japanese investors making intentions known in vietnam

Japanese investors making intentions known in Vietnam

With Vietnam strongly accelerating infrastructure works and improving human resources quality, Japan is expected to continue assisting its strategic partner in these areas.
national debt targets within reach despite precarious year

National debt targets within reach despite precarious year

Vietnam will continue to closely control its public debt until the end of the year amid an increase in spending on fighting the health crisis and supporting local enterprises to move smoothly over to the new year.
trade advances highlighted via apec interconnectivity

Trade advances highlighted via APEC interconnectivity

Amid a prolonged and uncertain health crisis worldwide, Vietnam has proposed a number of feasible solutions to drive the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) bloc forward, with the development of a more facilitating trade and investment climate having been committed by member states.
europe visit fortifies cooperative deals

Europe visit fortifies cooperative deals

With the aim to attract more high-quality investment, Vietnam has rolled out the red carpet for further funding from EU-based and British investors who have announced many ambitious projects in the Southeast Asian market.
close control of debt augurs well for budget

Close control of debt augurs well for budget

An expansion in expenditure for supporting enterprises should help shore up Vietnam’s financial security, and not leave public debt in the lurch this year.
vietnam states its case ahead of crucial climate convention

Vietnam states its case ahead of crucial climate convention

As the world has tried to get to grips with the climate crisis over the decades, Vietnam has been making its own efforts to contribute to the world’s fight against climate change, with strong commitments made to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
rcep to beat drum for further trade

RCEP to beat drum for further trade

With the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership expected to enter into force early next year, more prospects could open up for Vietnam to woo additional investment and expand its trade with international partners.
vaccinations underpinning super charged recovery aim

Vaccinations underpinning super-charged recovery aim

With Vietnam boosting the inoculation of vaccines for people and support for enterprises in a bid to revitalise business and production activities for economic growth, upcoming updated economic recovery scenarios will make it more favourable for macro monitoring.
south koreans strive to keep hold of production presence

South Koreans strive to keep hold of production presence

Despite Vietnam’s prolonged trade deficit with South Korea and continuing complexities with the pandemic, the latter is boosting its investment and exports to the former for production and re-export to take advantage of tax cuts under a trade pact.
importance of region for us to be promoted in harris visit

Importance of region for US to be promoted in Harris visit

Reconnecting supply chains and fostering political and trade ties are expected to be high on the agenda between Vietnam and the United States as the pair look to improve on already-strong relations.
full steam ahead for the us bolstering of asean links

Full steam ahead for the US’ bolstering of ASEAN links

The United States is revitalising its multilateral partnerships to advance shared prosperity, security, and values in the Indo-Pacific, with ASEAN now playing a greater role in the nation’s economic cooperation policy, in which Vietnam is staying on the US financiers’ rada, with a brighter outlook ahead.
vietnam and laos build on friendship

Vietnam and Laos build on friendship

Vietnam and Laos will strongly beef up their bilateral cooperation in many sectors, with a series of fresh deals inked laying the firm groundwork to this end.
social distancing orders take toll on economic prospects

Social distancing orders take toll on economic prospects

The health crisis is becoming increasingly complex and expected to continue drawing a grey economic picture in the region. Alhough Vietnam is still believed to be a leader in regional economic growth, it is now encountering lingering risks, with businesses facing massive difficulties.
harris visit illustrating us embrace of se asia

Harris visit illustrating US embrace of SE Asia

Vietnam and the United States are expected to see their bilateral ties, especially in investment and trade, to escalate from this year thanks to the latter’s high-level visits to the former, with both nations expected to raise their relationship to a higher level.
shake up required to fund infrastructure

Shake-up required to fund infrastructure

Vietnam’s newly-adopted public funding will not be sufficient for infrastructure investment because of colossal future demand for this type of development, which would need more private financiers via attractive enticements.