FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional

December 08, 2022 | 14:58
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One of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, FrieslandCampina, has introduced FrieslandCampina Professional – a high-quality food solution portfolio in Vietnam – within the framework of the international food expo Vietnam Foodtech that is taking place in Ho Chi Minh City from December 7 to 10.

As a member of the leading global nutrition group, FrieslandCampina has seen its milk, dairy-based material, and food and beverage (F&B) segments confirm their enormous potential in global revenue and growth.

One of the key contributors to these successes is FrieslandCampina Professional. Since its establishment, it has grown from strength to strength, becoming a leader in Europe with increased trust and patronage from its major partners and customers. Not stopping there, FrieslandCampina Professional is now quickly expanding into many other markets, including Asian nations.

As a result, FrieslandCampina Professional’s debut in Vietnam has attracted significant attention from authorities, food associations, and F&B enterprises.

This event is regarded as one of FrieslandCampina's strong commitments to its long-term sustainable development in Vietnam. Visitors at the event also had a chance to enjoy the dashing baking art performed by the company’s brand ambassador Chef Otto Tay – who was the winner of the World Pastry Cup 2019 – with FrieslandCampina Professional high-end products used as essential ingredients.

FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
FrieslandCampina Professional takes pride in its passion for the F&B heroes, enhancing their creativity with the crème de la crème of ingredients

Founded in the Netherlands more than 150 years ago, FrieslandCampina has made significant contributions to annual dairy production and consumption, making this European country the world's leading player in the global dairy industry. In fact, the Netherlands has been the cradle of the dairy industry for centuries thanks to its large-scale dairy cooperatives and stringent European-standard quality control processes, which help ensure the quality and nutritional value of its products.

Inheriting such fine legacies, FrieslandCampina Professional was established and has rapidly developed into a stellar food solution provider. It has been nourishing passion and inspiring culinary connoisseurs to create premium foods and drinks.

After many years of experience in conquering the European F&B industry, FrieslandCampina Professional has become a favourite, helping connoisseurs expand their creativity with practical solutions to satisfy the tastes of even the fussiest eaters.

FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
From FCV, managing director Richard Kiger and senior business director Ta Thuy Ha speaking about the long-term commitment of FrieslandCampina Professional to understand and meet customers’ demands

FrieslandCampina Professional has been making huge efforts to swiftly grow beyond Europe, with it currently found in more than 30 countries worldwide. Having a good command of customers’ demands, FrieslandCampina Professional is proud to become a professional provider for hundreds of thousands of global giants in the F&B industry such as Starbucks Coffee, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Café Amazon, McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Jollibee. It also supplies those in the hospitality industry like Marriot International and Hilton Hotels and Resorts, to name just a few.

FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
Chef David Thai, master chef Vietnam, sharing his unique experiences with products from FrieslandCampina Professional

With the strategic mindset to become a prestigious global brand, FrieslandCampina Professional wishes to bring more perfect solutions to the F&B industry across the world. They will cover providing knowledge, developing expertise, and introducing dairy ingredients to food and beverage processing.

FrieslandCampina Professional has recently signed a 10-year sponsorship with the ASEAN Coffee Federation to be the latter’s founding partner and exclusive dairy milk brand. This cooperation is aimed at improving knowledge on the use of milk ingredients for coffee baristas in Southeast Asia.

The company has invested heavily in Vietnam, helping it grow from strength to strength with an aim to bring better nutrition to Vietnamese consumers.

In its over-25-year journey of development, FrieslandCampina Vietnam has become a trailblazer in formulating a comprehensive standard system for safety, quality, and high nutritional requirements for the Vietnamese dairy industry.

The presence of FrieslandCampina Professional in Vietnam is expected to make the domestic F&B industry more active, enabling it to cash in on the huge consumption of a nation boasting a population of almost 100 million people.

Vietnam’s F&B market is reported to offer high consumption rates, with the highest proportion (35 per cent) of consumers’ monthly spending structure. This is estimated to account for 15 per cent of GDP, with non-stop, rapid growth forecasted for the coming years.

A recent report indicated that Vietnam’s F&B industry may hit a compound annual growth rate of up to 8.65 per cent over the 2021-2026 period. The Vietnamese government has prioritised the industry for strategic development during the 2025-2035 period.

FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
The presence of FrieslandCampina Professional in Vietnam is expected to make the domestic F&B industry more active

With the launch of its FrieslandCampina Professional in Vietnam, the company reaffirms its commitment to long-term business activities in the country. FrieslandCampina Professional will continue to win trust and patronage from Vietnamese consumers and professional bakers and chefs through its high-quality dairy product lines, including Debic, Dutch Lady Professional, and Kievit.

FrieslandCampina Professional is also taking this occasion to introduce consumers to its flagship dairy brand called Debic. Being a well-known brand that has been dedicated to consumers and food service professionals globally for more than 100 years, Debic focuses on product lines made from fresh milk such as cream, butter, cream cheese, desserts, and fillings, which are trusted by professionals including chefs, bakers, and bartenders.

Chef Otto Tay, winner of the World Pastry Cup 2019, in a pastry performance with Debic high-end products
Chef Otto Tay, winner of the World Pastry Cup 2019, during a pastry performance with Debic high-end products

Debic-branded lines are well-known as premium products with stable and sustainable quality and durability. In addition, Debic is also popular for its convenient packaging, which helps save processing time and makes the products more user-friendly.

Having featured in international pastry competitions for many years, Debic, together with a network of prominent global culinary connoisseurs, has created unique recipes for baking and bartending, satisfying all local tastes and bringing the finest dining experiences to gastronomers.

It can be noted that Debic is a name that is associated with eminent culinary figures worldwide. That explains why it has, for more than 20 years, been a proud partner of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie – the most prestigious competition in the world in the domain of pastries, ice creams, desserts, and chocolate.

FrieslandCampina launches FrieslandCampina Professional
Ta Thuy Ha, senior business director at FrieslandCampina Vietnam, sharing the group’s honour at the launch event for FrieslandCampina Professional in Vietnam

Senior business director at FrieslandCampina Vietnam Ta Thuy Ha said, “As a leading dairy expert for more than 150 years globally and nearly 30 years in Vietnam, we truly grasp the genuine needs of our customers, from individual consumers to professional chefs all around the world. The appearance of FrieslandCampina Professional in Vietnam once again guarantees the corporation's sustainable commitment to accompanying the Vietnamese people by providing a wide range of high-quality nutritional products, as well as bringing gilt-edge solutions to food professionals in this culinary market.”

“Hopefully with FrieslandCampina Professional, we will continue providing milk and dairy products at European standards so that food connoisseurs can continue nurturing their passion and creating the most appetising dishes,” she added.

FrieslandCampina Vietnam to cut down environmental impact FrieslandCampina Vietnam to cut down environmental impact

FrieslandCampina Vietnam is set to reduce CO2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 in all production and supply activities, along with 33 per cent from partnered dairy cow farms.

FrieslandCampina Vietnam listed as business with sustainable development FrieslandCampina Vietnam listed as business with sustainable development

FrieslandCampina Vietnam, which possesses famous brand names Dutch Lady, Friso, Yomost, and Fristi has won a titled “Sustainable Business” in 2022, standing in the top 10 enterprises in Vietnam with this accolade.

By Thanh Dat

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