Iconic Bia Saigon Special reborn with extraordinary taste and a new look

March 30, 2022 | 12:10
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Bia Saigon, a brand local beermaker SABECO, has just launched a special event to mark the rebirth of the legendary Bia Saigon Special. The opening event kick-starts a series of activities in 2022 to bring interesting and unique experiences to consumers and beer connoisseurs.
Iconic Bia Saigon Special reborn with extraordinary taste and a new look
Bennett Neo, general director of SABECO, launched the event to mark the rebirth of the legendary Bia Saigon Special

After more than 20 years in the market, Bia Saigon Special is recognised by many Vietnamese for its special taste and iconic packaging.

Now, Bia Saigon Special has been reborn with a new taste, packaging, and positioning to better fit the needs of the current consumers. While retaining unparalleled quality, Bia Saigon Special improved its taste by using carefully selected Yakima hops for a long-lasting refreshing taste. These Yakima hops are grown in the Yakima Valley of Washington, one of the largest and oldest hop-growing regions in the world.

In addition, Bia Saigon Special applies a special brewing technique called dry-hopping hops are added one more time to the fermentation to achieve a characteristic taste profile with a special light fresh aroma which enhances the overall extraordinary yet refreshing taste.

Besides the taste, the new Bia Saigon Special also comes with an enhanced packaging appearance while still retaining its iconic and distinctive bottle that has been a legendary identity over the years. The Bia Saigon Special can has changed into a modern tall and sleek format, and both bottle and can now feature the credentials of the beer with elements of Yakima hops as reinforcement of its new proposition.

This rejuvenation of Bia Saigon Special does not only aim to demonstrate the strong progressive spirit of Bia Saigon to stay relevant and updated to the changing consumer needs and preferences in Vietnam, but also to stress superior product quality and the premium image of this legendary beer brand.

Bennett Neo, general director of SABECO shared, "Beer in Vietnam and around the world has been growing rapidly, and consumers’ tastes have been evolving over the years. It is imperative for SABECO to keep up with time and continue to stay relevant with the changing consumer needs and preferences. SABECO has been improving the quality and production technology over the last few years to put products made in Vietnam on the world map. This rebirth of Bia Saigon Special is our first effort in 2022, setting the ground for more practical and breakthrough initiatives to create greater value and experience for consumers and the community."

Since 1999, Bia Saigon Special has not only quenched the thirst of many local consumers but also made a name for itself on the international stage by winning numerous prestigious awards and contributing to the globalisation of Vietnamese beer products. The reborn Bia Saigon Special asserts SABECO's more than 147 years of quality and brewing expertise with a deep understanding of the preferences and needs of the Vietnamese people.

Venus Teoh, deputy general director of marketing at SABECO said, “Consumers are looking for beers that are not only refreshing but also have a distinctive flavour that suits their current taste. Understanding this need, our brewmasters at SABECO have done extensive research and testing to refine Bia Saigon Special's recipe and taste. With newly crafted taste and renewed iconic look, the new Bia Saigon Special is a demonstration of our brewmasters' enthusiasm to provide high-quality products made by Vietnamese for Vietnamese.”

Iconic Bia Saigon Special reborn with extraordinary taste and a new look
Bia Saigon Special is reborn with an extraordinary taste and a new look

The launch of Bia Saigon Special took place at Secret Lounge, which was constructed from an empty, abandoned food outlet near Bui Vien Street. The event featured musical performances as well as many other engaging activities.

At the event, Bia Saigon Special has also introduced its brand ambassador – the Da LAB band, which has topped the charts for 15 years with hits like Mot Nha, Thanh Xuan, and Gac Lai Au Lo. Da LAB band will join Bia Saigon Special in its first-ever series of engagement activities and be part of the rebirth to ignite all senses for extraordinary experience and enjoyment.

The Secret Lounge will be open exclusively for invited guests and consumers every Saturday from April 2 to 16. At the venue, guests can enjoy Bia Saigon Special with delicious food, extraordinary music, a fashion show, and DJ performances. Bia Saigon will also give away a prize worth $4,350.

By Hara Nguyen

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