wealth management in vietnam evolution and innovation

Wealth management in Vietnam: evolution and innovation

Vietnam’s wealth management sector has undergone significant growth, driven by rapid economic development, an expanding affluent population, and increasing sophistication in financial planning services. Dinh Thi Thu Nga, head of Internal Audit, Techcom Securities, spoke with VIR’s Bich Thuy about the sector’s revolution, and future innovation trends.
technology stocks set to thrive until year end

Technology stocks set to thrive until year-end

Despite recent volatile fluctuations in the stock market, the Vietnamese technology stocks persist in reaching new highs, with noteworthy stocks spanning across large, medium, and small-sized technology companies.
new products could benefit in wealth asset environment

New products could benefit in wealth asset environment

Vietnam has earned a reputation for strong growth and tenacity in the face of numerous geopolitical and economic crises over the years, including a significant increase in managed wealth assets. Lina Nguyen, country business development manager of Exness Investment Bank, spoke with VIR’s Thy Nguyet about the potential of the wealth asset management market in Vietnam.
banks in singapore tighten management after 3 billion usd money laundering case

Banks in Singapore tighten management after 3-billion-USD money laundering case

Banks in Singapore, including Citigroup and DBS Group Holdings, are ramping up scrutiny of their wealthy customers and potential clients to avoid exposure to illicit flows.
next generation of vietnamese sees ai as powerful business tool

Next generation of Vietnamese sees AI as powerful business tool

The next generation of Vietnamese business leaders (NextGen) see AI not merely as a technological innovation, but as a catalyst for redefining business operations, strategies and customer experience, according to a recent report.
vwas 2024 panel discussion identifies global economic uncertainties

VWAS 2024 panel discussion identifies global economic uncertainties

Experts identified uncertainties facing the global economy and their impacts on the Vietnamese economy during the first panel discussion at the Vietnam Wealth Advisor Summit (VWAS) 2024 on June 6.
vwas 2024 adapting to uncertainties

VWAS 2024: Adapting to Uncertainties

VWAS (Vietnam Wealth Advisor Summit) 2024 "Adapting to Uncertainties" took place on the afternoon of June 6 in the Pullman Hanoi with the participation of 300 representatives, and thousands of online attendees, including state management agencies, experts, credit institutions and securities companies, investment funds, listed enterprises, real estate developers among others.
profound shift being felt in nations wealth management

Profound shift being felt in nation’s wealth management

Global asset management is experiencing a significant shift from traditional to emerging markets, with Vietnam poised to become a new goldmine for the industry.
vietnamese economy fared well in q1 despite external risks

Vietnamese economy fared well in Q1 despite external risks

The global economy is facing several headwinds, including the slowdown in China and the Eurozone as well as the US Fed's possible delay of interest rate cuts. In this context, ASEAN may be a global safe haven for economic growth. Abel Lim, head of Wealth Management Advisory and Strategy at UOB, discussed with VIR's Thanh Van the outlook of the global economic condition and its impact on Vietnam.
taylor swift officially declared a billionaire by forbes

Taylor Swift officially declared a billionaire by Forbes

Taylor Swift was officially named a member of the three-comma-club Tuesday, as Forbes confirmed rumors estimating her wealth exceeds a billion dollars.
banks and mutual fund market partners in growth

Banks and mutual fund market: partners in growth

In recent years, a strong transformation has been witnessed with commercial banks in developing wealth management and investment advisory services. Le Hoai An, a banking consultant and trainer at Integrated Financial Solutions, talked to VIR’s Nhue Man about the mutual fund market in Vietnam.
lessons in wealth management and suitable directions for vietnam

Lessons in wealth management and suitable directions for Vietnam

Vietnam boasts great potential in financial service development. Finance lecturers Dr. Devmali Perera and Dr. Le Hong Hanh from RMIT University Vietnam touch on what the country can learn from the successful lessons of dynamic hubs in the region such as Singapore and Hong Kong.
vietnams posts 24 per cent rise in ultra wealthy individuals

Vietnam's posts 2.4 per cent rise in ultra-wealthy individuals

The number of ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) – those with assets of more than $30m – rose by 2.4 per cent in Vietnam last year, according to the Wealth Report 2024 compiled by property consultants Knight Frank.
wealth in vietnam is forecast to soar over the next decade

Wealth in Vietnam is forecast to soar over the next decade

Vietnam is forecast to see a 125 per cent increase in wealth over the next 10 years, according to a report released by global wealth intelligence firm New World Wealth and investment migration advisors Henley & Partners on January 30.
gold price decreases on god of wealth day

Gold price decreases on God of Wealth Day

Domestic gold price decreased by 150,000 VND (6.1 USD) per tael (37.5 grams) at the beginning of trading on February 19 - God of Wealth Day (the tenth day of the first lunar month) compared to the price at the end of February 18, with many fluctuations expected on the market during the day.