Prudential reinforces brand commitment to help customers “progress in life”

June 14, 2019 | 08:00
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CEO of Prudential Vietnam Clive Baker shared about his company’s recent new brand commitment: “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.” and how its new brand campaign ‘We DO’ inspires customers to achieve their life goals.
prudential reinforces brand commitment to help customers progress in life
Clive Baker – CEO of Prudential Vietnam at the launching event of the new brand commitment

Why did Prudential decide to unveil its new brand commitment in Vietnam?

Having operated as a leading life insurer across 12 markets in Asia for over 95 years, Prudential has made its name synonymous with trust and professionalism across the region. Our services have always been delivered with a caring human touch in markets where we operate.

To reinforce Prudential’s brand focus on human connections, simplicity, and innovation for customers, this year we have launched a new brand strategy across Asia, including Vietnam.

Over the last two decades, Vietnamese people have become familiar with our credo, “Always Listening. Always Understanding”. In today’s world, however, there is an extra dimension that needs to be reflected in our promise – our commitment to deliver outstanding services leveraging technology and innovation. That is how we support the long-term goals of our customers.

The launch of our new brand commitment marks a meaningful milestone for Prudential – 20 years of operating in Vietnam. We are immensely proud to have been ‘listening’ to and ‘understanding’ our customers and ‘delivering’ best-in-class, comprehensive solutions to them for two decades.

Our new brand now expresses an even stronger, ongoing commitment to supporting our customers' ‘progress in life’. Our new brand image further highlights Prudential’s proactive and forward-thinking mentality, as well as agility in meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Anchored to our new brand commitment, we have also unveiled a bold and dynamic campaign named ‘We DO’. We wish to inspire our customers with this ‘DO Spirit’, encouraging them to be proactive in protecting themselves and their loved ones, as well as to pursue their passions and achieve their life goals.

Can you tell us more about the ‘We DO’ campaign?

This is a multi-touchpoint campaign that supports the launch of Prudential's new brand and highlights our commitment to our customers.

The campaign celebrates the drive and optimism of people as they look to pursuing their passions and progress in life. While maintaining our ‘human touch’, our ‘We DO’ campaign underlines our unwavering dedication to fulfilling our customers’ dreams and our steadfast commitment in setting the benchmark for excellence in care and services in this highly digital, interconnected world.

We believe every person has his/her own life goals and aspirations. By encouraging the ‘We DO’ spirit in each and every person, we hope to motivate and inspire them to have confidence in achieving their life goals. Optimism lights the spark of new ideas, innovation inspires better lives, and thinking ahead helps lead to a brighter future. But we must also have confidence and be proactive to make plans in life – that’s the core message of our ‘We DO’ campaign.

For instance, understanding that good health is the ultimate wealth, we want to inspire people to stay physically fit and have a balanced diet. There is also a strong connection between physical and mental health. As the saying goes, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. ‘We DO Health’ focuses on inspiring people to lead healthier lives so they can achieve their life goals.

This is just one of the many ways that demonstrates how we inspire our customers to progress in life.

prudential reinforces brand commitment to help customers progress in life
Clive Baker shares about Prudential's 'We DO' campaign

What is the next step for the campaign?

I am delighted and grateful that our new brand commitment and our ‘We DO’ campaign have been well received. We will continue to demonstrate this ‘DO Spirit’ through sharing inspiring stories that highlight how Prudential channel positive energy and a forward-thinking attitude towards improving the lives of Vietnamese, in particular helping those who take strides to pursue and fulfill their dreams.

As I have already mentioned, I believe everyone has his/her own dreams. They just need the motivation to achieve the goals they have in mind. We are passionate about supporting them in their journey and are committed to offering them best-in-class solutions that help them reach their milestones across different life stages.

The stories we share are not only for inspiration but also for the assertion that people can achieve their dreams. As an example, one story features a photographer who travelled through Vietnam to capture photos of plastic-waste so that he could raise awareness of this alarming environmental issue. The story outlines how he was inspired to start this meaningful journey and demonstrates the ‘DO Good’ spirit among us.

