what vietnamese businesses can expect from the eus csrd

What Vietnamese businesses can expect from the EU's CSRD

The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) aims to reshape environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards for businesses both within and linked to the EU. Nguyen Hoang Nam, ESG leader and partner, along with Luong The Cuong, ESG manager in Assurance Services at PwC Vietnam, explore the implications of the CSRD for Vietnam and outline the necessary strategic actions for compliance with these new standards.
how predictable can 2023 become for real estate

How predictable can 2023 become for real estate?

Some experts continue to be sceptical about the possibility of the real estate market entering a calm period and freezing liquidity at this moment.
pricing band to influence power tariffs across vietnam

Pricing band to influence power tariffs across Vietnam

As Vietnam will shortly unify, regulate, and implement a variety of new systems governing power pricing and electricity transmission, losses at state-run Electricity of Vietnam should be reduced while simultaneously ensuring a dependable energy supply for growth.
new export pattern emerging for agricultural based goods

New export pattern emerging for agricultural-based goods

Vietnam’s trade, particularly in agricultural goods, is being bolstered by China’s reopening of the border,. although it remains onerous for enterprises.
global effects mar control of inflation

Global effects mar control of inflation

Vietnam’s efforts to rein in inflation at about 4 per cent this year are set to hit a snag due to China’s anti-pandemic policy affecting the Southeast Asian nation’s trade.
disbursement continues to play catch up

Disbursement continues to play catch-up

Disbursement of public investment and official development assistance remains slow compared to the plan assigned by the government while the speed of economic recovery greatly depends on public investment, with its efficiency expected to contribute to Vietnam’s rapid and sustainable growth.
transmission boost to remove major power bottlenecks

Transmission boost to remove major power bottlenecks

Structural changes to remove the bottlenecks for power generation and create competition in the energy sector are necessary, according to local experts, for example by allowing private investments in the transmission system.
greener orientation in demand for izs

Greener orientation in demand for IZs

With the importance attached to Vietnam’s many industrial zones, attractive incentives towards green growth are necessary to move investors in the right direction.
building a powerful and prosperous vietnam

Building a powerful and prosperous Vietnam

In light of the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, by 2025 Vietnam will become a modernity-oriented industrial nation, before rising into a modern industrial nation by 2030, laying the bedrock towards reaching the goal of turning Vietnam into a developed nation with a fairly high level of per-capita income by 2045, when the country will celebrate its 100th anniversary.
the right time to fully reopen the economy

The right time to fully reopen the economy

People and businesses in the southern growth engine of Ho Chi Minh City are yearning for daily life to resume, but is it the right time? Professor Dr. Tran Ngoc Tho from Ho Chi Minh City Economics University elaborated on the issues with VIR’s Nguyen Hong.
low touch services possible solution

Low-touch services possible solution?

COVID-19 is making a comeback in an increasing number of Vietnamese localities. Senior lecturers from RMIT’s School of Business and Management Dr. Pham Cong Hiep and Dr. Nguyen Hoang Thuan discuss the need for upholding the development of a “low-touch economy” in Vietnam as a strategic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
sustainable buildings fit for tomorrow

Sustainable buildings fit for tomorrow

Which hurdles face the construction of buildings that ensure comfort, healthiness, enrichment of local culture, and environmental friendliness? Ton Nu Thanh Mai and Nguyen Hong Nhung from the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network (EEN-Vietnam) discuss if the construction market in the new normal can accept current supply chain and operations quality.
a vietnamese perspective on the evolution of industry 40

A Vietnamese perspective on the evolution of Industry 4.0

Humankind has observed three industrial revolutions in the past 260 years. The first recognised James Watt as the typical pioneer, inventing the steam engine in 1760 which helped with performing tasks previously carried out by hand. The second revolution, between 1870 and the first World War, was inspired by the prolific inventor Thomas Edison with electric light, the telephone, and many machine advances which paved the way for mass production. The next era placed focus on digital changes resulting in computers and the birth of the internet in the second half of the 20th century.
new decrees vitamin boost to small and mid sized business

New decree’s vitamin boost to small- and mid-sized business

With the recent promulgation of Decree No.37/2020/ND-CP, the Vietnamese government offers a lifeline for small- and medium-sized enterprises as a necessary preparation to cope up with negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. Nguyen Hong Hai and Hoang Le Quan, lawyers at Lexcomm Vietnam LLC, analyse the potential inspirations of Decree 37 to the continuing growth of Vietnam’s economy.
substance over form in transfer pricing facts and risks

“Substance over form” in transfer pricing – facts and risks

New principles for determining transfer prices in related party transactions (RPTs) were issued for transfer pricing audits and inspections. However, taxpayers applying the principle of called “substance-over-form” are facing some common circumstances and risks.