Nestlé MILO launches paper straws for MILO Breakfast Drink to promote green consumption trends

April 10, 2020 | 08:00
With the growing awareness of environmental protection, Vietnamese consumers are paying more attention to green and eco-friendly products. To catch up with this trend, Nestlé Vietnam has launched a breakthrough in packaging innovation by introducing paper straws for the Vietnamese market.
nestle milo launches paper straws for milo breakfast drink to promote green consumption trends
Nestlé MILO launched paper straws for MILO Breakfast Drink to meet the rising green consumption trend in Vietnam

The development of green consumption trends

Green consumption is becoming a rising trend in the world as the environment has become a major concern of many countries. Thus, the market for eco-friendly products is expanding, with a growing number of people willing to pay more for a cleaner conscience and a cleaner world.

Like many other countries in the world, the green consumption trend areis more and more popular in Vietnam. According to a recent survey by Nielsen Vietnam, 80 per cent of consumers are willing to pay more for “green” and “clean” brands. The green products are made from eco-friendly materials, thereby ensuring safety for human health and the environment. It is clear that there has been increased awareness among Vietnamese consumers about environmental issues.

In line with this trend, many enterprises are investing in green and clean products and are building brands associated with sustainable development. Nielsen Vietnam’s survey also showed that brands committed to green and clean products enjoy four times higher annual profits than their peers.

Nestlé MILO and paper straws – a green initiative to protect environment

Taking action for the environment, Nestlé MILO under Nestlé Vietnam will put into use over 16 million paper straws for its MILO Breakfast Drink this year, contributing to a reduction of 6.7 tonnes of plastic waste. Since March, consumers find their favourite Nestlé MILO Breakfast Drink now comes with a paper straw.

For the first time, Nestlé MILO products feature paper straws. Interestingly, 16 million straws, if lined up, they would stretch over 2,200km, equivalent to 1.5 times the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. The new initiative affirms the company’s commitment to realising its sustainable development goals in Vietnam.

nestle milo launches paper straws for milo breakfast drink to promote green consumption trends

Nestlé MILO will use more than 16 million paper straws in all of its MILO Breakfast drink products in 2020

The switch to paper straws demonstrates Nestlé MILO’s commitment to supporting Vietnam in achieving its green goals for the future. The Vietnamese government currently targets a 75 per cent reduction of plastic waste in beaches and oceans by 2030. It is also in line with Nestlé’s own global commitments to reduce its own plastic use, aiming to make 100 per cent of its packaging recyclable and reusable by 2025.

Ali Abbas, head of Nestlé Vietnam’s Dairy Business, shared that launching paper straws for MILO Breakfast products “is one of our ways of bringing a real impact to the environment. This is a long journey and we are constantly striving to come up with and execute new initiatives.”

“With this pilot initiative, we hope to inspire positive change among our consumers and enjoin them to do their part to help the environment. Every small action we do today can have a big, positive impact tomorrow if we all work together,” he added.

Nurturing environmental protection habits among children

Nestlé MILO Breakfast products with paper straws are available nationwide in all Co.opmart and Co.opXtra stores, which is also one of the first supermarket chains in Vietnam encouraging consumers to pursue a green lifestyle. The distribution of these products will be extended to various retail channels within the year. Many parents are really keen on the idea of replacing plastic straws with paper ones.

nestle milo launches paper straws for milo breakfast drink to promote green consumption trends
Parents are excited and pleased with the new paper straws

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thao (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) said that the initiative of using paper straws will help cultivate environmental protection habits among children as well as teach the young generation to value what they have.

In particular, the switch from plastic straws to paper straws will not affect the quality of products or change the usage habits of children. Paper straws are manufactured in line with European standards so they are safe to use without changing the flavor and aroma of the drink. The paper straws are also easily disposable and environmentally friendly. With a deep understanding of children’s habits, Nestlé MILO has designed its paper straws to look like plastic straws so that children can easily enjoy their favorite MILO Breakfast Drink.

“I am pleased with Nestlé MILO's paper straws that are similarly shaped and sturdy like plastic straws. Children can put paper straws into their drink, which bend easily without folding or breaking. Paper straws are safe to use and are environmentally friendly so I am completely assured of the product quality,” Ngoc Trang (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) said, expecting that Nestlé MILO’s initiative will be replicated in Vietnam to protect consumers' health and living environment.

By Thanh Van

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