vietnam logs 171 million business cyberthreats in 2023

Vietnam logs 17.1 million business cyberthreats in 2023

2023 witnessed nearly 43 million local threats targeting organisations in Southeast Asia, of which Vietnam saw the highest number of threats at 17.1 million incidences, according to the latest data released by global cybersecurity company Kaspersky on April 5.
few organisations prepared for cyber threats cisco

Few organisations prepared for cyber threats: Cisco

Only 6 per cent of organisations in Vietnam have the ‘Mature’ level of readiness needed to be resilient against modern cybersecurity risks, according to Cisco’s 2024 Cybersecurity Readiness Index released on March 28.
fortinet and samsung heavy industries sign mou on maritime cybersecurity

Fortinet and Samsung Heavy Industries sign MoU on maritime cybersecurity

On March 27, Fortinet, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, and Samsung Heavy Industries, a global leader in maritime shipbuilding, announced the signing of an MoU for cooperation in the maritime cybersecurity of ships.
lenders reinforcing cyber defences

Lenders reinforcing cyber defences

Although banks and innovative fintech technologies already benefit customers’ experience, they also come with possible cyber threats, especially as customers often do not realise the risks.
securing corporate cyber frontiers while employees work from home

Securing corporate cyber frontiers while employees work from home

The rise of cyber threats in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic is a headache for both businesses and individuals.
cyber threats slow down rise of cashless payments

Cyber threats slow down rise of cashless payments

Vietnamese lenders and fintech groups are catching up with international peers on kick-starting the economy and promoting cashless transactions in the face of the coronavirus outbreak, but greater advancement always comes with new risks.
ey vietnam organisations need to be on high alert for cyber threats

EY Vietnam: Organisations need to be on high alert for cyber threats

At a recent workshop titled “Cybersecurity and the importance of Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform” held in Hanoi, experts from EY Consulting Vietnam and Anomali alerted about new vulnerabilities brought by digital transformation proceeds and new technologies which require the business cybersecurity cognition to be at a quick pace – otherwise, it will leave loopholes for hackers to cause severe damage to the business and its customers.
vietnam among the most vulnerable to cyber threats

Vietnam among the most vulnerable to cyber threats

Viet Nam was named the nation facing the second-highest level of cyber security risk in Asia Pacific markets by a Microsoft Asia report on Thursday.
cybersecurity knowledge gap in vietnam could be putting users at risk reports eset

Cybersecurity knowledge gap in Vietnam could be putting users at risk, reports ESET

ESET®, a global pioneer in proactive protection for more than two decades, yesterday released the ESET Vietnam Cyber-Savviness Report 2015 showing that users in Vietnam have low cybersecurity awareness and do not take adequate preventive measures, which could make them vulnerable to cyber threats. 
microsofts commitment to support governments businesses and users against cybercrime

Microsoft’s commitment to support governments, businesses and users against cybercrime

While governments are increasingly spending more IT resources and budgets on cyber security, there are still blind spots and weak links in their IT management, usage and policies, which makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks, according to an independent study released April 2015 by research consultancy firm TRPC, titled “Public Data At Risk: Cyber Threats to the Networked Government”. 
vietnam warned to raise guard against cyber threats

Vietnam warned to raise guard against cyber threats

Enterprises in Vietnam are faced with rising cyber security threats from malware and other malicious digital viruses due to the prevalence of unlicensed software use. Roland Chan, senior director of the Software Alliance’s Asia Pacific compliance programme spoke to VIR’s Thanh Tung about this issue.
growing cyber threats

Growing cyber threats

Foreign security firms have warned Vietnam’s enterprises and organisations about the ever-growing threat of cyber security attacks.
malware threats on the rise

Malware threats on the rise

There were 209 million recorded internet attacks and 196 million malware incidents in January of 2011, according to the web security company Kaspersky Lab.
external threats persist for economy

External threats persist for economy

Vietnam’s socioeconomic development path for 2023 will officially take shape this week, with a need to devise more schemes to support enterprises if the global economic difficulties continue to last.
us removes tariff threats against vietnam

US removes tariff threats against Vietnam

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on July 23 issued a formal determination in the Vietnam Currency Section 301 investigation, under which the agency will not take any tariff action against Vietnam.