ges innovative technologies optimise water resources

GE’s innovative technologies optimise water resources

As Vietnam faces the mounting concern of effective waste water treatment, industrial conglomerate GE is bringing in advanced technologies to prevent pollution and support the government’s national green growth strategy. Linh Mai reports.
technology and resources needed to meet rising energy demand

Technology and resources needed to meet rising energy demand

By providing expertise and access to advanced technologies in the oil and gas industry, US industrial conglomerate GE has backed up its strong commitment to its company-to-country partnership with Vietnam. Linh Mai reports.
ges hi tech supports vietnams burgeoning aviation industry

GE’s hi-tech supports Vietnam’s burgeoning aviation industry

The world’s largest producer of jet engines, GE Aviation, is fostering a strong alliance with Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air. Its involvement in the sector is expected to continue to grow due to the rapid expansion of Vietnam’s aviation market.  Linh Mai reports.
mekong capitals corporate culture realises retention ambition

Mekong Capital's corporate culture realises retention ambition

Fund management firm Mekong Capital’s faithful and experienced team, who were an essential part of the foundation the firm laid down more than a decade ago, have helped it develop the successful corporate culture it thrives off today.
ges innovative technology reinforces vietnams energy security

GE’s innovative technology reinforces Vietnam’s energy security

Following the success of previous energy projects implemented in Vietnam in recent decades, US industrial conglomerate GE has pledged to contribute to the country’s growing power industry by providing expertise and advanced technologies. Linh Mai reports.
standard chartered picks up stake in leading agro firm

Standard Chartered picks up stake in leading agro firm

Standard Chartered Private Equity’s investment into An Giang Plant Protection Company is expected to facilitate robust growth of the firm.
vinamotor looks abroad for support after restructuring

Vinamotor looks abroad for support after restructuring

After its initial public offering in March this year, Vinamotor is restructuring its business and seeking to expand co-operation with global car makers with an aim to cementing its leading position in Vietnam’s bus and truck market, the firm’s deputy general director Nguyen Luong Ngoc told VIR’s Linh Mai.
nam long a successful case study of affordable housing developer

Nam Long: a successful case-study of affordable housing developer

With a strategic focus on the affordable housing segment, Nam Long is taping on the real demand market and further strengthening its  foothold in the property market  while other developers are struggling. Linh Mai writes.
ge participates in asean csr day

GE participates in ASEAN CSR day

Together with GE member companies in other ASEAN countries, GE Vietnam took part in one of the largest of the group’s volunteer events, GE Global Community Day, by holding a series of community activities to raise environmental awareness and support vulnerable social groups in many cities and provinces.
wintek set to increase investment to 2 billion

Wintek set to increase investment to $2 billion

Taiwan’s manufacturer of touch panel and small-to-medium liquid crystal display units Wintek is planning to double its investment capital to expand the production capacity of its factory in Vietnam.
vas named itself vietnams leading bilingual school

VAS named itself Vietnam's leading bilingual school

Providing world-standard education services at an affordable tuition fee level to Vietnamese parents, the Vietnam Australia International School is contributing to improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam. Linh Mai writes.
mekong capital celebrates 13 year high

Mekong Capital celebrates 13-year high

The steady rebound of Vietnam’s economy and outstanding performance of portfolio in the first half of this year has enhanced confidence in fund management firm Mekong Capital.
mekong capital posts upbeat portfolio assessment

Mekong Capital posts upbeat portfolio assessment

Despite economic uncertainty, well-managed Vietnamese companies are holding strong. Chris Freund, partner of Mekong Capital sat down with VIR’s Linh Mai to discuss the business results of companies in the fund management firm’s portfolio.
bayer roadshow in hearty ho chi minh city welcome

Bayer roadshow in hearty Ho Chi Minh City welcome

Germany’s Bayer last week displayed its anniversary tour in Ho Chi Minh City to mark the group’s 150th anniversary.
microsoft solutions offer the world

Microsoft solutions offer the world

As competition between IT solution and service providers in Vietnam heats up, Microsoft’s strategy to expand their business in the country is to improve the awareness of state agencies and businesses of its product line. Tran Trong Viet, newly appointed national technology officer at Microsoft Vietnam detailed their plans to VIR’s Linh Mai.