication does not end at implementation; it provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

A collaborative approach

In an ever-evolving industrial landscape in Vietnam, UB’s smart solutions are not just a provider but a partner for businesses in this country. Their commitment to innovation and excellence positions them as a driving force in Vietnam’s journey towards industry leadership.

As the country embraces Industry 4.0, this forward-thinking company is ideally positioned to support growth, drive efficiency, and foster innovation. Together with UB’s smart solutions, Vietnamese businesses can leverage on technology to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability.

The integration of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions brings forth a multitude of benefits for Vietnamese businesses and industries.

1. Enhancing productivity: Efficiency is the cornerstone of competitiveness in the modern industrial landscape. The smart manufacturing solutions empower manufacturers to optimise their processes, leading to increased productivity. Whether it’s through materials handling automation or Industry 4.0 implementation, businesses can expect streamlined operations and faster production cycles.

2. Elevating quality: Consistency in product quality is vital for market success. UB’s smart solutions ensure that quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain and production processes. This means fewer defects, higher customer satisfaction, and a stronger brand reputation.

3. Data-driven insights: In the era of Industry 4.0, data is king. UB’s smart solutions harness the power of data through technologies like IoT and big data analytics, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time information. Predictive maintenance and demand forecasting become a reality, reducing downtime and optimising resource allocation.

4. Sustainability: Environmental concerns are driving businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable practices. UB offerings are designed with sustainability in mind. By minimising resource consumption and reducing waste, they contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for Vietnamese industries.

5. Competitive advantage: Staying ahead of the competition is paramount. UB provides the tools and technologies that enable businesses to do just that. By embracing Industry 4.0 and automation, companies can adapt more quickly to changing market demands, reduce costs, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

UB’s Smart Solutions for Industrial 4.0
Autonomous forklift handling of warehouse pallet without manual intervention

Technological innovation

UB’s commitment to technological innovation is the driving force behind its success. The company’s solutions are designed to meet customer expectations for high efficiency, space-optimised storage systems, intelligent inventory management, smart factory and warehouse monitoring and control, light out solutions, AI deep learning for advanced process control, and more.

What sets UB’s solutions apart is the ability to deliver technology innovation that aligns precisely with the unique needs and preferences of its customers.

The company employs the latest technologies and best practices to design, develop, and implement solutions that are customised to individual business requirements.

Moreover, it provides continuous support and maintenance to ensure the optimal performance and reliability of its solutions.

UB is more than a provider of cutting-edge solutions; it is a partner in transformation. The company’s commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer-centricity makes it an ideal ally for Vietnamese businesses looking to thrive in the age of Industry 4.0.

With UB’s support, Vietnamese industries can leverage on technology to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, quality, safety, and sustainability. The partnership between UB Group and Vietnamese businesses embodies the spirit of progress and innovation, paving the way for a brighter, more prosperous industrial future in Vietnam.

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