Happy Birthday to our dearest VIR!

September 26, 2019 | 23:00
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The Vietnam Investment Review team has been fortunate to receive warm congratulations from both local and international business sectors.
happy birthday to our dearest vir
Happy Birthday to our dearest VIR!

28 years of deep and dynamic journalism

Luc Mandret - General manager MSLGROUP Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

VIR is a very trusting partner for MSL, as one of Vietnam’s top tier business media outlets. We are thrilled to partner with VIR for the quality of the holistic understanding of the business, with the most updated economic news, and insightful in-depth articles.

VIR is an essential reading for business leaders, investors, and decision-makers in Vietnam. And for MSL as a communication agency, we really appreciate highlighting our clients’ prospective and financial news. It’s always a pleasure to work with VIR

journalists: they are proactive, knowledgeable, and reliable in reporting accurate news and analysis. For us, VIR has been one of our key media partners.

We highly appreciate the hard-working and dedicated reporters from VIR, who have supported us in many events and business stories for our clients in diverse sectors such as investment, banking, pharmaceuticals, and more. We believe that VIR will continue its success in being one of the main business news sources for the government and for foreign investors.

Nguyen Ngoc Bich - Director Mekong Rustic Management

happy birthday to our dearest vir

In the current digital and information bombardment age, under the context of multi-dimensional information on the network, the press plays the role of providing official and accurate information to businesses and the whole society.

Publications from VIR are an extremely valuable source of helpful information from updated policies of Vietnamese government to latest and detailed statistics of international businesses that are greatly useful for businesses to refer to the development orientation and formulate long-term business expansion strategies. We operate in the hotel and tourism industry, and therefore VIR is very valuable for us to have more information and ideas for tourism product development and future orientations.

I hope that in the future, VIR will promote startups and support categories, or connect new startup ideas to major businesses or investment funds. This is also part of creating the success of the press when new businesses and ideas are connected and successfully developed.

Sami Kteily - Executive chairman PEB Steel

happy birthday to our dearest vir

This year, PEB Steel celebrates 25 years anniversary in Vietnam. From 1994 until today, VIR has accompanied our business and helped us grow successfully.

Over the years, VIR was always our first choice among weekly publications when it comes to promoting our products and services. VIR covers national news and is distributed all over the country, so it provides us with national coverage at a very reasonable price.

VIR is also an early and reliable source of news about foreign investors into the country who invariably require steel buildings for their factories and warehouses - a product provided by PEB Steel. Also the statistics compiled by VIR about foreign investment, be it country of origin or locality of investment, has been very helpful to us in planning our marketing campaigns. VIR is a joy to read and I look forward to Mondays to read it even when I am overseas. Recently, I attended the M&A conference arranged by VIR and it was one of the best on the topic.

Laurent Genet - General director Audi Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

I read VIR regularly mostly online. Because the home page covers most topics effectively in English, it saves me time getting updated flicking through the press. The Corporate, Business, and Vietnam Industry sections interest me the most. The access to earlier related articles is convenient on industrial specific topics.

VIR is also doing a good job at covering green growth matters in Vietnam. Regarding the automotive sector for instance, the orientations of the government received wide coverage casting a clear light on the latest developments. VIR has effectively been playing an active role as an open media allowing different opinions to be expressed. It relays the different points of view yet provides a neutral standpoint.

It may be good from time to time for VIR to investigate and monitor the evolution of industry-specific issues over time, plus report on outstanding issues still at stake.

It could also reinforce that existing open forum for ministries and industry to exchange publicly for the benefit of VIR readers.

Stephen Wyatt - Country head JLL Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

The M&A forum was one of the biggest, most prestigious events that JLL Vietnam has had the pleasure to participate in for the past few years. Each year, the M&A Forum brings together a perfect mix of topics and industry leaders, which in turn facilitates stimulating discussion both on and off-stage.

