ITL wins HR Excellence 2021 Award for outstanding HR strategy

November 05, 2021 | 16:03
Indo Trans Logistics Corporation (ITL) has been awarded HR Excellence 2021 Award by Anphabe in collaboration with other big partners thanks to its excellent strategies and practices in human resources.

Anphabe has just honoured 17 enterprises with excellent strategies and practices in human resources management. ITL is the only logistics enterprise that has won the HR Excellence Award in the Employee Engagement category. HR Excellence is an award co-organised by Anphabe with four major partners including the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), as well as the American, Australian, and European chambers of commerce in Vietnam. The award ceremony was held on October 28.

Nguyen Quoc Thuc, ITL’s deputy general director in charge of HR said, “ITL has promoted an HR strategy since 2017 to develop a strong workforce and build an Open Logistics Ecosystem. The ecosystem is a shared model with practical value to contribute to transforming Vietnam into the world’s new logistics hub.”

ITL wins HR Excellence 2021 award for outstanding HR strategy

ITL took home the HR Excellence Award in the Employee Engagement category by Anphabe

To achieve these goals, ITL has focused on attracting top-notch talents and experts to develop a leadership team, successors for both the corporation and its subsidiaries. On the other hand, ITL has strived to retain and engage long-term employees. All human resource management activities are directed to create meaningful jobs and worthy work for employees. Thus, they will be loyal to the corporation for a long time through individual and professional development, reward, and recognition as well as contribution to the community.

ITL's "360 degrees engagement" strategy covers many activities to create a happy working environment for employees and engage young generations like Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z. Specifically, the corporation has developed a comprehensive welfare package, an attractive salary and bonus scheme like Employee Value Proposition, as well as a powerful employer brand. The corporation also provides training, coaching, and life-long work experience for employees such as Employee Lifetime Value. Other activities include recognising their achievements and offering stocks to employees through a Long-term Incentive Program (LTIP).

Another highlight is the Management Trainee programme to develop a young leader seeds team to succeed & IPDP team (Internal Potential Development Program) at ITL. Also, ITL’s CEO often shares business stories to inspire employees to become the National Champion of Logistics in the region. Above all, ITL fosters a sense of belonging among company employees to help them stay with the company for a long time.

The results of the company's efforts are reflected in an independent survey from Anphabe: Over 80 per cent of employees at ITL enjoy working with their colleagues. They are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills so they are ready to contribute to the development of the group. Total employee happiness score reached 64 per cent, up 7 per cent from three years ago.

The achievement is also attributable to ITL's unique "No pain No gain" DNA and Ownership spirit. Thanks to this approach, ITL has overcome the most difficult moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, which disrupted supply chains and caused many difficulties for customers. ITL has continued improvising and accompanying customers, to ultimately achieve business goals in the first nine months. The corporation expects to maintain growth momentum in the fourth quarter of 2021 and 2022.

ITL wins HR Excellence 2021 Award for outstanding HR strategy
Nguyen Quoc Thuc, deputy general director in charge of HR at ITL

Thuc added, “The formula for ITL's success lies in the triangle of technology – finance/assets – human resources with the customer at heart. After five years of implementing the breakthrough initiatives, the corporation is proud to have a strong and cohesive human resources. We are ready to meet the requirements of outstanding growth as well as the goal of building an innovative Open Logistics Ecosystem, in which businesses and partners in the same industry will join forces with ITL to form an ecosystem and share the same values.”

ITL is a big playground for great talents in Vietnam!

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