Song Khoai Industrial Park: A sustainable investment destination

March 30, 2023 | 09:00
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After five years of operation, Song Khoai Industrial Park (IP) has performed strongly in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction in Quang Ninh province, a locality along Vietnam’s northeastern coast.

Proud development journey

In 2018, Amata Group was granted the first investment certificate to implement the Song Khoai Industrial Park project (also known as Amata City Halong).

With a total area of 714 hectares (including 470ha of industrial land), the Song Khoai IP project consists of five phases with a total investment value of $155 million.

It forms the core of Amata Smart City Halong, which has a scale of nearly 5,800ha and an estimated investment value of $2 billion. The project has gradually been taking shape in Quang Ninh.

Up to now, phase I of the Song Khoai IP has been focused on two projects by Jinko Solar Group from Hong Kong, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world. The total investment value of these two projects surpasses $865.6 million. The factory complex in Quang Ninh is the third globally, after the US and Malaysia.

The project in Quang Ninh is the only integrated smart factory project using batteries and modules by Jinko Solar to date, and is also the first project in the Quang Yen Coastal Economic Zone since its establishment decision was issued in September 2020.

Song Khoai Industrial Park: A sustainable investment destination
Amata City Halong is currently the top IP for investment attraction in the Quang Yen Economic Zone

This high-tech project for solar power generation is one of the most significant aspects of Amata Group's smart city strategy for Quang Ninh. The Jinko Solar Vietnam silicon sheet technology project (Jinko Solar 2) became operational in early 2022 and the Jinko Solar 1 project is under construction and is expected to come on stream this year.

Following Jinko Solar, Song Khoai IP has welcomed a new investor from Sweden, Autoliv Vietnam Co., Ltd. Quang Ninh awarded the investment certificate to Autoliv Vietnam on February 12 within the framework of a conference to implement the government's action programme for Resolution No. 30-NQ/TW on promoting socioeconomic development in the Red River delta. The project has a total investment of $154 million.

The high-tech project for solar power generation is also one of the most significant aspects of Amata Group's smart city strategy for Quang Ninh.

Nguyen Van Nhan, general director of Amata City Halong JSC said, “Investors in the field of processing and manufacturing technology, as well as supporting industries, are keen to invest in Song Khoai, with many having signed land lease agreements.”

“Currently, we are working closely with and receiving enthusiastic support from the local authorities to complete the remaining infrastructure and accelerate the handover of the site,” Nhan added.

Currently, seven secondary investors in the fields of auxiliary automotive industry, electronics, precision engineering, and more are rushing to complete investment procedures with a total value of nearly $500 million.

Huang Jinxing, CEO Jinko Solar Vietnam Co., Ltd., feels that what makes Amata Group's Song Khoai IP appealing compared to other rivals in Quang Ninh is its advantages in terms of geography, infrastructure, and the scale of the IP.

With its prime location near key traffic routes and strong inter-regional connectivity, it benefits its proximity to Lach Huyen international port, Cai Lan deep-water port, and Cat Bi and Van Don international airports. It is the focal point on an important traffic route, connecting to Thuy Nguyen – the new administrative centre of Haiphong – via the Ben Rung bridge.

The IP also connects with Dinh Vu Port through a riverside route, shortening the distance to the port by 20km, and links to the Halong-Haiphong expressway through a 10-lane, high-speed route under the Ha Long Xanh intersection project.

Song Khoai Industrial Park: A sustainable investment destination
At the APEC 2022 Summit, founder and CEO of Amata Group Vikrom Kromadit introduced the future for smart cities that the group is implementing

The charm of Song Khoai IP also comes from the stability of Quang Ninh. There, investors enjoy a stable and sustainable investment environment, with a clear and reliable investment process and strong support from the management authorities.

The province secured the champion position in the provincial competitiveness index tally for five consecutive years from 2017 to 2021. For nine consecutive years (2013 - 2021), it featured in the list of the five localities with the best economic management quality in the nation, and it also maintained the top position in the country in the Public Administration Reform Index for four consecutive years (2017 - 2020).

Creating a greener future

Speaking about the largest secondary investor in the Song Khoai IP, Somhatai Panichewa, CEO of Amata Vietnam JSC, noted that with an expected revenue averaging $1.2 billion a year, the project would make a great contribution to the socioeconomic development of Quang Ninh and ensure the success of the Amata Smart City Halong project.

Dinh Van Tam, a 29-year-old electronics engineer who graduated from the Hanoi University of Industry recalled, "My house had a fish pond in the Song Khoai IP project area. When the site clearance took place, my house, and many other households, were quickly handed over. Now that Jinko's project has come into operation, I have gone from working far away from home to being a technician in their factory, earning a good income and working close to my home and my family."

Nguyen Van Nhan, general director of Amata City Halong, said that since the very first day of coming to study the province, Amata made the decision that this will be the largest project the group expedites in Vietnam.

Song Khoai Industrial Park: A sustainable investment destination
With a vision of building green and modern IPs, Amata Group pays special attention to wastewater treatment and environmental protection

Panichewa stated, “Our vision is always consistent with the use of modern technology to manage resources and energy effectively, selectively attracting high-tech, green, and clean industries to the IP. In particular, we focus on building an international-standard infrastructure system, providing the best services to investors while limiting the impact on the environment.”

Amata Group looks forward to receiving continuous support from the Quang Yen town government in particular and Quang Ninh province in general to ensure the stable operation of businesses, turning the Song Khoai IP into a sustainable and attractive investment venue for both domestic and foreign investors.

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