Maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in Vietnam

September 26, 2020 | 08:00
Nearly three decades ago, Vietnam Investment Review  published its first English issue under the guidance of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). 
1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
Tran Quoc Phuong - Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment. Photo:

Since then, VIR has continuously grown from strength to strength, reaffirming its crucial role in the Vietnamese economic media landscape and contributing greatly to the development and international integration of the country.

Throughout its history, VIR has closely followed the Party’s directions and the country’s policies and laws, and the MPI’s guidelines. In doing so, this important media agency vividly reflects all aspects of the domestic economy and society, and promoted Vietnam’s investment and business environment to partners all around the world.

The ongoing health crisis and its devastating consequences have prompted multinational corporations and entire nations to speed up investment restructuring processes to avoid dependencies on one country or partner. To this end, many countries around the globe have issued preferential policies and strong support packages to retain existing foreign investors or attract new ones.

Realising this big opportunity, Vietnam has also been taking drastic measures to meet the needs of investors, such as preparing land, premises, factories, and infrastructure. Moreover, the government has issued special incentive packages applicable to large-scale projects applying high technology and creating high added value, spill-over effects, and conditions for local companies to participate in regional and global value chains.

Vietnam also strives to prepare qualified human resources, a welcoming environment for foreign experts and workers, and the promotion of the supporting industries. Moreover, the nation will promote investment cooperation by setting up a working group to further support the activities of and maximise favourable conditions for foreign investors coming to Vietnam.

In that context, VIR’s role will be to follow up on the views of the government and the MPI to holistically, accurately, and promptly reflect on the economic landscape of the nation, thereby acting as an effective bridge between the business community and overseas investors within the local economy. Each VIR article, news piece, and image must spread virtue and positive energy, sharing with foreign investors and partners an image of a friendly and wealthy Vietnam.

To do so, the team of VIR journalists needs to cultivate their standing, uphold their professionalism and ethics, maintain their core values, and continuously reaffirm the honourable mission of the Vietnamese revolutionary journalism.

On the occasion of its 29th anniversary, the MPI’s leadership sends VIR, its reporters, and editors our warmest regards and best wishes.

1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
The VIR team prides itself on reflecting all aspects of both the economy and Vietnamese society, (Photo: Shuttlestock)

Le Trong Minh - Editor-in-chief of Vietnam Investment Review

1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam

Dear valued readers and friends,

The very first edition of Vietnam Investment Review was published in September 1991 – and what a journey it has been so far! We are honoured and take pride in being the foremost English business publication in Vietnam, sharing woe and weal with domestic and foreign businesses as well as investors within and about the country’s business environment and its potentialities.

As a media entity under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VIR has been trying its best to become a close partner and a bridge between foreign businesses and the country’s policymakers, as well as their local partners.

This year marks the 29th anniversary of VIR, and is a special one with various hardships and challenges for the whole world. The global health crisis has affected entire countries, business communities, and nearly everyone on the planet in some way or another. Due to the pandemic, press agencies like us have suffered from a missing link with global partners, and we have been saddened that our printed publications could not be delivered in the same numbers to our readers like before.

However, this crisis has also shown us the many advantages of the ongoing digital transformation in Vietnam and many other nations, and VIR has been intensifying its efforts to deliver the most current and valuable information on this exciting topic, along with exclusive news on foreign investment and economics in Vietnam.

As such, we are proud to join the digital revolution with new publication forms, such as our e-paper and e-magazine, to deliver everything you need to know for well-informed decisions.

Our mission was, is, and will continue to be to accompany foreign and local businesses and investors on their exciting journey, and provide them with a continuous flow of objective and in-depth news about local and regional developments.

This year, Vietnam’s government and its people have been doing their utmost to cope with the pandemic and its side effects, and we are proud to be part of the Vietnamese success story in battling the health crisis in a way that surely saved many lives and secured businesses. With strong successive streaks without new community infections in the country, hopes are high that our lives and businesses can soon embark on new adventures.

Our printed newspaper and special publications are also back on stage to pamper your thirst for high-quality news on the latest events. In addition, we are already preparing for the return of our annual events, such as the M&A Forum and further corporate social responsibility activities.

As the current pandemic remains a danger to us all, we wish you, your business, and your loved ones well. Meanwhile, we at VIR are eagerly awaiting the next 12 months, and are already preparing ourselves for a brilliant 30th birthday party – hopefully without a virus, but instead with you as our guests.

We wish you, our valued readers, success in your business, joy in all your activities, and most importantly, that you stay safe and healthy. Thank you so much for being part of our journey.

Yours faithfully,

Le Trong Minh, Editor-in-chief

1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam
1510p38 maintaining the bridge for foreign investors in vietnam

By Tran Quoc Phuong, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment

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