FPT Smart Cloud partners with Home Credit Indonesia in financial services

July 04, 2023 | 18:49
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The all-encompassing partnership between FPT Smart Cloud and Home Credit Indonesia heralds a new era of innovation in the financial services industry, leveraging advanced capabilities of FPT.AI solutions to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

On July 4, FPT Smart Cloud, a leading provider of AI solutions and Cloud services from Vietnam, joined forces with Home Credit Indonesia, a tech-based financing company with 6 million customers served, in a strategic partnership for AI development.

This collaboration marks the beginning of an alliance focused on the application of AI technology within the operations of Home Credit Indonesia, enabling the company to leverage FPT Smart Cloud's expertise in AI solutions to enhance its services.

FPT Smart Cloud partners with Home Credit Indonesia in financial services

Established in 2013, Home Credit Indonesia has swiftly expanded across the country, propelled by its dedication to providing fast, transparent, and user-friendly financial services.

By integrating its operations across both online and offline platforms, the firm ensures that its customers can access services anywhere, anytime, echoing its commitment to provide ‘trusted financial services at the fingertips.’

Its market leadership is underpinned by a commitment to innovation, embracing next-generation technologies to enhance its offerings and deliver value to the customers.

Furthermore, Home Credit is a reputable company that is both registered and supervised by The Financial Services Authority, ensuring trust and reliability.

The partnership with FPT Smart Cloud will be performed under prevailing laws, and the technology is designed to provide customers with a safe and effective financial environment.

Home Credit Indonesia’s recognition of the immense potential of AI in transforming financial operations has led to the partnership with FPT Smart Cloud, a front-runner in AI technology.

FPT Smart Cloud partners with Home Credit Indonesia in financial services

By joining forces with FPT Smart Cloud, the financial services company gains access to a wealth of advanced AI offerings and expertise to elevate services, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

Specifically, at the heart of this partnership lies the ground-breaking AI Chatbot project, aiming to revolutionise customer interactions and support services.

The AI Chatbot showcases remarkable linguistic comprehension, enabling it to understand and respond to customer inquiries in multiple languages, particularly, Bahasa, the local language.

Chatbot provides personalised assistance in multiple touchpoints, answers customer queries instantly, and broadcasts promotions to Home Credit Indonesia's valued members.

Despite the challenges ahead, this audacious partnership signifies a momentous leap towards a future fuelled by cutting-edge technology.

With a focus on linguistic accuracy and high-quality performance, FPT Smart Cloud has collaborated with the prestigious Informatics & Business Institute Darmajaya in Indonesia to develop robust language processing engines for both text and voice, tailored specifically for Bahasa Indonesia.

Le Hong Viet, CEO of FPT Smart Cloud said, “FPT.AI, developed and nurtured by FPT Smart Cloud has a global vision to harness the power of natural language processing to address challenges faced by businesses worldwide."

“Indonesia, a market full of potential, has been a priority for us. Through this collaboration with Home Credit Indonesia, we aim to create lasting value and drive digital transformation in the financial sector. Meanwhile, by leveraging FPT.AI solutions, Home Credit Indonesia gains a competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market of Indonesian financial services.”

The AI Chatbot project serves as a stepping-stone towards a future where customers effortlessly access self-service options, allowing them to retrieve account information and perform various transactions at their convenience. This self-service functionality aims to empower customers, reduce dependency on human intervention, and enhance operational efficiency for Home Credit Indonesia.

“As a customer-centric organisation, Home Credit Indonesia is committed to constantly enhancing the experience for our valued customers. This partnership with FPT Smart Cloud marks a new milestone in our journey to leverage advanced technology and innovation to serve our customers better, and is part of the landscape enhancement towards delivering automation everywhere in the company," said Yusron Anas, chief information officer at Home Credit Indonesia.

"The implementation of AI technology will significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of our customer service, ensuring that our customers receive prompt assistance and a seamless experience across various touchpoints. Thus, we open up various possibilities for our customers to use our services.”

Despite the challenges ahead, this audacious partnership signifies a momentous leap towards a future fuelled by cutting-edge technology.

It also presents an exceptional opportunity for FPT Smart Cloud to enter the Indonesian market, unlocking a world of possibilities and propelling the company into an era of unprecedented growth and innovation.

Indonesia boasts an impressive AI adoption rate of approximately 25 per cent, the highest among Southeast Asian nations. In comparison, Vietnam demonstrates a commendable 15-per cent AI adoption rate, indicating significant growth potential in the Indonesian market.

The projected contribution of AI applications to Indonesia's GDP from 2020 to 2030 is $366 billion, highlighting the immense value and transformative potential of AI in driving economic growth and development.

With FPT Smart Cloud's exceptional AI capabilities, unwavering commitment to innovation, and customer-centric approach, it emerges as the ideal technology partner for Indonesian financial services companies striving to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

FPT.AI - The comprehensive AI-powered platform

FPT.AI has garnered immense popularity and earned the trust of 100+ businesses across 15 countries. Serving diverse industries such as finance, insurance, banking, e-commerce, and logistics, FPT.AI boasts an impressive user base of over 200-million monthly interactions.

In addition, the game-changing potential of FPT.AI's Conversational platform enables clients to automate 96 per cent of customer engagement while significantly elevating overall customer satisfaction.

With an impressive portfolio of 20 products and 5 solutions, FPT.AI has solidified exceptional capabilities through numerous projects worldwide. This advanced platform empowers enterprises to achieve comprehensive automation across business functions, spanning from front-office customer care to back-office operations, including document processing, personnel quality management, and workforce training.

Whether it's navigating the intricacies of unique regulatory settings or harnessing the immense growth potential, FPT.AI stands as a reliable and flexible partner, empowering Indonesian enterprises to not just survive but thrive in an ever-evolving financial services industry.

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