A closer look at One Mount Group and the vision to build Vietnam's largest digital ecosystem

October 30, 2020 | 16:31
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As a strategic partner of Techcombank, One Mount Group has just revealed its grand strategy of creating Vietnam's most comprehensive technological ecosystem. By integrating a technology platform with financial solutions, One Mount Group is expected to connect people and businesses on a wider level, providing consumers with best-in-class experiences and prices while enabling businesses to grow more efficiently.

Built on the basis of a comprehensive digital ecosystem, One Mount and its subsidiary companies focus on developing and providing technology solutions that revolve around the groups’ principles. The aim of One Mount Group’s digital ecosystem is to improve transaction activities for Vietnamese consumers.

Whether it be simple transactions such as grocery shopping, right through to once-in-a-lifetime purchases such as home buying, the platform serves all needs. In the end, this ecosystem not only helps to make lives easier but also contributes to the development of Vietnam’s economy as a whole.

One Mount Group and technology as core competency

Digital services are the current global trend, elevating customers’ daily life experience in every aspect. Yet, in Vietnam, digital services are not the everyday norm, resulting in the disruption of smooth operations for both businesses and customers. One Mount Group leads the way in advancing technology solutions for Vietnamese consumers, with innovations such as Vinshop, an application that connects local shop owners and suppliers; and VinID, an application that both saves money and eases daily shopping activities.

Following this success, One Mount Group is developing OneHousing, a complete one-stop-shop platform for real estate transactions. With One Mount Group’s implementation of digital tactics and services, the buying journey is expected to become faster, simpler, and more convenient.

a closer look at one mount group and the vision to build vietnams largest digital ecosystem
Technology advancements are One Mount Group’s core competencies

The digital ecosystem built by One Mount Group not only improves customers’ digital experience, but also optimises the business potential for the common goal of improving the Vietnamese economy.

With the core competencies being advanced technology and a full suite of financial solutions, One Mount Group will continue to be the driving force and support businesses to help them expand their customer networks, increase revenue, and have better access to advanced financial solutions.

Value in strategic business partnerships

Alongside partnership with Techcombank, One Mount Group strives to build a future of innovation, with the aim of creating opportunities for Vietnamese people and businesses.

Diu Thi Nguyen, CEO of One Mount Group, stated: “Our objective is to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s economy by setting up the technological foundation for businesses. This is expected to help them add value to their customers’ experience with products and services that are at a more competitive price. We truly believe that the joint effort between One Mount Group and our business partners would allocate our resources to provide the ideal digital services for Vietnamese consumers."

a closer look at one mount group and the vision to build vietnams largest digital ecosystem
a closer look at one mount group and the vision to build vietnams largest digital ecosystem
One Mount Group is building a digital ecosystem with its various partners

Taking advantage of the strategic alliance with Techcombank, One Mount aspires to bring advanced financial solutions to Vietnamese consumers. Through digital services and continuous technology upgrades, Techcombank and One Mount will work together to provide optimal products, as well as services that adhere to each Vietnamese consumer’s particular financial demands.

According to Jens Lottner, CEO of Techcombank: “Modern technologies make it possible for us to deliver digital services with reasonable prices. They popularise the formerly complicated financial products and help deliver the optimal experiences to each of our consumers. As the pioneer of the digitisation process in Vietnam’s financial market, Techcombank has chosen One Mount Group as a strategic partner to provide efficient digital solutions for our customers, making it possible for every Vietnamese citizen to enjoy the fastest, most secure, modern, and convenient financial services at the most reasonable costs.”

Take Vinshop as an example, the strategic collaboration between One Mount Group and Techcombank has introduced an application that provides financial solutions such as online payments, deferred payments, and loan support for small traditional grocery store owners – the app has helped the owners expand and increase their business success.

In the near future, One Mount Group aims to launch its own one-stop-shop platform for real estate transactions called OneHousing, providing flexible solutions across the entire customer journey – from connecting buyers with sellers, products consulting to providing credits and home loans. OneHousing will be the first unit with the capability to integrate every stage of the consulting and house buying process on one platform, from online to offline (O2O). OneHousing is expected to provide consumers with a comprehensive, quick, convenient, and transparent experience.

Setting the pace

Through the core strategy of building Vietnam’s most comprehensive digital ecosystem, One Mount anchors its development on world-class talent, technology, data, and strategic partnerships.

One Mount has since recruited Vietnamese talent across the globe from top companies such as Google, Facebook, Uber, and Grab to name a few, to build on the inhouse talent behind the workforce. One Mount’s recent and upcoming track record of products show its ability to move fast to address core customer needs and pain points.

The vision for One Mount is simple yet audacious at the same time, as the country grows and moves towards the rest of the digital development on a global scale. One Mount believes that serving real customer needs with real products and solutions, using a bottom-up approach will be the defining strategy in helping to pioneer and set the pace for the future.

By Hoang Anh

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