Another example is a story about a yoga trainer who overcame severe physical disabilities after a dreadful accident, thanks to the encouragement of his sister, to continue practicing yoga and helping others lead healthier lifestyles. Through these inspiring stories, we wish to advocate the ‘DO Spirit’ among people and motivate them to make an impact on their community.

prudential reinforces brand commitment to help customers progress in life
Prudential is one of the pioneers in the application of cutting-edge technology that delivers seamless and personalised customer experiences

Why did Prudential decide to add the word “Delivering” to the company credo after 20 years? How will you be ‘delivering’ the DO Spirit and your services?

In our 20-year journey in Vietnam, we have always been a pioneer for innovation and in the way we continually inspire people to build a sustainable future for their successive Vietnamese generations.

Our new brand commitment adds an extra statement of intent. In short, we continue to deliver on our promise to innovate and inspire. Our focus is always on our customers. First, we listen, then we understand, and next we deliver our customised, comprehensive financial solutions. I should add that this delivery is also performed with professional services that elevate the customer experience.

Over the years, Prudential has created and delivered relevant life insurance product offerings to protect the financial future of millions of Vietnamese families. For example, our PRU-FLEXINVEST product offers a flexible solution for customers so they can make timely adjustments to their financial plan, especially when encountering changes in life, which in turn allows them to seize opportunities as they grow their wealth. After its launch in the market in May 2018, this product quickly evolved to become one of the leading life insurance products in the market.

We are also the pioneer in the application of cutting-edge technology that enables us to deliver seamless and personalised customer experiences. A suite of solutions have been launched at each touchpoint during a customer’s journey, starting from the ‘awareness stage’ (Blog Life Companion) and ‘approach stage’ (Matchbook) to purchasing (ePrudential), servicing (PRUOnline app, PRUBot), claims (PRUeClaim via Zalo, PRUbot, PRUOnline application), and loyalty (PRURewards). These initiatives all play an important role in how we continue to ‘deliver’ excellent customer experiences.

To continuously deliver on our commitment to help develop Vietnam’s economy and improve the social well-being of its people, we have invested in 30-year government bonds amounting to VND62.667 trillion ($2.72 billion) as of the end of 2018. Our total investment into the economy reached VND81.508 trillion ($3.543 billion). In addition, we are committed to building safer, more secure, and resilient communities in Vietnam – we contributed VND175 billion ($7.609 million) to social community projects during 2012-2018. For example, one of the most recent initiatives we have supported aims to build a plastic-free community as we commit to do good for the environment and for the better future of Vietnam.

Since we first established operations in Vietnam, our ‘DO Spirit’ has always been in place and apparent in all our efforts to innovate and create products, as well as deliver services that positively contribute to the Vietnamese economy and society.

prudential reinforces brand commitment to help customers progress in life
During the 20-year journey, Prudential was always on Vietnam's side in building a sustainable community through CSR activities

What are your expectations for this campaign?

We expect the ‘DO Spirit’ in this campaign to be of the utmost inspiration nationwide. The campaign aims to encourage people to take decisive actions to lead better lives, including making plans that will benefit their health, protect the environment, grow their wealth, and accomplish their life goals. This campaign is a clarion call for the ‘DOers’ inside all of us to be proactive and take strides to help ourselves and our loved ones progress in life.

The campaign also highlights the ‘delivering factor’ for all our stakeholders, and underscores that no matter what concerns our customers may have, we are a part of their world and are here for them however they want to reach us. Through ‘Listening. Understanding. Delivering.” we are well positioned to provide them with our best-in-class, comprehensive solutions to help them achieve their life goals.

Furthermore, our campaign does not stop at inspiring individuals with the ‘DO Spirit’, we aim to amplify this message of encouragement across the country, so that more people will channel their positive energy and take on a progressive mindset to achieve their life goals.

With our new commitment, we will continue to be innovative and agile in how we deliver products and services that help protect the financial future of our customers, while always maintaining a human touch in every interaction. By doing so, we will continue to be a trusted partner to our customers as they pursue their passions and navigate life’s milestones.

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