Dedication wins the day at HFH

February 28, 2020 | 10:00
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Buoyed by great efforts and bold moves to provide best quality healthcare, Hanoi French Hospital (HFH) is gaining a sterling reputation, with more investment plans in the pipeline to retain the top position in northern Vietnam amid growing competition.
dedication wins the day at hfh
The hospital caters for all, from newborns and growing children to the elderly

Last week, 40-year old Nguyen Thanh Huyen came to Hanoi French Hospital to give birth. She is a bank worker in Hanoi living 15 km from the hospital.

“This is my third time giving birth at HFH. The pregnancy care is professional and preeminent, and that makes me feel safe and secure,” she told VIR. “My friend introduced some good hospitals near my house, but I chose HFH because of its prestige.”

Huyen recalled that when she gave birth for the second time in 2017, she suffered a serious health problem. Fortunately, she received intensive care by HFH staff and her baby was born in a safe and healthy condition. “HFH is now even more modern, with the new seven-floor building further facilitating both patients. It looks like a hotel with more comfortable and convenient services. I will visit the hospital for any future issues,” she said. “My friends also prefer HFH to others.”

For over 20 years, the hospital has earned its reputation for the quality of medical care and hospitality it provides to all patients in Hanoi and northern Vietnam. Reproductive health is one of the more famed services, together with all levels of elective, acute, and emergency care across all medical and surgical specialties. HFH provides 24-hour interventional cardiology and neurology services for the management of acute cardiovascular conditions and rehabilitation. As the leading international hospital in Hanoi, HFH has become an increasingly popular and prestigious brand among Huyen and many other people outside of Hanoi thanks to a number of advantages.

Philippe Hovette, general director of HFH said, “Quality remains the priority for the hospital. We have made investments in state-of-the-art medical equipment imported from Europe, international-standard service quality, highly-skilled human resources, and advanced technology application.”

Human resources are a key factor to the success of the hospital. HFH always pays attention to human resources management, which includes ongoing training to keep pace with ever-evolving legal, regulatory, and technological landscape as well as to improve the quality of patient care and achieve cost-cutting goals.

Under wide impacts of Industry 4.0 on healthcare, the hospital has made a huge investment into technology. Specifically, it has just gone live with new Hospital Informatics System (HIS) software. HIS is fully integrated with modules for each department, and also integrates reports for patients, finances, and medical examination and treatment activities by doctors.

HFH has its own dedicated software system which links together so that doctors can monitor patients and provide the most suitable treatment regimen, while the patient can also monitor lab results more easily. It also focuses on ensuring safety of patient data, because the data is all stored on the server. The IT system always backs up, and is constantly updated with the latest security technologies.

The demand for improved healthcare is rapidly expanding as a consequence of high economic growth, rising income per capita, increasing urban population, and an ageing population, as well as the opportunities provided by healthcare insurance schemes.

The 2035 Vietnam Report compiled by the World Bank and Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment showed that room for privately-run healthcare service development remains huge, especially as the country’s total spending on healthcare makes up 5.8 per cent of GDP, the highest rate among regional countries. This is forecast to grow steadily over the next 20 years on the back of the sector attracting more and more private investment.

In anticipation of this growth potential, some local and foreign investors have joined the healthcare sector in order to cash in on the benefits. However, not all will gain success – only those giving priority to quality and ethics will be the winners. Following the trends, the future plan of HFH is to reopen its consolation wing after renovation, as well as to continue to provide the best quality healthcare in Hanoi. An intensive training programme is also in place for existing employees and newcomers.

“Those advantages can help HFH face the fierce competition in the healthcare sector. Competition provides motivation to improve and grow,” noted Hovette.”

By Tung Anh

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