SECUI cooperates with FPT IS to protect data and digital assets

July 29, 2022 | 09:43
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On July 19, FPT IS and SECUI jointly organised a seminar on protecting enterprises' data and digital assets in the age of digital transformation, aiming to assist organisations to tackle the issue of information security.

It is extremely alarming that more than 2000 information security incidents were recorded in the first half of the year in Vietnam, specifically, 2,022 malware attacks, 378 phishing attacks, and 243 interface-changing attacks.

The attacks are increasing and target organisations and enterprises with weak IT systems that are not proactive and lack the proper awareness of the importance of ensuring information security.

Accordingly, this situation and optimal solutions were the major contents discussed at the seminar by FPT Information System Co., Ltd. (FPT IS) and SECUI – South Korea's premier network security solution provider with the largest market share for the past 11 consecutive years.

SECUI cooperates with FPT IS to protect data and digital assets
SECUI is cooperating with FPT IS to protect enterprises’ data and digital assets

In light of Vietnam's strong promotion of digital transformation, FPT IS and SECUI have reaffirmed that the most important asset of any enterprise is data. Therefore, the demand for information security solutions is increasing as network security risks will always exist.

To minimise the consequences of information security incidents, organisations and enterprises need to employ themselves with adequate infrastructure, human resources, and technologies to always be ready against attacks.

The seminar is a part of the strategic cooperation agreement previously signed between FPT IS and SECUI. Under the agreement, the two companies will provide network security equipment such as the BLUEMAX NGF Next-generation Firewall, BLUEMAX IPS Intrusion Prevention System, BLUEMAX WIPS Wireless-Intrusion Prevention System while jointly researching and developing a management service model.

FPT IS is committed to drawing on its advanced technical resources and enormous experience in network security, while SECUI commits to exchanging documents and successful business models, and organising in-depth solution training courses for FPT IS.

SECUI cooperates with FPT IS to protect data and digital assets

Founded in 2000, SECUI focused on developing network security technologies with the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in security. With the available foundation of experience and technologies, SECUI has cooperated with FPT IS to deliver its products to the Vietnamese market.

Tackling information security issues for enterprises

At the seminar, SECUI introduced the BLUEMAX NGF – SECUI's next-gen firewall for virtual cloud network security that provides a comprehensive security platform, detecting and blocking all security threats in wired and wireless IT infrastructures.

Adopting the Zero Trust security model, BLUEMAX NGF ensures absolute information security for enterprises as no one inside or outside the network can access the system if their identity has not yet been verified.

The BLUEMAX IPS Intrusion Prevention System was a solution to help enterprises proactively respond to a complex and rapidly changing security environment by using a threat prevention platform to inspect traffic and malicious files. The solution also supports optimised operation when digital assets are compromised.

The BLUEMAX WIPS solution is an intelligent deep analysis engine that can detect and analyse security threats and respond quickly to prevent unauthorised intrusion.

CEO of SECUI Sam Yong Jeong said, “We were honoured and proud to cooperate with FPT IS, one of the leading tech companies in Vietnam with extensive business knowledge and enormous experience in network security. SECUI expects to expand its market share in Vietnam and the cooperation with FPT IS will be a stepping stone allowing its products to reach more Vietnamese customers."

SECUI cooperates with FPT IS to protect data and digital assets

Pioneering in cyber security solutions in the market, FPT IS is proud to have highly capable security staff together with world-leading certificates, optimal solutions for security issues, and a global partner network.

FPT IS has introduced FPT.EagleEye, the first software-as-a-service automatic information security monitoring and incident response solution in Vietnam, capable of detecting the risk of network attacks and issuing warnings within 10 minutes, providing 24/7 optimised endpoint control.

Specifically, FPT.EagleEye MDR analyses thousands of behaviours recorded on endpoints using a cloud-based intrusion detection system. Potential threats will then be analysed by a team of security experts and investigated by a centralised processing and analysis technology which can even detect unknown types of malicious code.

More importantly, with solutions and services provided by FPT IS and its partners, enterprises can optimise and save costs and resources since the work of security monitoring will be taken care of by FPT IS' advanced solutions and highly capable staff.

On behalf of FPT IS, Than Minh Ngoc said, “In recent years, FPT IS has focused on research and partnered with leading security technology firms to deliver the best services and solutions to customers. FPT IS is proud to be the information security partner of dozens of banks, state agencies, and large enterprises in Vietnam."

"We were also honoured to partner with the No. 1 South Korean network security provider, SECUI, to deliver leading network security solutions to enterprises in Vietnam. The cooperation agreement marked a major milestone regarding digital asset protection in Vietnam, paving the way for the development of more network security products in the future,” concluded Ngoc.

By Mai Dang

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