Over 400 Agribank accounts hacked

April 27, 2018 | 08:00
Agribank has announced that it will provide the final feedback for the accounts that lost money at Agribank ATMs and committed to fully reimburse customers who suffered damages out of its fault.
over 400 agribank accounts hacked
Agribank's customers kept receiving notifications of withdrawals

At midnight on April 25, around 400 people who used Agribank’s ATMs had their accounts hacked and lost VND10-24 million ($440-1,060) each. They contacted the bank to lock their accounts, which Agribank duly confirmed. However, the withdrawals did not stop.

In order to protect their remaining savings, the customers visited the nearest ATM to withdraw what was left in their accounts.

“I was very surprised because I kept receiving notifications of withdrawals even after the bank confirmed locking my account. In the early morning on April 26, I could still withdraw, which means my account was not locked,” noted the customer.

According to these customers, the withdrawals stopped at 3.15 AM on April 26. Thereby, the accounts were only locked five hours after the bank’s confirmation.

After the incident, Agribank has worked with the damaged customers to look for a solution. In case the stolen amount was withdrawn by fake cards from the ATMs under Agribank’s management, the bank will respond today on April 27. If the funds were withdrawn by fake cards at the ATMs of other banks, Agribank will collect documents and respond to the cardholders later.

“Agribank commits to fully reimburse customers if the losses did not occur from their fault,” stated the bank in the press release.

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