higher growth possible with effort

Higher growth possible with effort

Amid big difficulties, the Vietnamese economy is expected to continue bouncing back with a boost in domestic consumption and production, which are among priorities set by the government to hit its new growth goals.
innovative mindset leads diplomatic goals

Innovative mindset leads diplomatic goals

Vietnam reaped significant achievements with the large contributions of diplomatic activities in 2023. Minister of Foreign Affairs Bui Thanh Son spoke with VIR’s Nguyen Dat about how the diplomatic sector has and will perform to help the economy stride ahead confidently.
diverse fdi augurs well for 2024

Diverse FDI augurs well for 2024

With plans to establish itself as an attractive high-tech manufacturing market, Vietnam is boosting its business-oriented diplomatic activities to attract investment and expand trade
euro parliament steps up vietnams ipa ratification

Euro parliament steps up Vietnam’s IPA ratification

The European Union will urge many member states to boost the ratification of the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement in order to further facilitate investment flows.
answers promised to increase revenues and cut costs

Answers promised to increase revenues and cut costs

Lingering difficulties are expected to continue affecting the state budget, with a dent in revenues and a need for more fiscal assistance for the public and businesses.
benefits ahead in asean china deal

Benefits ahead in ASEAN-China deal

A new version of the ASEAN-China free trade deal, bolstered by positive impacts from other major deals, could help improve Vietnam-China trade and investment ties.
the state of play for vietnams economy into 2024

The state of play for Vietnam’s economy into 2024

The Vietnamese economy is set in 2024 to grow at a higher rate than in 2023. Andrea Coppola, lead economist for the World Bank in Vietnam, spoke with VIR’s Nguyen Dat about the country’s economic performance last year and prospects for the future.
canada eager to hike interest across vietnam

Canada eager to hike interest across Vietnam

Vietnam has been extensively expanding its trade and investment ties with Canada while taking the advantage of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership as a big leverage.
japan and vietnam assert to advance project conditions

Japan and Vietnam assert to advance project conditions

Japan will continue providing more of its official development assistance to Vietnam in a series of sectors, especially in infrastructure projects.
mutual wins a priority in chinese ties

Mutual wins a priority in Chinese ties

The state visit to Vietnam by a top Chinese leader has ushered in numerous opportunities for both countries to further rivet their political, trade, and investment ties, among other areas.
japan visit reinforces strategic ties

Japan visit reinforces strategic ties

A new cooperation framework is set to deepen the relationship between Vietnam and Japan, with the latter facilitating its trade, investment, and official development flows into the former.
slashing of red tape remains focal point for admin reform

Slashing of red tape remains focal point for admin reform

As Vietnam boosts the attraction of investment and spurs development of a stronger domestic business community, the government is committed to quickening the pace of administrative reform.
global movements set scene for 2024s export orientation

Global movements set scene for 2024’s export orientation

Vietnam’s export landscape is clamouring for momentum with global demand recovering and new targets already set for next year.
enterprises continue to fight financial difficulties

Enterprises continue to fight financial difficulties

Economic complexities have caused a reduction in Vietnam’s state budget revenues so far this year, with an expansion in expenditure largely induced by a rise in public investment disbursement.
dutch expertise expands in vietnam

Dutch expertise expands in Vietnam

Vietnam and the Netherlands are set to promote their ties across many sectors, with highlights expected in semiconductor manufacturing, infrastructure, and water cooperation.