Imexpharm making inroads in achieving sustainable efficiency

March 01, 2022 | 18:00
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After four decades of development, Imexpharm Corporation has reaffirmed its position as a market leader in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry by investing in sustainable technology and human resources.
Imexpharm making inroads in achieving sustainable efficiency
Imexpharm has been praised for its innovations and products that ensure safety and quality

Imexpharm has been a pioneer in investing in cutting-edge technology and upgrading production lines. The pharmaceutical company has deployed the SAP-ERP project with eight modules since 2013, and it also applies the Distribution Management System and, most recently, the BASE system for office work management.

With advanced production lines and raw materials sourced from Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, Imexpharm’s product quality meets the stringent requirements of the British Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, and US Pharmacopoeia.

Imexpharm making inroads in achieving sustainable efficiency

Imexpharm has also made great strides to keep up the fast-paced development of the economy and the pharmaceutical industry in particular. The company has made important milestones in its four-decade journey, and its leaders have been patiently pursuing the mission of supplying the safest and best quality pharma products to provide effective solutions for public health.

All Imexpharm products reflect the company’s responsibility to the community, with the group establishing a sustainable drugs manufacturing and supply chain to offer products of outstanding quality. The company has also made comprehensive investments in technology and manufacturing processes in line with international standards, which helps protect the community’s health and minimise damage to the environment.

In recognising these achievements, Dong Thap People’s Committee honoured Imexpharm in 2020 as a potentially sustainable business that complies with all safety and hygiene protection principles for the benefit and health of consumers. Thanks to these efforts, Imexpharm’s products have been officially recognised by the Business Association of High-Quality Vietnamese Products for many consecutive years.

Besides focusing on developing business, Imexpharm also pays special attention to developing its corporate culture, which is a golden factor in the success of the company. Nguyen Quoc Dinh, chairman of the Board of Directors of Imexpharm, said, “Along with the development of the market economy, building a good corporate culture is vital to the success of the company. However, this is a very challenging task. We have placed an emphasis on building a corporate culture that facilitates the working styles of both leaders and employees. As a result, they can increase productivity and achieve the highest efficiency.”

Imexpharm considers human resources as the most important asset to achieving success. The company has created a sustainable and healthy working environment where employees are treated fairly and equally, without being discriminated against by gender, age, or ethnicity. Thus, employees will have more opportunities to unlock their full potential and engage loyal to the company. In particular, employees can receive practical support both mentally and financially to improve their profession and advance their careers. They are also active in scientific research and technical innovation movements, contributing significantly to technical advancement, technology application, and product diversity.

Commenting on future development, he said Imexpharm will channel efforts to improve management efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry in the long term.

“To facilitate the goal, Imexpharm will develop future-proof solutions, focusing on developing a brand reputation as well as good relationships with traditional partners and customers, building appropriate business strategies, and studying disease developments and needs to produce suitable products,” he said. “To better serve customers, the company will research target and potential client groups to determine particular requirements, changes to present requirements, and future customer needs for our products.”

Imexpharm has also focused on improving product quality as well as implementing solutions to reduce costs, he added. “The company aims to create quality products at competitive prices. It is apparent that the company will continue its effort to invest in human resource training to upskill its workforce to meet production and business requirements in the long term,” he added.

By Alice Van

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