technology paving the way for the industrial revolution

Technology paving the way for the industrial revolution

The 2021 edition of the Taiwan Expo will showcase innovations by Taiwanese manufacturers that are driving 4.0 development in the global heavy industry. Covering all facets of production, the exhibition will feature award-winning solutions like Sun Firm’s flat-bed computer numerical control lathes that provide unparalleled cutting precision and adaptability, and RenAn’s simulation workstation, which makes the training of lathe operators safer and more efficient.
digital foundations for increased sme agility

Digital foundations for increased SME agility

COVID-19 has resulted in a mixed bag for businesses large and small, highlighting the need for agility and resilience. Warrick Cleine, chairman and CEO of KPMG in Vietnam and Cambodia, shared with VIR’s Tom Nguyen the key takeaways for smaller and mid-sized groups.
carlsbergs community values woven into the heart of business

Carlsberg’s community values woven into the heart of business

Living the purpose of “brewing for a better today and tomorrow”, for nearly 30 years now Carlsberg Vietnam has been facing down local challenges through its core brand Huda, working relentlessly towards a well-developed, strong-bond central community.
bringing tried and tested eu know how to bear in vietnam

Bringing tried-and-tested EU know-how to bear in Vietnam

Discussing European  Union’s ambitions to combat plastic pollution, Rui Ludovino, first counsellor of Climate Action, Environment, Employment, and Social Policies at the Delegation of the EU to Vietnam, shared with Tom Nguyen how the Rethinking Plastics Project is supporting Vietnam in cleaning up its marine environment.
nestle vietnam setting sights higher

Nestlé Vietnam setting sights higher

Nestlé Vietnam has been awarded the Vietnam National Gold Quality Award 2019-2020, highlighting the corporation’s vision, leadership, and strong business performance in the past year. Binu Jacob, managing director of Nestlé Vietnam shared with VIR’s Tom Nguyen how the comprehensive business evaluation award fits flush with the companies development orientations so far and future plans to be the leading sustainable “glocal” company in Vietnam.
rethinking plastics kick off workshop of pilot activities

Rethinking Plastics kick-off workshop of pilot activities

The kick-off workshop for the Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter Project took place on April 9 in Hanoi, highlighting important policy developments and four pilot projects currently underway, to jointly address the concerning plastic pollution issue in Vietnam.    
ge highlights gas potential in low carbon energy production

GE highlights gas potential in low-carbon energy production

At an online media roundtable held to share the findings of its latest Whitepaper on energy transition builds, GE has reiterated its commitment to carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030 and to exit the new-build coal power market.
first high end playground of hanoi on road to expansion

First high-end playground of Hanoi on road to expansion

As Hanoi’s first indoor playgrounds targeting upper-class and foreign families, Smart Kids Playground has done well in its very first year of opening – so well in fact, that the owner is now negotiating multiple franchising contracts across Vietnam.
supermarkets hammer out details on future of plastics

Supermarkets hammer out details on future of plastics

A pilot project on establishing a plastic alliance of Vietnamese supermarkets and shepherding the retail industry towards the more sustainable production and consumption of plastics was launched on March 31 by the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment, along with the Department of Industry and Trade of Hanoi.
lng powering the future of energy

LNG powering the future of energy

US-backed GE and partners have launched operations at Track 4A Power Plant in Malaysia, marking the very first commercial use of the former’s second-generation H-class gas turbines that are expected to widen the horizons of low-carbon energy production and accelerate the growth of liquefied natural gas in the global energy mix.
nestle vietnam bringing maggi products to the world

Nestlé Vietnam bringing Maggi products to the world

Carving out for itself a reputation for being a force for good in the corporate community and being very local in its operations through sourcing, talent pipeline, and corporate sustainability activities, Nestlé Vietnam is also becoming the Nestlé Culinary Hub for the entire region, lending its expertise to neighbouring markets in producing Maggi liquid products with a local flare such as soya sauce and oyster sauce.
nestle takes sustainability to next level

Nestlé takes sustainability to next level

A proud recipient of the Top 3 Sustainable Companies 2020 for the manufacturing sector, Nestlé Vietnam is already looking beyond regular sustainability to not only offset but regenerate the world’s resources. Binu Jacob, managing director of Nestlé Vietnam, shared with Tom Nguyen the company’s goals for the decade ahead.
urc vietnam accelerates green turn

URC Vietnam accelerates green turn

Proactive and consistent action for sustainable development has earned URC Vietnam the coveted Corporate Sustainability Index award. Company CFO Alvin Geronimo shared with Tom Nguyen how the company stayed its course this year and how it will ensure that sustainability stays front and centre.
commodity trading and the hidden prospects behind it

Commodity trading and the hidden prospects behind it

Carefully picked commodities can make for a steady long-term investment, growing on the back of multi-year trends. However, zooming in on the charts shows plenty of opportunity for short-term gains, provided the trader has solid fundamentals and understands how events can ripple through the market.
why the blockchain revolution rolls on

Why the blockchain revolution rolls on

It has been a little over 10 years since blockchain technology and Bitcoin exploded into the public domain but, apart from making a few cryptocurrency miners rich beyond belief, the expected transformation of the world as we know it has yet to materialise. Why has the promised technological rapture not done so – and more importantly, will it ever?