Protecting your household from electrical fires

August 27, 2018 | 14:00
Fire incidents in recent months caused by electrical faults have brought about serious concern for people. To protect themselves and their families, residents should take the initiative to find safe solutions and choose the right electrical equipment.
protecting your household from electrical fires
The Schneider Electric Easy9 RCBO circuit breaker provides improved fire protection

Finding out the cause

According to data from the Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department, 1,453 fires and explosions occurred in the country in the first four months of this year. Every day in May, there were 10 fires or explosions on average, costing approximately VND10 billion ($442,480) each day. About 50-70 per cent of fires are caused by electrical incidents. In a survey conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, 56 per cent of electricity appliances were shown not to meet fire safety standards. Recent cases, including the Carina Plaza disaster and fires in a house near Hoa Hung Market in Ho Chi Minh City or in a block on Tran Phu street in Hanoi, have triggered alarm bells about fire and explosion prevention in residences.

Electrical fires usually originate from incorrectly connected electrical wiring, uncontrolled cutting of the wiring harness, and careless additions of equipment into electrical systems. Old power lines and equipment that remains unchecked for a long time also lead to overloads and short circuits, eventually causing fires.

Moreover, bypassing safety rules and regulations on using electrical equipment as well as not updating the electrical technology also increases the likelihood of electrical incidents.

Proactively preventing electrical fires by adapting safety habits

There are some simple ways everyone can apply in their homes to prevent electrical fires, especially involving the use of electrical equipment in accordance with the system’s capacity and checking the electrical system regularly to prevent short circuits from happening. In particular, selecting appropriate and qualified electrical equipment from reputable brands with high technical standards and advanced technology will help minimise the number of unexpected fire hazards.

If a household is vacant for a time, resident are encouraged to use automated products which can actively disconnect the power when an incident occurs.

In terms of electrical systems, circuit breakers, located in the electrical cabinet, play a very important role as a switchgear device. When wall-mounted wires are exposed and cause electrical leakage, short circuits or overloaded plugs, the circuit breaker will immediately disconnect the power supply to prevent the risk of a fire or explosion.

Peace of mind

In Vietnam’s market, the Schneider Electric Easy9 RCBO circuit breaker is now the top choice for households, thanks to its modern technology and superior quality. Schneider Electric has simultaneously integrated two functions into one product named RCBO, giving it the ability to protect from overloads and short circuits as well as electrical leakage.

The Schneider Electric Easy9 RCBO circuit breaker will cut off the flow of electricity automatically and isolate devices from the troubled source if any circuit overloads occur or someone touches electrical elements exceeding the international standard sensitivity of 30mA (fatal threshold). Therefore, RCBO circuit breakers provide comprehensive protection for any house.

The Schneider Electric Easy9 RCBO circuit breaker not only prevents electrical fires, but also meets diverse customers’ requirements with its delicate and elegant design and easy installation.

This device will keep you and your home safe from electrical risks stemming from both users’ habits and external factors. Equipping modern appliances with high standards is the easiest way that every household can take action right away to avoid fires and explosions.

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