TV market turns sour with World Cup uncertainty

June 04, 2018 | 20:16
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Domestic television retailers are on the edge because VTV or other televisions have yet to announce securing the 2018 World Cup’s TV rights, with only 10 days to go.
tv market turns sour with world cup uncertainty
Dien May Xanh website's TV promotional programme

“Buy a TV and receive a keg of beer or Coca-Cola,” “Buy a TV with 0 per cent interest rate,” and “VND2 million ($88) off every TV set,” are just some promotions TV sellers use to boost sales in the World Cup season. stated that as the World Cup approaches, retailers and market research company GFK expect TV sales to reach three million this year.

Domestic broadcasters pressed by rising price of TV rights Vietnamese people may have to miss World Cup 2018

However, TV retailers are getting desperate as only 10 days remain until the World Cup. Many retailers imported a large number of televisions two months ago, promotional programmes have already been launched, but sales remain low. “That being said, we are now only waiting for sales to start,” a retailer’s representative said.

VTV has started to run advertisements about the 2018 World Cup despite constantly denying to own the broadcasting rights to the world's biggest football league.

According to VIR’s observations from last weekend, despite the promotional programmes, many home appliance retailers in Hanoi such as Nguyen Kim, Tran Anh, and Dien May Xanh are struggling to sell TV sets.

Tung Nguyen, a customer waiting for the 2018 World Cup, shared with VIR that he did not intend to buy a new TV just for a football championship, a K+ package would be enough for him.

“If K+ television purchased the World Cup’s TV rights, I will buy a six-month package for VND810,000 ($35.6) to watch the games,” Tung added.

Meanwhile, Ho Chi Minh City’s television market is also stuck in a similar situation. stated that two weeks ago, a young married couple in Cho Lon home appliance store intended to buy a 49-50-inch TV for the World Cup, but they were just window shopping because it remains undecided whether Vietnam will receive the broadcasting rights.

A customer named Bao (Ho Chi Minh City’s District 5) also intends to buy a 50-inch television for VND10-12 million ($440-528), but keeps putting off the purchase until the TV rights are decided. “The money has been prepared. As soon as I hear that the World Cup’s TV rights are in the bad, I will immediately go to Dien May Xanh to buy a television,” Bao added.

According to, a representative of a home appliance retailer said that in mid-May and mid-June the number of TVs sold will be about 800,000. However, Lien An Thach, sales manager of Cho Lon, said that the number of TVs sold during the World Cup season was only double of the monthly average.

“If the average monthly TV sales are about 240,000, sales during the World Cup will be 600,000 units,” Thach added.

By Van Anh

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