Viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network

June 09, 2018 | 18:41
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Viettel Group has officially launched the 10th international mobile network in Myanmar in Mytel brand. Mytel sets, with the fourth network operator in Myanmar, targets to become the largest network operator in both infrastructure and business scope. 
viettel officially launches the 10th international mobile network
Mytel was officially launched today

Mytel is the first and unique network operator in Myanmar that is invested the most modern technology named 4G technology nationwide after launching.

Mytel is only company providing the customer support channel via video call in order to answer all questions in Shan ethnic language (local dialect of Shan ethnic group in Myanmar who account for about six millions people while other network operators only support in Burmese and English).

In the first year of operation, Mytel has invested over 7,000 4G wave transceiving stations and over 30,000-kilometre optical cables that cover the whole Myanmar country.

Mytel has also, in addition to large-scale mobile bandwidth infrastructure, rendered many solutions where contribute to build a smart society namely: Smart agriculture solution (Nextfarm), Traffic lamp signal control system (Smart Light), Electronic wallet, Route controlling device.

Nguyen Thanh Nam, general director of Mytel said: “Our objectives are to create a real information highway with nationwide 4G infrastructure which shall empower local people and Myanmar country in Industry 4.0. Viettel always strikes, as launching in many other international markets, to be the first-ranked on mobile bandwidth that improve significantly international telecoms infrastructure rankings in country where we invest in."

Giving speech in the grand-opening ceremony named “Empower my Myanmar”, General Min Aung Hlaing, the general commander of Armed Forces said: “Today’s event “Empower My Myanmar” is the significant milestone in history of Myanmar as well as an important landmark in cooperation relation between Vietnam and Myanmar in term of ICT. I do believe that Mytel shall obtain more and more success with experience and technology of Viettel Group – the network operator who have invested successfully in nine other countries in the world. I also believe that Mytel shall contribute to telecoms development as well as improvement of high-quality human resources for Myanmar."

Mytel has plan, in addition to business activities, to provide $80 million in 15 years for social projects in Myanmar, including 80 per cent of the budget shall be used to support education sector.

School internet is the first community project executed by Mytel provided that free wide bandwidth internet is lined to 1,535 schools all over Myanmar. Mytel shall moreover sponsor the annual budget in three years for International Informatics Contest and education management software development of Myanmar.

Among 10 international markets invested by Viettel Group, Myanmar is the fastest telecoms infrastructure implementation country where perform the first call named VoLTE (HD call) less than one year since the network launching date (February 11, 2018). This is currently the biggest foreign market of Viettel. Myanmar is expected to bring the active growth opportunity to Viettel.

Viettel must however cope with many challenges in which telecoms service usage rate in Myanmar has reached 75 per cent of population, cheap charge (call and data) (equivalent to Vietnam’s telecoms charge of 2 US cents per miniute), fierce competition of other network operators in Myanmar.

“Challenges are waiting for Viettel, and we are confident in competing with other network operators in Myanmar by its experience in nine international markets along with an efficient and flexible business strategy,” Nam sai.

Viettel has also, at the same time of grand-opening, announced the “free roaming charge” policy to Mytel’s customers who call from Vietnam to Myanmar and vice versa. This policy has formed a region of four countries without an international roaming charge if they use mobile network of Viettel, covering Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

By Huu Tuan

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