The ascendancy of green drinks

January 12, 2021 | 17:13
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About 10 years ago, alcoholic drinks were popular at every party. However, alcohol or beer at the present had their "unique" role at banquets usurped by "green drinks" with health benefits.
the ascendancy of green drinks
"Green drinks" have emerged as a major trend, meeting the demand for health, wellness, and food safety

In recent years, the lines of "green drinks" (made from natural products with natural yeast, with little or no alcohol, and containing health benefits) have emerged as a trend, meeting the demand of being healthy, beautiful, and food safety for women in particular and everyone in general. Not only is it recommended for daily use to improve health but the "green" beverage lines have also been developed and changed to be more suitable to be drinks for parties.

An interesting point that makes some lines of green drinks popular in year-end parties is that they can become ingredients to create a variety of trendy beverages. Not only are they enjoying the full flavor, these drinks can also be easily mixed into delicious and attractive cocktails and mocktails.

VGreen pioneered in the production of green beverages for the holiday season

As a pioneer company in the field of pure natural beverage production, which can replace alcoholic products and be good for human health, VGreen promises to create a high demand for fermented green - healthy beverages which are suitable for this year's festive season.

Non degree ginger beer and Kombucha fermented tea are two of VGreen's newest beverages. With available ingredients combined with an exclusive formula, only after launching, these product lines have received the love of everyone, especially the women.

the ascendancy of green drinks

Kombucha – fermented tea from Scoby mushrooms – a fungus that has a lot of beneficial bacteria to increase resistance and improve health associated with some tropical fruits. This is a beverage that has both immediate quenching effects and long-term effects for human health, skin beautification, and anti-aging, while it stimulates digestion and increases resistance.

the ascendancy of green drinks

Meanwhile, the non-degree Ginger Beer product line captured the hearts of women. With extract of Shogaol ginger – an oriental medicinal herb.

Tran Thanh Viet, founder of VGreen Group, said, “We are always trying to create a range of naturally fermented soft drinks and beverages to replace carbonated soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Vcider, Kombucha tea, or Zero degree ginger beer will be the first products in the healthy beverage ecosystem that VGreen is trying to develop.”

Without using imported raw materials or fruits, VGreen attaches great importance to selecting varieties and defining material farming areas in Vietnam, according to BioTech standards. Some areas of clean raw materials are supplied for the company from places like Thai Nguyen with the main material being tea, as well as tropical fruits such as grapes, dragon fruit, and pineapple from Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan.

Although it has yet to completely replace traditional beer and wine, healthy drinks for parties are the trend of the future, and have been widely accepted.

By Thai An

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