A golden decade up ahead for Metro Star

October 03, 2023 | 08:00
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A long history of development and credibility has helped Metro Star Investment, a subsidiary of realty developer CT Group, enter a golden period to accelerate investment activities over the next 10 years.
A golden decade up ahead for Metro Star
The Metro Star project was named complex with the most beautiful architectural design last year

To mark the 18th anniversary of the founding of Metro Star Investment Co., Ltd. on September 28, the company announced a new 10-year plan and kicked off a sales programme for the Metro Star project in Thu Duc of Ho Chi Minh City.

To express its gratitude to customers, the company introduced a programme of continuous capital funding over the next decade based on a business model of developing a series of projects along six metro lines in the city.

Metro Star has focused on developing a chain of projects along the metro lines since its early years of establishment, becoming the first company in Vietnam to follow this trend.

Over the past 18 years, this company has scooped plenty of golden land located next to major stations along the metro routes, while planning effectively and closely following the city’s metro development roadmap.

As a result, the land and project scale has increased continuously over time, from 6,000 square metres in 2014 to 18,000sq.m two years later, and now reaching up to 252,000sq.m in 2023.

Metro Star has experience developing apartments and shophouses along metro lines.

They include the Metro Star project located on Vo Nguyen Giap Avenue, with a pedestrian bridge directly connected to Binh Thai Metro Station on Line No.1.

Metro City located near Metro Route No.3A, project SS1 connecting to Metro Station No.9 of Line No.2 by a tunnel, and the CT Plaza Riverside project located along Metro Line No.3B are more examples.

In good standing

In parallel with the plan to develop a chain of projects along the metro line, Metro Star is also preparing for an international initial public offering in 2024.

Currently, Metro Star is appreciated by international valuation units thanks to its unique business model, in-depth experience with apartments along the metro line, land options, transparent finances, and good financial health.

Grant Thornton has an independent international valuation report for the value of Metro Star’s shares of more than $5.45 each.

A report from the National Credit Information Centre in June also indicated that the company currently has no bank debt and no outstanding bond debt.

The company has been audited over many years by Ernst & Young and real estate consulting company CBRE develops market assessment reports and sets selling prices for its products.

Metro Star says that customers who bought products from I-Home Go Vap and the Metro Star project will likely make a big profit and all projects that have been implemented have continuously increased in value.

In addition, it has also successfully entered into international joint ventures, sharing all of the profits and fully refunding the investment amount and profits to partners and investors in Singapore.

Creating conditions for key customers to join the company’s programme brings many benefits to large customers but also accelerates the process of transparency and socialisation as part of its sustainable development strategy, the company said.

Aligned with standards

Metro Star is a symbol of green and sustainable development according to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards.

A golden decade up ahead for Metro Star
Metro Star is developing a series of projects along six metro lines in Ho Chi Minh City

It is a business with a long-term vision that follows the trend towards net-zero, accompanied by the policy of developing subway public transportation to reduce tens of thousands of motorbikes and cars on the road, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

In the next 10 years, the company will deploy dozens of projects along the six metro lines, developing urban areas in a new direction through green transit-oriented development. The model combines green transportation by encouraging the community to take the train and reducing emissions from personal vehicles, with green design and construction as well as clean energy and green operations.

In parallel, there are extensive social and corporate governance activities carried out according to international standards and made transparent by the big four auditing firms.

In architecture and construction, Metro Star has developed a series of projects on the basis of focusing on green architectural works, applying green energy sources such as solar and wind energy to create a green living space that meets ESG criteria.

For example, the Metro Star project was designed with Singapore’s green architecture, and won the award for complex project with the most beautiful architectural design in Vietnam from the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2022.

In the next 10 years, more than 50 projects developed along the metro routes will be suitable for those who love a new lifestyle in modern cities, built according to the green real estate model of sustainable development, helping large customers multiply capital continuously in the long term.

Ho Chi Minh City aims to complete the construction of at least six metro lines connecting the city’s 24 districts, creating a thoroughly connected public transport network. This will cause property values along the routes to increase many times over, similar to Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, where real estate value is often measured by how many minutes it takes to get to a metro station.

Metro Star Investment Co., Ltd.

Address: 360 Vo Nguyen Giap Avenue, Phuoc Long A Ward, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 090 789 6565

The Metro Star wins “Best Mixed-Use Architecture Design Vietnam 2022” The Metro Star wins “Best Mixed-Use Architecture Design Vietnam 2022”

The unique design highlighting the breadth of Singapore's green architecture has helped the Metro Star project win the prestigious Best Mixed-Use Architecture Design Vietnam award at the Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2022 on July 28.

By Ngoc Anh

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