Promising developments at Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital

August 31, 2021 | 08:00
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The COVID-19 treatment model employed at Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital has yielded timely and efficient results, as well as demonstrated the determination of private hospitals to control the pandemic.

N.T. (39) and Tr.H.Tr. (43) became two of the first patients to be discharged from Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital following strenuous treatments. H.Tr. had been admitted before the hospital was converted into a specialised centre for COVID-19 treatment. The doctors nonetheless were happy to receive him and provide the medical attention he needed.

On the day of his discharge, H.Tr. was moved to tears when he expressed his gratitude to the medical staff. “I am truly fortunate that I overcame the illness thanks to the dedication and care of the doctors and nurses here. I just want to say thank you and hope the pandemic will end as soon as possible so we can all go home," he said.

The medical support of private hospitals like Hoan My Thu Duc has given people like N.T and Tr.H.Tr. a chance to overcome their uncompromising disease. On August 24, the hospital mobilised a team of six experienced doctors specialised in obstetrics, paediatrics, anesthesiology, and resuscitation to help an F0 woman deliver twins via C-section. The surgery itself was a complicated procedure that required meticulous preparation to limit medical risks such as cross-infection. The mother and her two newborn boys thankfully tested negative for COVID-19 and were discharged on August 28, much to the joy of doctors and their families.

Promising developments at Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital

Up until now, Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital has helped more than 120 patients recover from COVID-19. Immediately following the fourth outbreak of the disease with infections numbering hundreds of thousands, Hoan My Thu Duc International Hospital had requested permission from local authorities to convert itself into a COVID-19 treatment centre from August 2 and to share the burden with the public health system in the fight against the pandemic.

Currently, the hospital has more than 150 servicable medical beds, a capacity that is expected to reach 200 units for COVID-19 patients on the second floor, in accordance with the 3-floor plan of the COVID-19 treatment model mandated by the Ministry of Health. Due to the continuous increase in infections, the hospital races against time to provide swift and timely care for invalids.

Nhuan, a nurse, despite feeling immense pressure and discomfort under a face shield, remains poised to provide patients with their medication. In addition to the standard protective gear assigned to medical staff, technicians such as Hoang must wear a lead shirt weighing about 20-30kg to prevent X-radiations and to prepare patients for X-ray exams. Meanwhile, doctors Chung and Phu are on duty almost 24/7 for emergency cases that require urgent medical attention.

Promising developments at Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital

Despite the hardships, the medical staff at Hoan My Thu Duc Hospital remain resolute and hold onto the belief that the COVID-19 pandemic will be controlled, and that the people of Ho Chi Minh City will be able to return to their normal lives. The staff share with patients their happiness and courage, donning their protective gear with their names and endearing drawings on their backs. Their determination and conscience are clear in the fight against this disease: no patients will be left behind in this struggle.

“In the spirit of ‘One Hoan My, One Million Faith’, we have called upon volunteers from more than 3,000 doctors and nurses at 15 hospitals and six clinics to ensure that this disease will be treated with the highest level of medical care,” said a leader of Hoan My Medical Group.

Operating since the end of 2020, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that specialise in patient classification, isolation, infection control, and minimise cross-contamination to ensure medical safety for patients. Currently, Hoan My Thu Duc Hospital has been recognised by the Ministry of Health as having sufficient capacity for COVID-19 treatment and was given permission to perform tests for SARS-CoV-2 via Real-Time RT-PCR.

To ensure the best care for the community, meet growing medical needs, and save the lives of people with non-communicable diseases, Hoan My Medical Group has also launched a nationwide plan to classify and assign medical care models to all its medical facilities.

Throughout the pandemic, in addition to the burden of care among the medical staff and constant treatment for nearly 2 million patients regardless of their circumstances, Hoan My Medical Group also shoulders enormous financial pressure. However, leaders said, “We do not see this as a reason for Hoan My to avoid the ongoing difficulties in our country's health sector. When the decision to establish Hoan My Thu Duc COVID-19 Hospital was made, we were prepared to accept any future losses and risks.”

The timely and efficient response of Hoan My Medical Group has shown how instrumental the public-private partnership model can be to control outbreaks. Accordingly, there is a need for policies that allow for more effective coordination and support for private hospitals to work for the benefit of the community in the years to come.

By Trúc Anh

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