Your credibility and the excellent content in your publications is also one of the reasons why my team and I personally love working with VIR on important topics. As a foreigner, I do very much appreciate the bilingualism and hope to see VIR coming out with more language options for our clients. This will be extremely helpful for international clients who are looking to expand their knowledge on the Vietnamese market through a credible and insightful source. Thank you again for including JLL

Vietnam in your agenda and cheers to many more years of collaboration!

Nguyen Hong Quan - Deputy CEO Hai Au Vietnam JSC

happy birthday to our dearest vir

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for investment with a variety of foreign-invested enterprises. In addition to the right decisions of the Party and government leaders, press agencies also contribute significantly to conveying policy reforms and incentives, and encourage businesses to participate in the economy.

As a mouthpiece of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, VIR is increasingly proving its role in fully and promptly updating and communicating all information about the business environment in Vietnam.

Objective and in-depth articles in many sections such as Investing and Talking Business have provided people with the big picture of the economy in Vietnam. It is also a forum for businesses to introduce and share about their business directions. I hope that VIR will have more interesting new categories, support more information for small- and medium-sized enterprises, and promote its online version to adapt to the current trend of multimedia press.

Montri Suwanposri - General director C.P. Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

The relationship between the press and enterprises is close by nature. Businesses need the press to disseminate the results of their activities, products, and brands, while businesses, entrepreneurs, and economic stories provide major content to newspapers and newswires, making them diversified and attractive.

A press outlet like VIR holds an important role in every social-economic activity, which acts as the bridge between businesses and customers, while also bringing businesses to the international sphere. VIR is performing these tasks very well.

I hope that the co-operation between VIR and C.P. Vietnam will reach greater heights in the time to come.

Joseph Perucca - General director GIVI Vietnam Ltd.

happy birthday to our dearest vir

I find almost all sections of the paper interesting and more importantly educational.

As a foreign national, the national section serves as an important tool to keep abreast of the happenings in the business community and the development of Vietnam.

VIR has been doing a good job with effectively delivering the message and orientations of the government. I believe that the newspaper is written in a non-biased way and correctly informs the government’s view, policies, and incentives, leaving at the same time space and consideration to express the understanding and needs of foreign investors, which are becoming a strong part of this great and fast economy. To diversify VIR content, serving as an information exchange portal between local and foreign investors, both parties should be able to express their view and suggestions on the rapid change of economic trends within the country.

Pham Van Dung - Managing director Ford Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

Over 28 years of establishment and development, through quality publications and news articles, VIR has become an important bridge between businesses and entrepreneurs and policy makers as well as contributing to the strong development of Vietnam’s journalism industry.

Both VIR, Timeout and its Vietnamese-language equivalent have brought quality and highly specialised content, as well as conveyed Ford’s message and vision in a clear and accessible way to all readers.

I hope in the future, the news-paper will continue to maintain its position as one of the leading socio-economic newspapers in the country.

Guillermo Pantoja - General manager Meliá Hanoi Hotel

happy birthday to our dearest vir

On behalf of the management board and all employees of Meliá Hanoi Hotel, I would like to wish all the best to the endearing staff and management. I hope, VIR always remains successful and helps to expand business as one of the leading economic news agencies in Vietnam. Over many years, VIR has promptly updated the economic-finance policies of the state and government to enterprises, so they will have overview of the market orien-tation reliably and accurately.

Thus, every weekly publication of VIR does not only help enterprises in general and the hotel management board in particular to set reasonable business strategies, but also greatly supports all key messages of Meliá Hanoi with the hotel’s products and services.

Robert Kunz - General manager Wyndham Legend Halong

happy birthday to our dearest vir

The Vietnamese press has played an important role to provide timely information which can help a lot on operations management and the business strategies of enterprises. With that, VIR is one of the leading news agencies in updating market news and investment trends in Vietnam. I often read the Investing section and I find useful information including the economic-finance policies of the state and government, and amendments in legal notices, as well as new regulations of investment.

Thanks to your continuous updates, we made some major changes in our business plan in 2019. I think VIR could create an additional page for leaders of companies to speak up about what they need in terms of government support to help improve the business in their industry.

