New Ford EcoSport’s innovations raise the bar

February 18, 2018 | 15:03
Marking the success of its 20-year development journey in the Vietnamese market, Ford Vietnam, part of US automotive giant Ford Motor, has launched its new flagship Ford EcoSport model at its manufacturing facility in the northern province of Hai Duong.
new ford ecosports innovations raise the bar

Empowered with preeminent features, the new Ford EcoSport proves to be the right choice for dynamic urban life in Vietnam.

The Hai Duong manufacturing facility is one of six major Ford factories worldwide engaged in producing this vehicle line. At present, Ford EcoSport models have been sold in 149 markets around the globe.

Ford EcoSports were first manufactured in the Hai Duong factory in 2014, marking the debut of a small SUV line-up catered to vibrant urban areas. In the three years since its launch, the model has consistently taken the lead in its sector.

To keep up with new EcoSport production requirements, the Ford Vietnam manufacturing facility has spared no expense to harness associated production lines. Such amendments include utilising robots at the car bodywork factory to stamp and perforate the square hole at the front of the car; improving the stability and aesthetics of the car bodywork; investing in 20 one-way spot welding machine with average frequency to improve the quality of the welded spots; and hundreds of screwing devices to secure the standard tension force. The equipment value has risen to several million US dollars.

Ford Vietnam’s most important investment pertains to human resources. Since its inception, the parent company Ford Group has focused on human resources development and technology transfer. Currently, all key management positions at Ford Vietnam are held by Vietnamese locals, whereas engineers and technical staff at its Hai Duong factory have undergone spectacular development and can now handle most of the entire production process and product presentation in Vietnam.

new ford ecosports innovations raise the bar

New EcoSport with exclusive innovations

According to Daniel Abondanza, line development engineer from Ford Vietnam’s EcoSport research and development (R&D) team, during the product development process, all feedback from Vietnamese customers was carefully considered by the global R&D teams in an attempt to consistently launch only improved versions.

“The latest model of Ford EcoSport is an iconic SUV line-up that is compact and flexible, yet also smart – perfectly matching urban life,” said Abondanza.

For its exterior, the new Ford EcoSport boasts a modern, sporty design with a bodywork made of high-pressure and superhard boron steel.

The new EcoSport also carries a sizable inverted trapezoid front grille, accentuated by the chrome-plated design in titanium on the luxurious, more powerful Trend model.

A spare tyre mounted on the rear also delivers a highlight to the exterior package of the terrain-conquering American SUV, making it a perfect fit for those desiring a more adventurous driving experience.

The EcoSport’s interior was upgraded comprehensively, with up to 90 per cent of the inner body amended in functions and comfort level to best serve its customers. The new version features as many as 25 built-in luggage storage compartments.

New engine and gearbox for power and efficiency

The new Ford EcoSports offer two engine options – the award-winning EcoBoost 1.0L which dominated the International Engine of the Year Awards for five consecutive years, as well as the equally distinguished Dragon 1.5L.

Empowered with a new six-speed automatic transmission gearbox, this latest EcoSport model offers both quiet and powerful acceleration.

In addition, the twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) technology installed in the Dragon engine allows more room for fuel efficiency, and significantly improves engine performance.

These features have helped the new Ford EcoSport curtail 15 per cent of its emissions and 20 per cent of fuel, while ensuring its drivers an even more secure road experience.

Smart and safe

With the new Ford EcoSport, urban driving becomes more relaxing and convenient thanks to the state-of-the art SYNC 3 software system, featuring a cutting-edge capacitive touch screen. The SYNC 3 technology can integrate with smartphones running on the Apple CarPlay supportive management system.

One of the highlights of the EcoSport is that Ford’s MyKey technology allows the driver to personalise some of the car’s features, such as setting notification warnings for maximum speed, fuel, seat belts, or maximum sound.

Through customised separate keys, the new Ford EcoSport also has the ability to identify who is driving, and will automatically change the settings to suit each driver.

Since its debut in Brazil in 2003, the EcoSport has always been positioned as a key player in Ford’s portfolio expansion, boldly facing its competition in the small SUV segment.

Vietnam is proud to be the site of one of Ford’s six major global factories manufacturing this brand line.

“The Vietnamese market’s development potential is the motivating force for Ford Vietnam to continue developing compelling products like the new Ford EcoSport, with the expectation of producing more and more products that exceed the expectations of customers in urban areas,” said Ford Vietnam CEO Pham Van Dung.

New EcoSport SUVs will soon go into official production and are scheduled for customer hand-over in March.

By Thuy Anh

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