FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres optimises data system

June 04, 2021 | 21:50
Fujitsu provides technical support services in development and production environments for the community edition of PostgreSQL and Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres (FEP), specially designed for critical business environments.
fujitsu enterprise postgres optimises data system
Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres offers several outstanding features compared to conventional database management systems

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres (FEP) is an exceptionally reliable and powerful relational database, created for organisations that require strong query performance and high availability. It supplies additional enterprise-class features for enhanced security and better performance based on PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open-source database system.

The fact that FEP is based on PostgreSQL makes it highly compatible with other systems and applications. Its clean, simple graphical user interface improves the experience for database administrators that execute core database functions, such as query running, data backup and recovery, data mining, and data mining.

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database system, renowned for its reliability, scalability, and security. Fujitsu regularly contributes to the development of PostgreSQL based on its rich business experience. In turn, improvements to PostgreSQL directly impact the value of FEP to customers.

fujitsu enterprise postgres optimises data system

How is FEP different from PostgreSQL?

As data integrity and operational continuity are paramount to any organisation, FEP mitigates the risk of data loss through data redundancy on physical hardware and reliably orchestrates this distributed data during automated failure recovery and handling.

Furthermore, as the volume of data stored in an IT system increases, so does the risk of data leakage. All data in FEP can be protected using a simple Transparency Data Encryption setup that uses algorithms similar to those used by the US government, providing the highest level of security for data owners. FEP enhances security on multiple levels including data encryption, log encryption, and internal communication channel encryption.

Last but not least, FEP's in-memory row-column data processing ensures faster returns for complex queries, giving organisations the information it needs and the instant it needs to respond.

By choosing FEP, customers will not be subject to exorbitant installation costs, high maintenance fees, or hidden costs. Over a three-year period, customers can save up to 80 per cent on their database costs compared to proprietary databases.

Moreover, unlike proprietary database vendors, Fujitsu does not attempt to lock its customers into limited contracts. Fujitsu customers can easily deny their access to FEP and switch to the open-source system, as Fujitsu’s database is based on PostgreSQL. Notably, there are no penalties or restrictive obligations.

Fujitsu is founding members of PostgreSQL Enterprise Consortium (PGECons) in Japan and active participants with PGCon's Platinum sponsorship, PgConf. ASIA, and pgDay Asia, as well as support and participation in various PostgreSQL user groups.

Fujitsu has supported the PostgreSQL community for over 18 years and has experts to handle all types of support scenarios. Fujitsu’s team works with a highly refined service delivery model developed through decades of experience with major platform providers, along with commercial and government organisations around the world.

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