IDICO heralds strategic shift with brand transformation

November 13, 2023 | 11:00
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Embracing a new era of sustainable development, IDICO Corporation's dynamic rebranding heralds a move towards integrating shared values and innovation, positioning itself as a key architect of Vietnam's industrial future.
IDICO heralds strategic shift with brand transformation

On November 9, IDICO Corporation unveiled its new brand identity, signifying a transformation in its over two-decade-long journey. This rebranding represents IDICO's growth and its commitment to shared interests with all its stakeholders.

IDICO's rebranding is steeped ‘shared values’, representing a shift in the company's trajectory. The revamped brand is not modern and professional and also aligns seamlessly with its direction and growth strategy.

IDICO has consistently prioritised delivering comprehensive values while ensuring benefits for its stakeholders. These endeavours are echoed in IDICO's Sustainable Development strategy.

The company's business operations, marked by responsible management, aim to distribute benefits equitably and maintain a balance of interests across the board, including partners, investors, employees, local communities, and the environment.

For over 20 years, the ‘shared values’ philosophy has been the cornerstone of the brand's operations, with a particular focus on 'people' as the central element.

This guiding principle is infused into every aspect of the company's operations, fuelling IDICO's potential for robust and sustainable growth that transcends industrial development to positively impact the communities where it operates and the national economy at large.

To effectively capture and represent this philosophy, the brand has launched a new logo. The design - a fusion of the logotype and a cogwheel motif - speaks volumes about the company's mission and vision.

The deep green hue of the logotype signifies a staunch commitment to sustainability, while the cogwheel, adorned with eight blades, symbolises the eight stakeholders of IDICO: the nation, local communities, local workers, partners, investors, corporate leadership, employees, and IDICO itself. The cogwheel's dynamic red accent reflects IDICO's belief in mutual growth and shared prosperity.

In addition to the visual makeover, the company has introduced its new brand slogan: “Unity for a sustainable future". This slogan is more than a tagline – it is a pledge for the ongoing pursuit of the ‘shared values’.

Marking this new chapter, the company also inaugurated its state-of-the-art office at Pearl Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City on November 9. The brand revamp and the inauguration of the new headquarters at Pearl Plaza mark a new chapter in IDICO's journey.

IDICO heralds strategic shift with brand transformation

20 years of industrial development

Founded in 2000, IDICO Corporation has cemented its position as a key driver in Vietnam's industrial and urban development. With expertise spanning industrial parks, urban and economic zones, residential clusters, and infrastructure development, the company has evolved into a multifaceted entity. Its operations, spanning five key sectors - industrial real estate, housing and urban development, industrial services, energy, and infrastructure - cater to a wide array of partner needs.

Over its 20-year journey, the company has consistently adapted and expanded, aligning itself with national and international market trends. This evolution is mirrored in the company's impressive achievements, underscoring its adherence to the 'shared values' philosophy.

A testament to its success is the $8 billion of customer investment, reflecting the high level of trust in the company's services.

The creation of 120,000 jobs over two decades underscores the company's commitment to economic development and community upliftment. With transparent policies generating annual revenue of $10 billion, IDICO maintains a delicate balance between profitability and environmental stewardship, evidenced by its annual reduction of 772,024 tonnes of CO2 emissions through strategic waste management initiatives.

IDICO's in-depth market understanding has attracted numerous multinational corporations.

Significant projects include Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage Company's $185 million investment in IDICO’s Huu Thanh Industrial Park and Hyosung Vietnam's proposed near $1 billion carbon fibre plant at Phu My 2 Industrial Park.

Navigating challenges and milestones, the rebranding marks a pivotal point in the comany's history. Steadfast in its commitment to the 'shared values' philosophy, the company is geared towards a future of delivering impactful solutions, contributing to the growth of Vietnam's industrial sector, enhancing the national economy, and fostering a sustainable and prosperous society.

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By Phan Hang

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