TCPVN in 2020 Generating positivity and more energy through social responsibility initiatives

December 10, 2020 | 09:00
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In the current economic context, when most industries are still recovering, many businesses have expanded the role of corporate social responsibility in their long-term growth strategies and have been showing a strong performance in doing better for the community. TCPVN - the first international office in Vietnam of TCP Group, the owner of two energy drink brands Red Bull and Warrior from Thailand - has been resolutely pushing for a more responsible society in Vietnam in 2020.
tcpvn in 2020 generating positivity and more energy through social responsibility initiatives
TCPVN in 2020 Generating positivity and more energy through social responsibility initiatives

A wise man once said: “A business cannot succeed in societies that fail” – demanding a good understanding of the importance of corporate social responsibility and a colossal amount of real action to change and take business to the next level.

Throughout 60 years of operation, TCP Group’s priority has been to ensure the development of the economy, society, and the environment to ensure long-term growth. The group has been constantly upgrading their best-practices on sustainability, embedding it into all protocols and business processes within the TCP Sustainability Framework which comprises of three key pillars: integrity – quality – harmony. The framework encompasses every aspect of TCP’s operations by ensuring Supply Chain Sustainability, Responsible Business, Nutrition and Food Safety, Quality of Life in the Workplace, and Environment-Friendly and Socio-Economic Development.

In the Vietnamese market, TCPVN has been showing its commitment to accompany the local communities in every challenge thrown against them by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This approach is part of the sustainable development framework that TCPVN has inherited from TCP.

tcpvn in 2020 generating positivity and more energy through social responsibility initiatives

Just like other countries hit by COVID-19, the Vietnamese economy has suffered significantly over the course of the outbreak. In order to ease the burden during the first wave, through the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF), TCPVN has donated VND500 million ($21,740) to support Bach Mai Hospital. Previously, on April 3, through the Central Committee of the VFF in Ho Chi Minh City, TCPVN contributed VND100 million ($4,350) in funds and 21,420 products in response to the government’s call for action. In addition, TCPVN supported 6,500 cartons of Warrior energy drink to the VFF of Kien Giang, the Vietnam Women’s Union, and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union during the first wave. The joint efforts of the government and corporations with endless support from the people has helped Vietnam rise into the “spotlight” of the COVID-19 world map.

Apart from the funds and goods donated by TCPVN, Red Bull (one of the brands invented and owned by TCP) initiated the Positive Power campaign to awaken the positive energy within young Vietnamese with COVID-19 still at large. As part of this campaign, Red Bull’s fist-bump relay set an Asian record for the largest participation with more than 2,000 people arranged in the shape of Vietnam on Positive Day on July 11. This record has been a testament to the explosion of positive energy sparked across the community.

Like other multinational corporations, TCPVN has quickly stepped up to the plate by making important changes to help battle the emergency and ensuing pressing social issues. Impactful programmes to support sustainability is one of the approaches that TCPVN has been keen to explore. Sustaining the impact of the Positive Power campaign, the company has partnered with the Central Vietnam Youth Federation (CVYF) to spread positive energy among the Vietnamese youth. The programme has three initiatives – Noble Youth, Light of the Vietnamese Perseverance, and Forum for Young Entrepreneurs. All three initiatives aim to celebrate the young, the disabled, and the startups who have overcome hardships to rise up in life.

After the months of the second COVID-19 wave, Vietnam has begun gradually opening up its economy. The country has stepped into the period of the “new normal” and is re-launching social, cultural, and economic activities, which is a positive signal but also requires strict pandemic prevention and control measures across the society. One effective method to help control the spread is the use of rapid testing kits to detect infections.

Understanding this, TCPVN has donated VND2 billion ($86,960) to the Center for Research and Production of Vaccines and Biologicals (POLYVAC) under the Ministry of Health. This donation is aimed to support and accelerate the research and production process of POLYVAC’s rapid test kit. At the same time, 800 cartons of Red Bull were sent to support people working in the quarantine zones. Prior to this, TCPVN and the Warrior brand also supported Danang with a donation of VND100 million including 213 cartons of Warriors when the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Nguyen Thanh Huan, country director of TCPVN, said: “While TCPVN has always been prioritising giving back to the community, the COVID-19 outbreak has pushed us to greater action. Through the sustainability framework that we inherited from TCP, we are trying our best to accompany Vietnam in dealing with all of its challenges during and after the pandemic.”

“Moreover, we will continue to develop corporate social responsibility initiatives to reflect our commitment as a sustainable business in all aspects, even after the pandemic,” he added.

Speaking of the much-awaited recovery from the pandemic, Huan added, “Vietnam and the world’s fight against COVID-19 will not stop in the next 1-2 months. As a country, we need to prepare for a long battle, in which the research and production of rapid test kits is a top priority. We truly hope that TCPVN’s contributions to the research and production of the antigens and antibodies rapid test kit will ease part of the financial burdens on the government. Through this, TCPVN also wants to spread positive energy to the whole community, encouraging people to live and fight COVID-19 with a positive spirit.”

TCPVN is a member of TCP – a leading multinational company specialising in the production and distribution of energy drinks from Thailand. It is the first international office of the group in Vietnam. TCPVN has inherited the sustainable values of TCP in Thailand revolving around transparency in business, high-quality products, safe working environment, and harmony with the community.

In 2018, TCP officially opened its first international office in Vietnam called TCPVN Co., Ltd. with an investment of $120 million disbursed over three years (2018-2020). Now the group plans to invest heavily in market research, sales, product development, and distribution capabilities.

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