Philippe Cavory - General manager The Anam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

Happy birthday to VIR! On behalf of the team here at The Anam in beautiful Cam Ranh, it’s an honour to send our well wishes to such an iconic and popular media brand that has thrived among the business community decade after decade.

It’s great to see VIR doing what it does best in Vietnam – keeping readers updated with insider knowledge not only about government agencies, but about business communities and international organisations.

From everyone at The Anam, we wish the VIR team nothing but the best for the future. We hope you will remain a reliable source of information and continue to produce in-depth analysis and articles.

Lim Buey Shyan - Country head, general director Sembcorp Development Vietnam Co., Ltd.

happy birthday to our dearest vir

Sembcorp was an early investor in Vietnam back in 1996. Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP) was a project mooted by the governments of Vietnam and Singapore. Our main partner back then was Becamex IDC Corporation from Binh Duong province with a strong relationship based on mutual understanding, support, and working for the good of Vietnam.

In our journey in Vietnam, VIR is not just an indispensable source of information, but is also an ideal channel for VSIP to promote our activities and development to the local and foreign business community.

As the first international economics and business paper in Vietnam, VIR has continuously proven itself to be a trusted source of information on business, economics, education, finance, banking, and lifestyle.

VIR’s events held annually, such as Vietnam M&A Forum or the roundtable talk on property market, are great opportunities to be updated on economic trends in Vietnam.

VIR also publishes many special publications providing invaluable insights into different industries such as real estate, sustainable development, M&A market, banking and securities.

Congratulations to VIR for its impressive achievements thus far, and we extend our best wishes for its continued growth as a trusted source of news for readers, investors, and businesses like us.

Keep up the good work and happy 28th birthday VIR!

Jerry Lim - Country head Grab Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

VIR has been always a trusted media companion of the businesses and investors community in Vietnam, particularly the foreign ones, as well as playing an important role of the bridge between

government agencies, policymakers, entrepreneurs and investors, and, most of all, the public.

Since 2014, Grab has been contributing to the development of Vietnam’s digital economy as a leading multi-service super app. Its coverages were regularly updated and featured on both VIR weekly series and online portal. Thus, they contributed to spread Grab’s corporate image to the Vietnamese public as well as to the investor community. Thanks to VIR, Grab also has an early and reliable source of news of Vietnamese investment market, which is useful for our business strategy. We highly appreciate and would like to thank VIR sincerely for the endlessly enthusiastic support.

On the special occasion of VIR’s 28th anniversary, we wish VIR to continue to maintain the leading position in the field of information on economy, investment, finance and take the chance to strongly expand regionally and internationally. We also wish VIR journalists and professional expertise all the best to achieve desirable success for the years ahead.

Henri-Charles CLAUDE - General manager, ADEN Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

ADEN Vietnam has found VIR a trustworthy and innovative platform, helping us catch up with the latest business trends in Vietnam and around the world. VIR serves as a bridge helping investors and businesses entering this dynamic market to better connect with their local counterparts, a mission that we at ADEN share.

As VIR celebrates its 28th anniversary, we look forward to seeing greater coverage of the green growth sector, including green energy and technology. ADEN is moving ahead as part of the smart-tech revolution, seeking innovative ways to support the growth of green businesses with our Integrated Facility Management solutions. And we are glad to move together with VIR, a leading information source, to support the creation of a better and greener Vietnam.

Jorge Martin-Martinez - Vice president, Finance Indochina and head, Country Management DKSH Vietnam

happy birthday to our dearest vir

With a population of almost 100 million people, favourable macroeconomic conditions, political stability, competitive labour costs, and the eagerness to improve living standards for its population, Vietnam has become one of the most preferred destinations for investors from Asia and across the globe.

The potential of the country is phenomenal. As the leading Market Expansion Services provider in the region, DKSH facilitates many of the investments made in Asia and particularly in Vietnam, helping both local and international companies establish and expand their businesses in the country. Staying updated with the newest local business trends and developments is paramount to providing appropriate insights to our business partners. VIR has always been one of our preferred information platforms for this purpose.

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